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Welcome to my channel, I'm a professional Freeride Mountain biker and former FMB world champion(2013).

This channel is all about Mountain biking, I make a huge variety of videos for everyone who loves dirt: From downhill biking to slower paced trials riding and everything in between like dirt jumping, slopestyle and enduro!

As well as making entertain videos(I hope) I also like to help YOU out too, with videos such as:

- How to ride better
- Trick tips and How to's
- Travel VLOGS
- GoPro camera tips
- In-depth entertaining features
- POV craziness
- Funny videos

I also try to reply to everyone so leave some comments too!


MY NEW BIKE IS AWESOME - FIRST RIDE!visningar 227tnMånad sedan
THE EXTREME MTB FAT TRICYCLE IS BACK!visningar 150tnMånad sedan


  • Trial and dirt jumper!

  • What a beautiful place.

  • Yeaaaaah perro buen vídeo brotha!!!!!🇲🇽🤜🏻🤛🏻

  • Sam . can i ask you what handlebars are you riding

  • Wonder what sams next new toy is going to be 🤔 😂😂wrote that comment before I reached the end of the vid 🤣🤣called it!

  • Sam is onl;y 30!? jeez mate

  • The music vid compilation sas excellent. I jumped on the van edit. Fcuk

  • Hey what happens to your tooth ??

  • Sam, sorry if I am late on this probably but the hair is looking very slick bro 😎

  • Awesome Sam mate!! Wow!!

  • More mini , great video

  • Where is that pump track?

  • "One of the most positive people on SEnewss and definitely way beyond." Your tricks and videos are uniquely good Sam and cut perfectly. As children we were always on the move with old scrap bikes because we didn't have the money for new ones. But they were the best "hell machines" for us. We were always on the move beyond the "wear limit". Back then, speedway was our motivation. It's been over 35 years now. But the bike, whether road bike or MTB, remains my constant companion (now of course only with a helmet))).

  • Super fun to watch

  • This got me thinking, all that effort that goes into making tubeless tyres, could you not just pump the liquid into the inner tube ?? 🤔

  • Hi, I've been following you for a while now and I think you're an amazing dude. Allways see whatever you post on the tube, but.. Do you think you could do a backflip wall touch with your foot? That would be EPIC! I think you could do it, please make it happen. Keep on making stuff epic 💪

  • I like the idea of a track close to first aid. I might have to do this.


  • Does anybody know whaat dropper post sam uses Or anybody cheap reliable ones

  • 3:44 there is a thing in the sky

  • 08:14 😂🤦‍♂️

  • ie put by you mtb

  • I was the 10k Like

  • Great

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  • You might have forgotten to end it but you didn't do too bad ending it anyway. Nice!

  • Great job

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  • What shoes are those Sam?

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  • On the step walker, in the background was that a dog or a duck?

  • This is soooo sick mate :D

  • Me riding bicycle while go downstair: mom help i'm gonna fall

  • Geiler Scheiss... Würde auch gerne Fahren...😎🥺

  • please bring this bike back @Sam Pilgrim ❤❤👌

  • Just sick skills, love the edit! With that said I just laughed my ass off at the end, the danger crack is too much, lol!

  • Nice bike bro

  • Great vid as always!!!!!!!!

  • WHAT??? Elliot is hurt? No one saw that coming....

  • Nice pump broo

  • Great stuff!😎

  • This is my new favorite S P vid! That bike has some serious grunt!

  • your fearless man

  • Cheveron holiday home is about to be fully booked for the next 3 years after this🤣

  • Only Sam can nail foiling after a few goes. I think we need to start challenging him and find something that he can't do.

  • I love sox

  • No way! I ride out to that exact place every weekend

  • Such a sick edit, the stoppie down the double stair set is epic! That would be a fantastic game of "BIKE" trick to give Bernard Karr a letter on!

  • Great content! Looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

  • Who is thinking what happens when he takes wrong turn

  • Now fit a front wheel hub drive motor and spice things up a bit lol

  • Build a fuckin looping in your backyard.

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  • Nice Video 👌 I Hope you do soon as you can a Trip withe Lukas and Marc 😌

  • See your speed on that last trail would be actually interesting you were like flying there !

  • Delrin tires would provide ULtimate driftiness

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  • THAT'S a jr mnt bike, kids

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  • So much wild garlic

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  • Animal cruelty, when you did the magic the dog disappeared. WHERE DID HE GO?

  • Anyone else see Louie getting aerial shots at 3:44 his production game is coming on 👌

  • Told ya GET YA TOOTH FIXED!! an are you still nobbin that fit bird?? 🤣👍

  • That E-foil looks like a blast, the Isle of Wight is on our list now, thanks for that Sam 😄

  • <333

  • Sam is just like fuck Suspension, just pump it up

  • Sam PLEAASE leave the tunes you use in your descriptions, so many bangers!

  • bomb it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • whoever designed this course is mental ..great video!

  • Have you noticed how everyone has the same speech inflections and idiosyncrasies as Sam?