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0:58Inspiring Story of Artist Turned Game Developer
0:58You Won’t Believe How Much We Charge For A Logo
0:21When The Client Finds Someone "Cheaper"
When The Client Finds Someone "Cheaper"visningar 86tn7 dagar sedan
1:00Build A Brand From Scratch
Build A Brand From Scratchvisningar 62tn7 dagar sedan
11:37Business 101- How To Leverage Money For Time
1:00The Difference Between An Amateur And A Pro
3:55How To Guarantee Results When Clients Ask
How To Guarantee Results When Clients Askvisningar 22tn14 dagar sedan
0:53Do This Before You Start Making Content
Do This Before You Start Making Contentvisningar 192tn14 dagar sedan
0:59When A Project Isn’t Worth The Money
When A Project Isn’t Worth The Moneyvisningar 225tn14 dagar sedan
0:57A Brand Isn't What You Think It Is...
A Brand Isn't What You Think It Is...visningar 93tn21 dag sedan
0:54Choose A Focus To Build Expertise
Choose A Focus To Build Expertisevisningar 11tn21 dag sedan
0:58How To Find Your Purpose - Ikigai
How To Find Your Purpose - Ikigaivisningar 172tn28 dagar sedan
1:00Stop Selling And Start HELPING
Stop Selling And Start HELPINGvisningar 89tnMånad sedan
0:57Rebrand What You Do - Exercise
Rebrand What You Do - Exercisevisningar 63tnMånad sedan
0:52Tips To Charge More From Clients
Tips To Charge More From Clientsvisningar 48tnMånad sedan


  • Me explaining to my boss why I'm an hour late

  • The “client” in this is dumb as rocks thinking like that lol. Seriously? You wouldn’t take a ton of new customers and half the revenue now and then keep those new customers for repeat business where he keeps 100% of the revenue moving forward? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • “Will you cut your commission from 5% to 3%? All the agents I interviewed to sell my house made all the same promises, plans, and marketing with experience. You too. Will YOU sell my home using the same FULL services…but for 3% total commission?” <--oh boy.

  • U r smart, and u make them think twice.

  • This proves also you should hire multiple people on projects so they can put bid each other for the said contract. Business people can play the same game as this guy. I’m not trying to be harsh I’m just saying the best solution is pay per said contract with incentives for doing good work and penalties for not hitting benchmarks. This is why contracts are important. Time is money and this conversation shows that the person that wants that said logo is putting a higher demand on efficiency of quality. If the person demanded quality then they would have answered it a different way. In a nutshell this person believes that the logo work can be easily given to anyone else to do and get relatively the same work. Not saying it is or isn’t. I’m just going by the persons answer.

  • One of the best futur videos!

  • So if your good at your job and can make a logo the customer wants and it takes you less time you go find another contract and use the extra time to get the next gig. Time is money. Works the same way. The more efficient you are the cheaper your rates but the more jobs you can do making you more in the long run through exposure and body of work. It’s not hard to understand this. This is why we have contracts. Enough said

  • Wow, just wow. You confirmed why I felt but didn't have the articulate words for.

  • If dude goes his “barber” a few less times this month he’ll save the thou$and for the video.

  • Just because you’re an adult with rent thats only $1000 doesn’t make it a lot of money. How does this guy want a service but doesn’t want the other guy to take some profits? What a scumbag.

  • That was beautiful, as a reluctant Chris i felt this to my core. Thank you🙏🏼

  • Man Chris is the guy. He shoves the negotiation right in the face.

  • Everyone say this because it's true: The fastest way to build credibility is to *WRITE A BOOK on your EXPERTISE. * ...When you're getting all those new clients than you can handle, you can donate to your favourite charity in my name ;)

  • True. The least risky option is much more tempting and just logical to go with. Loved this breakdown, as usually, very insightful! 🔥💯

  • Human beings, huh!

  • Who is this wise fellow? Please drop the social media’s

  • in Love with it 😍😘😍

  • Yes!! Thank you, Melinda, for breaking down your beliefs. And Chris, thank you for not letting go of your question: “What makes you special?” I finally got some clarity about why I excel at being an entrepreneur. Great podcast!

  • 请问,考虑出中文字幕么?🙈

  • What the hell you guys used Age of Empires music? x)

  • Quickfollowz works, every other website only move a progress bar and do absolutely nothing.

  • I like your style bro, good stuff for the brain right here, a little common sense and people's minds are blown, presentation is key, really it's that simple.

  • I don't know if this works the same way for all jobs though. When a recording engineer charges a flat rate instead of hourly for a band to record, the band will come into the studio, learn their song and rehearse there, do lots of takes because they didn't practice, re-write part of the song in the studio then need to rehearse that bit again, then keep asking for more and more mix revisions.

  • 50%? Fine. But only on the condition that you only work for me. We'll split all profits evenly so long as I'm the only other employee you work with. Don't like it? Lower the percentage. 5%

  • I want to see 12, 20k logos

  • This was AWESOME!!!!!🌟💯👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  • Music is a little too loud

  • Percentage of revenue with a maximum payout... derr. Deals are set up like that all the time.

  • Y ou didn't really answer the "what if you don't have 20 employees, a building and a lot of referrals?" :/

  • Dude...your voice is smooth and silky. If I sounded like that I would be doing radio.

  • I love this format ❤️

  • "There is so much information carried in a price" (-Blair Enns). Especially when you make a jump as big as Chris did in this video. His actions speak louder than words.

  • I really don't want to pay you more than $1000 and Im afraid I'm going to pay you more than $1000.

  • No ones talking about how this is a perfect loop

  • Blair's body language carries this conversation into another realm of human interaction! Love how confident he is and how much he knows his stuff.

  • Just wanted to say that thinking alone won't get you there, you gotta feel it. So don't despair if you don't find your ikigai anytime soon, it takes time. Just make sure you don't lose track of what you love~

  • Some companies charge more for getting the job done faster so I don’t get what the point is here

  • Dude you are🔥🔥🔥

  • I just kinda freaked out, cause got this notification just in the middle of me re-watching the full video "pricing design work & creativity". By the way, huge thanks to Chris, for these awesome contents and teachings.

  • I'm charging more after every single pricing video chris do releases! And the quite impressive thing is that clients are so satisfied

  • 10$-30$ 😭

  • Classic Do.

  • Terrible negotiator!

  • A Wizard 🧙‍♀️

  • Bro are you a kid? Hahaha new clients regardless of how much you'll give to the talent you'll still earn. Greedyass

  • "I'm asking the questions here." His main strategy seems to be to dominate by assuming the authority to ask for proprietary information, placing the others in a subordinate position. If he tried this on me, I'd shut him down. I'm interviewing you, you are not interviewing me.

  • I liked it thank you you sir ❤️


  • The Fill video , made me think about our strategy from zero, amazing !!!

  • 28:50 will change your life forever if you are honest with yourself and the attempt

  • I noticed you responded to their concerns with more questions. Is there ever a point where you explain or give them examples of why their concern isn’t something to be worried about?

    • I ask because the only answer that matters is what the client says.

  • How do you start with attracting clients that would pay $10,000 right of the bat if you don't have any track record working with similar large scale clients? This is a catch 22! I also don't have a large team and an office at the moment.

  • Sadly but this is a huge issue among creators like myself. You have those who are more greedy for themselves rather than the growth as a crew.. moral of the story is: don’t open your mouth to sing if you don’t know how to tone.

  • Superb advise. I wonder what happens when am a small solo designer with no spacious beautiful office space and an army of employees. But really good at what I do. How would you advise on this?

    • @Copywriter - Paul Adolphs Thanks for the priceless effort. I learn that I should be deliberate on asking for reviews from the clients I've done work for. It'd never dawned on me. Thanks for an insightful thought.

    • Im also a solo Freelancer. Those things work for me: ASK every client for a review/video you can use as portfolio material (maybe offer 3% you added before) Show the € value ur results bring And show examples of you work (LinkedIn, Instagram, website)

  • In conclusion, You don't get hire for good service, you get hired for being less risky.

    • And you earn referrals for good service.

    • "You don't get hired for good service... you get fired for bad service (though)" ... I heard blair enns said this in the channel.

  • This is crazy good 🤦‍♂️

  • This was horrible acting

    • @The Futur riiiiiiight

    • Good. Cause no one is acting.

  • OR…work more than 8 hours/day because you love your job.

  • Iv seen this part of this video b4 and the way Chris respond to this qst was amazing I chould try that on my business

  • Pay in the front or pay in the back. Share your abundance and you will never lack. I would give him 50% right now and share in the wealth...friend for life and touch the sky!!!

  • As always the like b4 watching

  • I hate this get it...some people do things faster then others...GREAT!

  • That was... So helpful, thank you...

  • good content

  • I still would've took that deal , no stress!!! We would do a LOT of biz

  • Does Jonah have a course on how to edit videos? All of the edits are fire and I would love to learn how to do this!

    • @Jona Garcia just subscribed and hit the bell for if/when it releases

    • @Jona Garcia I will be on the lookout! Really love the edits you do.

    • @The Futur I do not... not yet anyways 😉

    • @Lothorn Find the points where there's a learning lesson or something that's been previously said, but in a different way for others to better understand. Find the nugget then add context if needed. Anything that's not related to the video, idea, or title should be cut out. Pretty much what you've already said Lothorn.

    • With a bit of experience, and watching content from people who inspire you, for inspiration, you learn how to trim the fat. Just starting out, you think, "I need all of this." Then you look at it again, and you realize, "Well, I don't really need this... or this... or this." First, identify what the idea of the video is, then only include what's needed to get that idea across to the viewer. That said, even though I have a lot of experience creating and editing video content, I might be interested in what Jona has to say, because these edits are polished diamonds.

  • What if you dont possess all of the criteria the clients are looking for but the work you put out is of high quality?

    • @The FuturAt the moment I want to raise my prices but it is quite a dilemma where im not getting the big jobs to fit the criteria that big businesses would be looking for. A video on this would be great!! I'll be waiting 😏🤓

    • Work on the other part. Maybe I need to make a video on that.

  • I have no idea what they are discussing but 50% seems absurdly high lol.

    • @The Futur depends on the details doesn't it. How many customers does this guy have? How much work are you doing?

    • What sounds reasonable?

  • at the end of vide chirs look like some other person xd

  • There is an extreme level of satisfaction when you stun clients with your price... 😎

  • If you want to go fast Go alone If you want to go far, you need a partner

    • That may be true in some cases just not with me.

  • 18 k for a logo, why would anyone consider that when starting a company

  • Listen I don’t know all this BS but a job should be charged by both time and quality. Prices should be fairly set and agreed by both parties before work is commenced, Just say that

    • @The Futur 15 years and going. I do business from a humble stand point and God had blessed me yes. Glory to him good luck pal.

    • Has that worked for you?

  • a perfect smile from emily :) shes so beautifull

  • i love message but the background music is 🔥 and a bit disctracting

  • No. Let those starving artist pick another skill.

  • Hahaha.. This is so dope.> I'm obsessed with your videos and the way you think Chris. It's insane. I want to read all the books you've read to acquire this knowledge and wisdom in this industry. Please recommend me some books other than the ones in your website, I've already got them coming...

  • And perfect example of why I don't do hourly rates

  • ꪻꫝꫀ ᠻꪊꪻꪊ᥅ Now, pls gimme my 18k

  • This actually helped me just now. Now I know to charge more for my gfx. Thanks!