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The exploration of all things Apple from the very first Apple I to the latest and greatest M1. We want to be the channel that everyone comes to first for the latest release of the iPhone and where people can understand how Apple fits into the world around them.


7:55Apple should make an actual Television
Apple should make an actual Televisionvisningar 78tn22 timmar sedan
6:37The dock that makes the iPad an iMac
The dock that makes the iPad an iMacvisningar 243tn7 dagar sedan
6:14Make your iPhone Even More Secure
Make your iPhone Even More Securevisningar 165tn14 dagar sedan


  • This video is imMACulate. I don’t know why. But it’s amazing.

  • Here is my pitch for an Apple TV. 50, 65 and 85 inch’s. 10bit 120hrz P3 wide color gamut mini LED 1000nits. 16 iMac quality speakers. 6 tweeters 6 HomePod quality Studio microphones Ultra Wideband, H1 chips and apples own modem. Ultra Wide 4K camera.  For thunderbolt ports. A14 chip... 32 GB of storage and 16 GB of RAM. TVOS and have it designed for streaming, Wi-Fi extending or being a modem… with always on technology.

  • "I jest" count: 3

  • Man, Linus knew who to hire when he wanted to hire "an actual Apple guy."

  • I am waiting until LMG owns half of all SEnewss channels.

  • Wait this is LMG?!?!?

  • No, apple should make a printer because printers suck!

  • haha he said "living room" *laughs in second world*

  • Now I understand what linus meant when he said this guy is really passionate about what he's doing. Great new content!

  • It's clear how much the host understands Apple and their infrastructure/eco-system. What this video does is clarify exactly why Apple is such a baffling company to me. If you buy into an apple device, they set it up in such a way that you're almost forced into buying into everything. There's no interoperability, no choice, no freedom. It's exactly why I can't ever see myself buying into Apple. That said, I like how unapologetic the host is about that. It's stated as a fact. If Apple developed a TV, they're actually likely to ensure that thr mastering of their original content looks best on their own equipment and is a poorer experience on everything else. I don't enjoy thinking of Apple getting their money grubbing mitts on any other tech, but I do appreciate the warts and all approach.

  • The production quality was so bad and Jonathan did a really bad job, I jest...

  • They won't make a TV because of how razor thin - or non existent - the hardware revenue margins are in TVs. To be competitive in price almost all the tvs you can buy today make most of their money of sponsored apps, ads and selling user data, all are things apple probably wouldn't want to do.

  • great info but the "i jest" got a bit annoying halfway through the video

  • Considering how derivative apple products have become post Jobs (iPad aside). All these great ideas wouldn't come to pass until Apple can implement someone else's idea with an elegant apple twist. I'd buy a feature rich micro led or oled solution if it wasn't jank like screen mirror or casting across dongles.

  • Your voice is so soothing i really like it. Great video.

  • Love this channel ! I like how you are not shy of mocking Apple on some things.

  • Why didn't anyone make an "I gest" joke? I gest.

  • this has a vox feel to it

  • Damn, the quality of this is just above LTT. Amazing work!

  • I don’t why apple hasn’t bought any studios for Apple TV+ Steve jobs got his ideas from antiques It is like the gripe from going to a basic rather than a skeumorphic design. Apples software has gone downhill the power with Mac OS is software or Steve jobs next os Another gripe is apple do something good and it is only on one product Why can’t apple use time of day things for all there apps and operating system using artificial intelligence I hate the desert of operating systems we are in at the moment with no os having any long time direction. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 What makes me angry with Microsoft is no windows 11 There is a talk whether apple is run by marketing executives which Steve jobs hated at the moment not engineers

  • I got a crazy urch to 3D Model and render your sketch. Lets see if procrastination will win this time.

  • how couldn't you mention that mac that had a built in tv?

  • I swear to God, Jobs said this for no other reason than to troll the living shit out of Munster. He'd ask about it literally every single earnings call to the point where Cook would pre-emptively mock him. Also there's no real money in making actual TV's. The margins are razor thin, just ask all the companies who make panels. All 3 of them. There's nothing they could really add that isn't already achieved or could be with the set top box they already make. Apple only go into markets they see a real meaningful way they can add to it. TV sets isn't one.

  • Twice in the video I was like "ah yes, look at that nice stock footage - oh wait Jonathan just stepped into the shot - they're actually there"

  • High five to Apple long-timers who got the Gene Munster joke (:

  • I'm probably one of the biggest Mac haters out there but this was certainly quality content. Keep up the good work.

  • nice

  • Can you make a video about transitioning to Mac os from windows for new users.

  • The old techquickie set became Mac address set

  • I would not call a modern TV cheap. Unless you are talking about quality not expense. Also with how few products Apple tree releases in a given year, I feel a lot of this channel's content might be theory crafting like this. I would approve.

  • Love how chill this channel is compared to the frenzied mania in other places of the LMG umbrella. 😂

  • If Apple makes a TV they probably would not give up on the idea of making it a Retina screen as well, i imagine that'd mean 16k resolution on a 55" or 65" size. They already nailed HDR implementation in their monitors so probably the only things left would be an upscaler and a connector that would support 16k besides DP 2.0. That would be a seriously expensive TV though.

  • Apple should redesign their fans into the image of Jonathan. He just looks the part.

  • That’s what I’ve been saying!!

  • TIL Samsung makes some pretty cool TVs.

  • Ah yes the iTube

  • Linus and his team did good with this channel.

  • Not going to lie, but I thought that I wouldn't like the Apple channel for linus tech tips, but when I saw the post for the "what is he drawing?" I clicked on it. Then I saw it was for Mac address and thought sense I was already here might as well watch it. So I did now I am subscribed and going to watch all the videos. Thanks for another great channel.

  • So.. you want a TV that cost 10x the retail price of any TV that exists, and has a horrible warranty? And DVD players are Confusing?! lul >_<

  • He is a Mac clone of Linus

  • Never been an apple guy but I'll be damned if I don't watch these videos soley based on how good the production is.

  • This feels like a fancy documentary and not a SEnewss video, I love it!

  • This is the MKBHD of LTT. On point video production and honest opinions. I mean that as an compliment

  • I can say for probably the first year or two of hearing of the "Apple TV" I thought for sure it was an actual TV just had never seen one. When I realized it was a media box I was pretty surprised.

  • This is the best LMG channel.

  • TV sets need to be dumb. They need to be nothing more than a display. Then, you purchase a box to attach that has all of your content reception in it. That way, when your device ages out of support, you simply replace the box, not the whole TV, and TVs stop becoming massive amounts of e-waste. The boxes, even now, often have a longer life in the enthusiasts circles, but even then, it is a heck of a lot less e-waste, than a whole TV. Also, when a TV is off, it should consume as little power as possible. Otherwise, it is no worse than just leaving a TV on 24/7, which is just wasteful.

  • Darn it, Jonathan. Quit telling me you jest! I can recognize a joke! >:( we boutta fight

  • He jest

  • The man doth 'jest' too much, methinks

  • Meh .. Still uses electricity than a tradtional photo frame and turned off tv .. Waste of money ~ 😑😑😑

  • Apple would make it magnetic levitation for no reason, color calibrated, and have gesture control so that you can change volume up and down and play pause and zoom and stuff without interrupting the audio output. It's cool .. but unnecessary.

  • its crazy that there are people that are actually fans of a company, apple at that, knowing everything about them, owning everything.

  • I hate remote, it creates a mess and it can get lost. Rather I would like to see a TV that you can control with just a movement of your hands (to quote Jobs, you will never lose it) maybe with Project Soli-like radar built-in

  • 3:34 that doesn't sound sarcastic at all.

  • Good hire!

  • 2:53 What is this production quality? Amazing!

  • The after a few years they start updating the TV to the point its slow as all hell so they force you to buy a newer model

  • Lol, anyone else getting Shakespeare vibes from Johnny boy?

  • He jests

  • I jest!

  • I was skeptical at first but now I freaking love this guy :D

  • Great vid.

  • An Apple TV set feels like half-life 3 at this point

  • I jest

  • I really enjoy his style of presentation. It actually feels like he’s talking with me, not to me, if that makes sense. Good job

  • On my dad's apple tv one time I typed in the password and it told me to retype in the password and add a security code they sent to his email at the end. That's bad design

    • @TalesOfWar no like you had to type in Passwordcode instead of having two text boxes.

    • How is that bad design? They sent it to the person who OWNED it...

  • Where's the ad? An LMG video without a bag Segway is basically not an LMG Video.

  • Passw0rd! I use the Keychain on my iPhone.. and recently also on my new MacBook. Still sad that I can't use it for Windows. there I save the KeyChain Passwords in the browser... maybe not the best Solution? But usually I let Keychain generate my passwords If I need a new one. Interesting case as mention in the beginning of the Video tho. Hm....

  • Please God no, every sector Apple doesn't stick it's grubby evil fingers into is a blessing and should be savoured while it lasts.

  • They should just make a giant Ipad pro

  • “Editor: Person with Tiny Desk” LOL

  • I do wish there was a more of a "Linus tech tipy" feel to this channel.

    • Watch... ANY of their other channels then?

  • This is Quality content

  • Mac address is better than Linus tech tips lmao

  • Hehe, it was just yesterday evening when I thought about when Apple TV will actually be a TV I could replace my old one with. :P It should start with like Apple TV per default but of course allow to connect Consoles and Sat/Receivers via HDMI and maybe Cable or LAN (IPTV?) directly with in Apple TV App integrated App to.. erm.. whatever I'm not good with words!

  • They should definitely not make a TV!!!!🚨🚨🚨

  • Just imagine it: a tv with a notch!

  • This channel is awesome they just use linus voice but different person!!

  • “I jest” is this guy’s “I digress”