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1320Video provides the best street car videos around the United States! We bring the WORLD features \u0026 highlights from street races all over the world, Hot Rod Magazine's Drag Week, Streetcar Takeover, Chicago's King of the Streets, Texas Invitational, Duck's Lights Out \u0026 No Mercy radial races, Import vs Domsetics and a TONS of No-Prep races!

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16:57First 1/4 Mile Runs in my 1200hp TT R8!
First 1/4 Mile Runs in my 1200hp TT R8!visningar 160tn8 dagar sedan
6:02It’s MURDA! - 1300hp Record Holding IS300
11:23They Bought $500 Worth of ICE to Finish!
They Bought $500 Worth of ICE to Finish!visningar 222tnMånad sedan
28:37WORST Luck VS The BEST Attitude
WORST Luck VS The BEST Attitudevisningar 206tnMånad sedan
16:23New Orleans Streets - DaPullUp (500-1000hp cars)
10:08The next HEAVY HITTER GTR? - GTR World Cup 2021
14:541000HP Audi RS3 is a GTR KILLER!
1000HP Audi RS3 is a GTR KILLER!visningar 190tnMånad sedan
17:29My Dream Build IS HAPPENING!
My Dream Build IS HAPPENING!visningar 225tn2 månader sedan
11:0330 Day Buy \u0026 Build - 1300hp Audi R8!
30 Day Buy \u0026 Build - 1300hp Audi R8!visningar 139tn2 månader sedan
10:45Can a 2wd GTR Be Better than AWD?
Can a 2wd GTR Be Better than AWD?visningar 215tn2 månader sedan
10:081500hp DRAG Porsche PULLS the Wheels UP!
1500hp DRAG Porsche PULLS the Wheels UP!visningar 433tn2 månader sedan
29:06New Orleans Street Racing - WILD NOLA Cash Days!
8:08KING of the Atlanta Streets!
KING of the Atlanta Streets!visningar 405tn2 månader sedan
18:42Can $40 Rancho Shocks Make a Car FASTER?
Can $40 Rancho Shocks Make a Car FASTER?visningar 135tn2 månader sedan
20:32Pick-up GAPS a GTR in the 1/2 Mile!
Pick-up GAPS a GTR in the 1/2 Mile!visningar 285tn2 månader sedan
8:46103mm Turbo Truck RIPS!
103mm Turbo Truck RIPS!visningar 284tn3 månader sedan
20:583,000,000 Subscriber COUNTDOWN \u0026 Surprise!
1:13:18The OG’s of Street Racing (Cash Days DVD throwback!)


  • The ultimate ☝

  • My absolute favorite body style impala. Made just the way I like it. 👌 Real Nice Clark

  • 4:49 he left him hanging 😬

  • Que dó , um carro espetacular com uma abertura nada ver de porta traseira dessas ...

  • blue gtr gets smoked 7:08

  • the nerd saved the day *the night sry

  • 4:39 - when v-tec kicks in

  • Wanting to win too bad...Totally Honest....as the Gamble Kenny Rogers sang, "You gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em"...

  • Brand new track huh? Yeah, Most of those cars can't make a clean pass because of the dust of concrete coming off those cars tires losing traction as they fly down that track...Crazy, If that been me, I would have went down there one time and had to let off of it because of my tires spinning on concrete and me getting sideways. I'd be like, I'll come back a couple of years later after this track has a better surface.

  • Well done young Lady

  • On three One Two Floor it

  • Thank you SEnewss, thank you for giving me this gem in March of 21

  • serious idle

  • Ok, but how does it feel to know that you will loose to a 2jz engine supra :)

  • The sticker at 0:50 wasn’t lying

  • These guys really are stupid. The car is on fire, they can't breathe and they're worried about the wall? Turn right and rub the wall to stop the car, fools! Too worried about he paint on a car that is about to go up on flames.

  • What the fu...dickens?

  • Viper owner has more excuses than the viper has horse power...

  • When he entered the burn pit,it sounded like the start of the angel Motorsports intro on SEnewss.


  • toyota might be the richest company if its making loads of mk4 supras

  • Yea I too am pushing a couple hundred (230 to be exact) horsepower in my 15 year old v6 camry...

  • Props to bike guys. Hella chill

  • Close that crappy track bro

  • 41:23 Shooting star!

  • Bro “poop stain” is my rapper name 🤚🏾✌️☝️👉✋👊☝️🤟

  • Need more amg videos

  • That is one sexy beast. Love the sleek lines, the rear-end. And the car isn't bad either.

  • looks like something out of beam ng xD

  • I hate rolling starts.. Stand toe to toe and go... Head to head shouldnt be considered a race... More of a warm up start

  • Lol

  • Son: hey mum where do clouds come from. Mum: Australia son

  • how do you blow up a rotary when it blows up but still runs?

  • كابرس هوائيات كام يقفل ملفه

  • Great videos, Nice

  • Man that high dollar fire was absolutely the best

  • how he became a beard in 1 and a half minutes?

  • Vipers still chasing Supras

  • That is fing hilarious.. you go Cleetus!

  • if you do a dyno with 3000 hp always use a brick to make sure you dont explode

  • Hey baby, want to make a quick 100?

  • Hard to believe this started it all


  • No

  • Great car!!

  • palmeiras não tem mundial!!

  • There ones that weren’t that bad that where uh oh and some where oh shit

  • If you ever want to brighten your day!!! This is it!!! MURICA!!! HELLYA BROTHER!

  • Extremely licky guys and they know it. Phew!

  • That nova tho 😳

  • @5:55 you can see the years of handling a camera come into play. He sidesteps to get better lighting and enhance the video quality. Executed like 2nd nature.

  • Procharger truck sounds like a damn semi

  • Viper power

  • Sad that someday we will not be able hear those roars! Watch F1 E if you want to have a beauty rest.

  • I love fbody cámaros cuz of this video I’m going to buy my 3 one in a row all white 😂👽

  • I almost had em'! "You never had me, You never gad your car. Granny shifting not double clutchin like ya should" 😂😂 RIP Paul Walker

  • I love this dudes personality 😂

  • Masyaallah

  • Kyle can we see what car you own !

  • Be honest this is not your first time watching this video 😀😇


  • Vis Kosova with his Nissan (2500hp) can beat him

  • That shit weighs nothing

  • Ridicul!!!!

  • Still my personal fav body style of the lighting.

  • 0:52 "im a sony guy" No wonder hes the way he is. 😂😂😂

  • These are the kinda builds people like to see, fast fun and unique🤘

  • that supid old moan thinks that a taycan get 1200hp in turbo mode no it gets 750

  • Serious question. How long does it take for a new track to be fully prepped? Does it just take a lot of passes to lay down a layer of rubber? This is so slick, and dusty

  • You know that's not saying shit shawn was having problems getting the murder nova lined out back then let's see him race him now.

  • That gtr fucked you up 🤣🤣😂

  • Im waiting for the drag cluster...

  • sounds like a got dang GAU-8

  • 2:29 went on 2 c10 lost

  • Elon musk very proud this guy....and say Don't forget Pawer bank

  • Ahi andaba el Juca 🤩

  • 19:52

  • Ahi andaba el Juca 🤩

  • I love this truck more than i thought i would. It IS a 60ft monster and carries the weight up front like a small block ford on a single... Overall bottom dollar line its cheap. What not to love?

  • Oh my god it’s the baby giraffe