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47:47Pokemon but the World Champion controls the AI
34:19I was paid to speedrun Cooking Mama
I was paid to speedrun Cooking Mamavisningar 1,4mn7 dagar sedan
51:11Pokemon FireRed but I added too many rules
26:38Beating Mario Odyssey Exactly as Nintendo Intended
21:16This Breath of the Wild Mod is Brutally Difficult...
48:26I turned the floor in Mario Odyssey to lava
I turned the floor in Mario Odyssey to lavavisningar 1,6mn2 månader sedan
20:28The Update to Relics of the Past is insane...
The Update to Relics of the Past is insane...visningar 1,4mn3 månader sedan
23:50Mario Odyssey but the floor is lava
Mario Odyssey but the floor is lavavisningar 1,9mn4 månader sedan
51:09Pokemon Ruby but all opponents have wonder guard
22:27Doing "Impossible" Mario Odyssey Challenges from 2017
26:20Minecraft but the Floor is Lava
Minecraft but the Floor is Lavavisningar 991tn4 månader sedan
31:37Pokemon Ruby but only super-effective moves do damage
40:47Custom Mario Odyssey Kingdoms are Amazing...
Custom Mario Odyssey Kingdoms are Amazing...visningar 2,4mn4 månader sedan
21:39Hardcore Minecraft but I can't Jump...
Hardcore Minecraft but I can't Jump...visningar 777tn4 månader sedan
25:51Mario Speedrunner Beats 3D World for the First Time
22:47How my Mom became a Top 50 Speedrunner in the world.
26:21Mario Speedrunner plays 3D World for the FIRST TIME
47:11Windwaker but all the items are in the wrong spots
15:44Pokemon but I can only use SHINIES
Pokemon but I can only use SHINIESvisningar 8mn5 månader sedan
27:33If chat makes me laugh I reset the speedrun
If chat makes me laugh I reset the speedrunvisningar 2,9mn6 månader sedan
35:09Windwaker but all the items are random
Windwaker but all the items are randomvisningar 1,5mn6 månader sedan


  • Hmmmmm 0:19 Everybody came??

  • 12:14 2h 31M 12:17 2h 28M busted

  • Do the Magic Muffler challenge

  • where to get this amazing rom?

  • Just realized I wasn't subbed this entire time.....

  • I haven't even started yet and I know this might be the coolest video I've ever watched.

  • O heard a link umph whilst 27:25 and wait a couple seconds to hear it

  • Well now I want him to make a video to try get the magic muffler haha, know it’s not ‘real’ but would like him to try to do all those challenges

  • I want to speedrun minecraft but i cant get livesplit on the same window as minecraft

  • 9:53 „pass auf“ your sound is in german?

  • the level up clutch at the end is literally the anime moment where the mc gains a new power when he's about to die

  • Now do a nuzlocke

  • Nidoran male gets double kick at lvl 12 in yellow version.

  • Challenge: play the game and have fun :)

  • Now Wolfe can feel Aarons pain

  • #WeNeedPart2

  • whop whop the god pokemon

  • I'm just wondering how the World Champion of Pokemon never played 1st gen?

  • *aeiou*

  • Huuhbg plz stop hugggh was my fav part of vidd

  • I would love to watch Ant play Pokemon Reborn, seeing how he plays a pokemon game that is difficult by itself, without needing to put additional challenges on himself would be cool.

  • Does it work for 1.3.0?

  • Jesus is the only way to the Father and to eternal life. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life and his death burial and resurection!

  • 2:49 AND SHE'S A FEMALE???? Wow you are lucky!

  • So Wolfey was The Man all along...

  • World champ: what does string shot do

  • Psychological warfare

  • This challenge is spectacular, I can't wait to see more!

  • Why add mainstream gen 1, I mean it's a great video/stream but why must ya add more poison to the pot.

  • Now i want to see you two finish the game like this.

  • such a cool concept!


  • TM 08 what's that? Jrose fans: welcome to the club

  • Bruh... That man is a world champ and barely knows anything about gen 1 wtf

  • What a brilli-ant crossover(I’m so funny)

  • Compare Ant’s intro from then and now Hi I’m SmallAnt1

  • Sableye: _"My time has come. Fear me mortals!"_

  • That was just plain lying and manipulative and pretty much cheating.....not cool.....not a real win in my book, fat dislike

  • 5:34 I’m not 100% sure but I think he jumped

  • What are you doing stepchat


  • bro his singing is actually good

  • I have no idea y but this vid is just relaxing and fun to watch. I have no knowledge in mario but I just watch this cuz it's interesting. Nice vid

  • What’s harder Every moon in Oddesy Or every korok in breath of the wild I think all moons is less of a grind and overall a bit more fun

  • I love you’re videos because you torture yourself:)

  • I can do the flower skip i almost make it

  • did he ever reach/do the magic muffler sub goal?

  • Atsign really should do this more often in other gens such a great idea for a PvP spin on mainline games

  • Nidoking is a bamf

  • I have to know why you didn't bring Dugtrio after you caught it.

  • ive been waiting for this vid for a min

  • ok

  • Part 2

  • The mr beast of Pokémon games

  • Your like the best player

  • What makes it so fun to watch is that they are both so playful and merry even though it's a race xD

  • my charizard knows dig and nidoking can't oof

  • if we're honest here, who would win? a double dragon boss *OR* all of the nintendo characters, INCLUDING Kirby?

  • Where can we get this mod?

  • when hi high came on my hand flew over my mouth

  • I came to see XD skip! So dissapointed you cut it out :(

  • I think the bide story comes from in gen 1 the AI prioritizes super effective moves, so if the AI has a move which has a super effective type, but does no damage it will prioritize it over offensive moves because the AI thinks it is better

  • You should continue this challenge, it looks so fun!

  • exactly one hour is just as much of an accomplishment as sub-hour to me

  • This kinda reminds me of the Leagues i used to have in discord where the entire chat would set up a League where 8 or more people would legit be Gym Leaders where people can face them and get "prize" pokemon (same type as gym) for beating them in place of badges then move to the elite 4 after beating 8 different ones. .....ive got a Psychic team just chilling that rediculously tough to beat even knowing its a full Psychic team.

  • I thought this was how you do it lol: Skip to the top and fight gannon. Lmaooooo

  • He named it Woop Woop There is a town in Australia called Woop Woop

  • you should really edit this down to just the important battles

  • What did they want him to look up?

  • Real youtubists play Pokemon Against a small bug, but as the the AI

  • I think this victory is not fair because she is based on lie in a honest competition (i just hate lie on this sort of run)

  • where can i get this version of the game

  • 11:20 I laughed so hard XD

  • I really like your Ditto runs, but am curious about how the key strat used in those runs would play out with other Pokemon. Have you done a challenge where the power points for all pokemon moves has been set to zero? @smallant

  • Can u do a Pokémon x speed run with only using shiny Pokémon

  • Comment for the algorithm

  • "All warfare is based on deception" -Sun Tzu, the art of war

  • Who knew a Mario speedrunner could do THIS

  • That Lv 16 Raticate was the bane of many children's existence. It was complained about so much that in Yellow Game Freak replaced it with two Lv 13 Pokemon.

  • I noticed that SmallAnt’s score was usually higher than he said it was, at least by the lock board. He kept talking about how far behind he was, but usually he was tied. Also, he said that he regained the lead with 9-8, but he had eleven boxes checked. Am I missing something?