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3:32Joe Biden arrives at Capitol - BBC News
Joe Biden arrives at Capitol - BBC Newsvisningar 109tn3 dagar sedan
1:34Trump's helicopter leaves White House - BBC News
9:38Trump's last speech as president - BBC News
3:03Congress confirms Joe Biden's victory - BBC News
3:48A tourist, in Afghanistan? - BBC News
A tourist, in Afghanistan? - BBC Newsvisningar 379tn17 dagar sedan


  • World's biggest media scam ever,. The nurse deserves an Oscar for the scam acting.

  • ++,, 붂한..자체..붕괴.. ..ㅈㅇ마다.. ㅈㅇ..ㄴㅈㄱ관리..& ..닦장..잇ㄲ.. 의..마눌.. 붂ㅎ..잇ㄲ.. & ..군졸..댕귀ㅂ..줘야..하고.. 의..마눌.. ..ㅈㅇ마다..군졸.. 댕귀ㅂ..가.. 붂ㅎ..에서..나와.. 배달..됏나.. ..?...???... 붂..아오ㅈ..탠광.. ...댁..을..ㅎㅐ가.... 양고기..네..잇다..는?..아닌가?.. ..ㅈ유라..지.. 소고기..잘못만ㄴㅏ..래니.. 구뤠도.. 굮제..젂십ㅈㅏ..돔..이나,받아..~~ 군졸.. 댕귀ㅂ.. 가.. 붂ㅎ..에서.. 나와.. 배달..된ㄷㅏ.. 대본.. 급,수정..요청..해야..냐ㄱ..? …???

  • Was it Putin's erection he insighted?

  • Mathew chapter 7 verse 15 16

  • Oh damn things were starting to improve, lets invent a new strain of virus.

  • Unfortunate that they have to do this, yes it will stop Trump from running in 4 years and yes Trump did say specifically that he was asking for a peaceful gathering before and during but protest but someone threw a fire extinguisher which beat an officer to death and a Trump supporting lunatic ran into a Secret Service mans bullet, 3 others were killed by the riots of natural causes so what choice do they have, Trump made this happen, just like the Vaccine shortage affecting the world

  • Everyone in Democrats have a smirk. Like a feeling of superiority. How do people even vote for them? Everything is a fake, putting on blacks putting on women, purposely to appease voters. What scammers

  • Why isn’t the whole world working together to defeat this virus ?

  • Greatest show on earth,. Wait for the Oscars.

  • They are terrified he will run in the next election . . . .Communists eh?

  • Well it can’t be any worse than 2020

  • I rolled my eyes so hard that I saw my brain. This is all so transparent by now. Even labradors know what's going on.

  • I am with australia,I support their opinion, I am an Indian🙌🙌

  • Viruses increase their chances of survival and reproduction by becoming less deadly. This virus in the long run will follow suit, and if it doesn't, then it will spread less.

  • Alright

  • Trump did more for THEM than any other president and THEY still want to make an example of him. We need leaders that will name THEM and cease THEIR negative influence on Our world. It’s a huge and important problem and THEY’VE made it so we can’t even discuss it.

  • Trumpism will never end.. you stood for the truth and you stood alone... much love ❤️

  • Symbolism is not justice, and this will lead to the complete failure in bringing Trump to account.

  • Everyone, just wash your hands. Wear the mask. Stay at home. Cross your legs. Wear the chastity cage. Take female hormones.

  • Check out the lab while your there perhaps?

  • May be more deadly. Just because the new variant is theoretically speculated to be more deadly doesn't mean it actually is. Generally speaking, viruses evolve to become less deadly overtime. The H1N1 flu strain responsible for the 1918 flu pandemic returned in 2009 to cause a less deadly pandemic and has since gone on to cause regular seasonal flus.

  • Pure theatre. False flag event coming soon no doubt

  • Faster spreading and more deadly. So why not just give up and live you life. Or are they lying to us again.

  • BBC Brainwashing, do you want t be healthy switch off the tv, problems solved

  • Going after a private citizen after them being POTUS is against the constitution

  • London s police are shit ngl they don't even have weapons id rather go America than stay in london

  • YOU CAN'T IMPEACH A CIVILIAN! PROPAGANDA! Why won't the MSM report the truth, that's all we want to know!

  • Blah blah blah blah blah

  • Gorbachev sold out USSR

  • Democrats incited antifa and blm activists to riot, loot and burn democrat run cities... they aren't even hunting the perpetrators.... but the republican ones are deemed terrorists right wing nazis and more

  • 1:36 Nixon?


  • These people are insane. Good luck US.. not long until you start missing the good old Trump days, when you weren't living under totalitarianism

  • Lol...yes all have hard a

  • Goodbye Orange Man.It was a wild time


  • Could be 13 or 14 Lot of uncertainty Nonsense, as usual

  • Is the nightingale open?

  • He said erection... Hahahaha...

  • Of course he’d say that, bullshit news from a bullshit network.

  • Your license fees are the deadliest thing that can happen to the U.K. #DefundTheBBC

  • Hong Kong 2.0, good job USA

  • Kommie Harris, even her own party didn't want her and Commander-in-Cheat. What. A. Joke. The US is done for. Biden will be gone soon and the first female potus will be Kommie Harris who nobody wanted or voted for. Please check this woman's horrendous policies and bailing criminals out of prison before you all hail her as the second coming.

  • Maricopa County in AZ just subpoenaed all machines and Ballots (first county and state to do so) so for the first time, the evidence will actually be collected and forensic examined. And actually be revealed to the public. Board of supervisors risked going to prison to hide the evidence, let that tell you all you need to know.

  • Boris, could you please release the document as we are entitled in the freedom of information act to see it where they have actually ISOLATED and confirmed the covid 19 virus

  • To all private companies. I am hearing that private companies are pushing face covering I requested proof of claim and a risk assessment that your ignorance is not causing bacterial Phenomena. Please send me your proof of claim Or we the people will be taking lawful action

  • The BBC are an evil organisation. Not a single word from them about the electoral fraud that took place in several states and seriously questionable reporting during the election itself. Any negative news is plastered all over the place. But then we already knew that the BBC are run by evil people. Jimmy Savile was provided with cover by them for decades. Then, just recently, they colluded to cancel Sir Cliff Richard and when they were found to have acted unlawfully, they still refused to apologise which forced Sir Cliff to get a judge to boot their arses in court. The BBC needs to be shut down and the people behind it need to be exposed. Anyone who works for the BBC is complicit in their evil deeds.

  • To all private companies. I am hearing that private companies are pushing face covering I requested proof of claim and a risk assessment that your ignorance is not causing bacterial Phenomena. Please send me your proof of claim Or we the people will be taking lawful action

  • They are still very afraid

  • To all private companies. I am hearing that private companies are pushing face covering I requested proof of claim and a risk assessment that your ignorance is not causing bacterial Phenomena. Please send me your proof of claim Or we the people will be taking lawful action

  • Ridiculous!!

  • Stop looking to blame! Take responsibility and social distance. The world is in denial and they need to wake up. And protect the vulnerable

  • To all private companies. I am hearing that private companies are pushing face covering I requested proof of claim and a risk assessment that your ignorance is not causing bacterial Phenomena. Please send me your proof of claim Or we the people will be taking lawful action

  • Must be true ...the good old BBC told us right... because there is definitely no hidden agenda here is there...(cough cough) plandemic scamdemic shambles shower of 💩 💩 💩...

  • Il because alla foggiana ricorda molto il mitico Frengo e stop

  • Well, they will have no choice when that happens. They will then have to resort using Chinese search engine. Oh, the irony. LOL

  • May be our vaccine is not as good as the vaccine other countries are using

  • I hope Australia tells Google to feck off and they establish their own search engines and satellites...

  • For anyone who wants to embrace the panda, that's the end of you

  • As i understand it, the difference with the new variant is that it is more adapted to the human cell surface so it has a higher 'hit rate'. This means it succeeds with a smaller exposure and can also spread further before the immune response kicks in. It is not necessarily throwing out more infecting virus but those virus have a higher likelihood of being invasive. Basically it is getting a greater head start on the immune system and can do more damage. This should play out with more symptomatic cases and more cases where too much damage is done before the immune system can protect =more deaths. I was puzzled that more lethality was not being reported, and no one was projecting the potential impact , The news seems to confirm this now , perhaps because Matt H told people privately a few days ago. Some of the vaccines are not variant specific so should still work but perform differently as they still have to perform against a faster infecting virus. The higher success rate at a cellular level should be quantifiable and extra lethality might be directly related and quantifiable from that on a theoretical basis for comparison against actuals reported in hospitals.

  • So gyms are not essential for this govt? People are mentally, physically depressed with these lockdowns. Complete failure of controlling the virus

  • Was the 1st impeachment fair? What makes you think this one will be any different?

  • thank god i was not born in mexico.

  • We had a chapter in our book on Mr. Amte and these morons are calling him as a Zoo keeper🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Look at a country’s national debt and you see why they’re struggling.

  • Maybe we should learn about death and learn Energy can only be transferred and not destroyed. There was always a risk don’t die scared and alone!!! How many years will this go on for. People behave badly and scare people when their own souls are scare. Project of ones self. If science is your religion remember psychology of fear and the facts from past events like this. People can get hysteria and die but I think we for hysteria is science!!!!

  • What's all this "UK" virus business? We only discovered it. We didn't invent it.

  • Why to play with probability?

  • I'm not sure that is what the American people want or care about. Surely they're more interested in having food on the table, a roof over their head, keeping jobs, security and safety for their families, access to health care facilities and the freedom to meet friends and loved ones and live normal lives????

  • The new variant emerged, it’s because of the vaccine that tell your body to produce the virus 🦠

  • I always like a good new strain.

  • Texas also flies to impeach Beijing Biden, why not report on that

  • Already new

  • He literally said yesterday that it wasnt

  • ban google, use bing

  • If google pulls out, they should just switch to Ecosia.

  • The Senate is actually 50/50 kamala only gets if the vote is evenly split. One Democrat brakes ranks what ever bill will not go through

  • Never ever ever forget the BBC covers up Jimmy Sevilles crimes

  • Last kse attitude se bol ra , or shuru m kse fatti pdi thi😂

  • don't watch and listen to the BBC It's all fake-news