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There are a lot of unusual and incredible places on our planet we would all like to visit someday. However, Earth is huge, and our lives are quite short. That’s why we have prepared amazing compilations, found fascinating facts, unusual TOPs, adventures, people and phenomena and so much more for you on the BRAIN TIME channel


9:50Things You'd Better Never Meet in Your Life
9:22When Team Mascots Take It Too Far
When Team Mascots Take It Too Farvisningar 412tn14 dagar sedan
10:4912 Exciting Time Capsules From the Past
12 Exciting Time Capsules From the Pastvisningar 328tn21 dag sedan
9:2510 Superpowers You Didn't Know About
10 Superpowers You Didn't Know Aboutvisningar 330tnMånad sedan
12:2213 Real Voices Behind Famous Cartoons
13 Real Voices Behind Famous Cartoonsvisningar 284tnMånad sedan
11:4010 Times the Impossible Became Possible
10 Times the Impossible Became Possiblevisningar 33tnMånad sedan
10:129 Most Bizarre Bodybuilders in the World
11:468 Places With the Most Extreme Climate
8 Places With the Most Extreme Climatevisningar 63tnMånad sedan
11:17The Evolution of Hulk in Movies
The Evolution of Hulk in Moviesvisningar 763tnMånad sedan
10:4213 Spookiest Exhibits Ever
13 Spookiest Exhibits Evervisningar 49tnMånad sedan
10:259 Real Places You'd Better Not Visit Alone
9 Real Places You'd Better Not Visit Alonevisningar 65tn2 månader sedan
11:1721 Weird Things Everyone Is Secretly Guilty of Doing


  • ya prob

  • My uncle found a cat that was shot full of pellets. He took it to the vet and had them removed. It cost a fortune, but luckily, the cat survived and made a full recovery.

  • Waricons combine into war zone

  • Des-tor-ia lmfao

  • What a idiot!! 🤪☠️💩

  • Ozzy ostrich from Willys Wonderland be like

  • I was laughing just looking at the title

  • i wish i was one of the people in 4:54 im always tired

  • watches dis again *lul*

  • They run on my cat today I’m really sad 😢

  • Nice

  • 2019: oh a zombie apocalypse blah 2021: 😳

  • Me knowing norway prison is really nice Me: go to norway and do a bank robbery

  • My cat: *makes a strange af noise* Me: I like your funny words magic man.

  • 2:44 true art be like

  • Stop playing 🤣 that thumbnail is a male in a girls mini skirt

  • It means the cat is about to get whacked.

  • Minecraft: we introduce Minecraft in real life

  • The cat with the open mouth I call "stank face" it usually happens after they smell something stinky.

  • I’ve encountered a snake throwing out the trash at 5

  • I wonder if a govt ever sent a prisoner to space to die?

  • Why dont you have a link to the original video

  • The cat always bites me then licks me after then bite me again and lick it after. I think it was trying to clean me lol

  • Yes

  • If you killed him would you get the same sentence?

  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • OK this isn't true. In the 18th century people didn't live to only 33. These "life expectancy" charts include infant mortality and sadly infants died very frequently back then. But if you made it out of babyhood, you could expect to live a normal human lifespan, into your 60's, 70's and beyond.

  • *sigh* I told you not to take out my eyeball out

  • Full of water droplets?..clouds are water droplets..

  • me who already saw the video: Are you sure about that

  • the first one still doesnt make sense to me

  • I see This video for the first time

  • Not I Ran It pronounces like E Ran And the "a" pronounces like the "a" in "water"

  • 'From a zombie to an orc' - they're not exactly so far apart...

  • A friend put masking tape on my cats feet. The results were one of the funniest things I've ever seen

  • I only came here to see if the crazy alligator costume man got eaten.


  • Is it true that US prisoners are used as forced labour in private- run prison factories? This was shown on video.

  • Man this cool 8:15

  • So at this point I've come to accept the fact that I will never meet an intelligent life form. I'm depressed. 🥺😞

  • Ah yes florida man...there's budweiser red label in there

  • I saw a hotdog car when I was going to Chicago once

  • Aaaa

  • Why can't they just take out the Titanic and just rebuild it and clean it off

  • The dogs tilting their heads was the cutest one OMG

  • These are relatives not the actual dinosaur

  • Badd luck if you cant fell pain

  • I wished titanic never sank

  • I always hiss and even bite my cat when I’m tired of his attention. Works every time. (Bite on an ear or a paw)

  • Wtf that’s comissioner Hurst

  • It means the cat needs a good wack.

  • The Mayflower - anybody who disagrees is a traitor.


  • Gorilla can lift up ten times his body weight.How King Kong can lift up??And a punch of Gorilla is 2.7 tons

  • I want them to be my bodyguards when I get rich and famous

  • Haha o that was that was funny

  • China is whole again. And then it broke again.

  • I did not know that

  • What powers the armored car

  • Stop listening to white ppl they don't know shit

  • They're cannibals.

  • They're cannibals.

  • Iranian moustache wamen

  • That demo with the SawStop is a particular type of table saw (not a circular saw) that is built to detect fingers/skin. It is expensive, but worth the price. Pretty much ALL OTHER table saws don’t have this ability, they will just saw on through skin & bone! Use the guard & pay attention is still sound advice for power tool use!

  • I only saw 3 people Lifted it before

  • Not paint. Starch!

  • I remember my cat bringing a 2 dead mouse, I freaked out

  • Real life My:hi Zombie:braiiiiiin My: ... Zombie:brain Zombie atacked me Me:braiin

  • How it’s possible ? 2000 m underwater ? Where is the logic????

  • Is a american film

  • Yes pets are the best thing in the world❤

  • Alligator crocodile 🐊

  • Except birds can't have mirrors for that exact reason. It causes sexual confusion with them

  • If your cat really bites you you are going to the ER for antibiotics. These are play bites or don't-touch-me baby bites

  • Thanks for the feature!!!!!


  • Liking the vid because it shows you the clickbait first then shows you other stuff.

  • He’s just a scaly