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I'm a rocket league SEnewssr known as musty or amustycow and for being the founder of the "musty flick" mechanic. Thanks for checking out my channel!

I'm a supersonic legend rocket league player who uploads Rocket League videos to help you improve and stay entertained!


21:22I'm finally going pro in Rocket League...
17:00Last to stop aerialing wins $1,000 (Rocket League)
21:45I trolled YouTubers that I got Rocket League 2
I trolled YouTubers that I got Rocket League 2visningar 1,6mn4 månader sedan


  • My Xbox name is Santan Karl.

  • Why is neon fields so bad?


  • Wat has been seen cannot be unseen◉‿◉

  • 10:13 is athena the real dababy?

  • Bro. AyyJay is so cracked

  • Ayygay is LITTERALY the best holy

  • The days

  • 9:12 gold 2 and my silver lobbies are better :|

  • When musty says game 2 is easy game one reeeeeeeeeee

  • I love of how timthetatman helped him stay focused to go pro

  • Who else have this in their recommended

  • Can u play with the fennec more plzz

  • Lets call gyro the great gyro

  • *Great fake from Gyro*

  • PS4 = SEnewss_ReZe prob won’t see this but if do I really need a good car

  • The last call was so weird

  • Musty is like a double agent in Faze, who will then report back to NRG lmao


  • When he says "Huge fake coming in from Gyro" He actually means " WOW! Gyro Sucks"

  • The only time athena didn't miss an open net

  • epic:TTV_Crispypieeee

  • Wow I never thought I’d see a team in my state play against you.

  • Hey gamer

  • Where’s the Komodo?

  • Musty: the battle bus is strait trash its garb battle bus: TF U SAY TO ME Musty: OHHHHhhh, OOOOOOOOHHHhhhh

  • I can beat u

  • I like how this guy is known for the easiest, most simple flick in the game. Kinda sad really

  • i know this is like 2 years old but I really really hate the "RisingStorm" kid, he's so fucking annoying i swear to god

  • I’m only in gold III and I feel I have way better mechanics I’ve been playing for a few months now and I’m still in gold games. Is there anything you can recommend me to do?

  • You can tell they don’t know right away if they should have reacted to these crappy moves

  • I really want a musty car

  • How come you guys were not in a discord call or anything

  • You’re an expert at goal savings

  • I picked gerwin because he was on ball cam!!!

  • Bro where is pulse fire

  • Musty what’s your name

  • ayyjayy had a plat moment when he fucked you up

  • i dont usually laugh but i legit cracked tf out @ 2:30 and again 6:51

  • I just got recommended lmao

  • What's crazy is that the musty flick vid just popped up on my recommended lmao

  • Yes the type of dad that doesn’t say well back in my day... I’ve never seen one of those before


  • Yo musty really said a grand champ my man that s*it on the thumbnail is c3

  • Musty, I also struggled with stumbling over the goalpost when I was new. Don’t worry go into free play bud🥴

  • You should do another phone number username thingy 😁

  • Nintendo Switch: Lee_ No spaces or anything

  • me in pkat whne he says in play your going for cs's: im a tactical player not a crackhead

  • 3:27 cmon everyone has done that at least 10 times

  • Can you pls give me the fennec you are my fav SEnewssr I watch every single vid

  • whats he shaving

  • Bicycle Hit

  • F. U musty

  • i could tell it was g2

  • Honestly, I'm actually really low ranked. I think I'm just over bronze. But some of these tactics, even I can do. I can do try to be Grandmaster, but I'd fail. I don't think I can be that level without more practice

  • You sould never play with me I suck I can’t even areal 👺

  • They say he’s not even good enough but yet this how is he not good enough

  • How do I get the edit app on ipad do

  • Musty u play on Xbox me to

  • Subscribe to John drinks water

  • "huge fake from gyro" 😂

  • Can you musty give me so tips for air dribbles and how to get good

  • Stop it go get some milk

  • Hi

  • Hes not bronze btw

  • POV: You still don’t know what Musty’s favorite move is...

  • “Big fake from gyro”

  • "So dababy is gc2" im dead lmao

  • When it was 2020 I started rocket league and I was silver and now me grand plat [email protected]&/!

  • bro were is allushin

  • Musty 1v1 disso 2121

  • They said Athena was a Guinness

  • There’s a vid from lethamyr and he had like a 2000+ goal

  • Yassssss queen

  • that CLACKITY CLACKITY keyboard sound makes me laugh so hardl mao

  • I love that second dude

  • So we are just gonna gloss over the fact that this man is at 2.5 million subs? A year and a half ago this same guy was at 200k and he's come so far

  • Still waiting for the day u heart my comment....

  • Algorithm

  • What’s up with that guys nameplate 7:07