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Chris Kläfford is a singer/songwriter from Lindesberg, Sweden.\nHe is considered to be one of the strongest musical voices to come out of his home country in a good long while. After paying his dues as a traveling musician for over ten years, his well deserved breakthrough came with winning the talent TV show \nSwedish Idol in 2017.\nIn 2019 he got praised by both judges and audience on America’s Got Talent, where he qualified to the semi-finals. \nWith his talent, productivity and continuously growing social media following he has managed to gain a world wide fan base, multiple platinum singles and record breaking exposure with a #1 spot on radio airplay.\n\n2020; Due to the Covid pandemic this year, online content has been one of the main focal points for Chris. His SEnewss channel has grown significantly and his videos has millions of views. The subscriber count keeps growing in a fast pace. In addition to online content Chris keeps writing music for his upcoming album.\n\n


19:45Chris Kläfford tries to teach his mom to sing
1:17:23Chris Kläfford Halloween Live Special
Chris Kläfford Halloween Live Specialvisningar 63tn2 månader sedan
3:38Singing Remember When on top of Kebnekaise
Singing Remember When on top of Kebnekaisevisningar 105tn4 månader sedan
14:59I'm off to sing on Sweden's highest mountain
I'm off to sing on Sweden's highest mountainvisningar 103tn4 månader sedan
1:17Live Youtube Concert (Celebrating 200K Subscribers)
3:13Guess what i got in the mail?
Guess what i got in the mail?visningar 25tnÅr sedan
4:43Chris Kläfford - The Edge live performance
3:49Take me to church Cover by Chris Kläfford


  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank U for your songs

  • Absolutely brilliant, to be honest I’ve only heard about you recently, but you have some of the best talent I’ve ever seen. Your cover of Imagine made me very emotional. Keep up the great work!!

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  • Listening to this one for the first time at Cirkus in March last year was such an experience! It still is! Such a heartfelt and beautiful song! Feelings overload! 😍😭🙏

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    • Thank you Jimmy! 🙏🏻 I sure miss playing at Circus.

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    • Who knows.. As you might have heard, we live in a very small world. Everything is possible! ☺️

  • If you’d like to see more of my live performances, make sure to check out this playlist 😊❤️

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    • Such an awesome video!

  • He has one of those voices that makes you want to listen. His renditions are better than the original artist.

    • Sometimes it´s just nice, taking a break, doing a cover song in my kitchen. 😄 I loved doing Kitchen Session season one for you all, and I hope you’ll join me for season two!

  • I believe Chris Stapleton would tip his hat to this version. Well done 👏

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  • There are 68 people who have bad taste...

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  • This song represents probably her fondest memory of you. And watching you create her very own rendition is a beautiful gift to both of you. Had alot of laughs and thought your mum did great, and the end result was not perfect but it was perfect in every way!

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  • Just wondering if you ran into some Dwarves looking for Smaug? The mountains are a Spiritual place!! The Accent is most times the easiest, the descent, tests your strength and endurance. Keep this content coming!! Climb more Hills! Be Safe! Your Mom can Sing!!