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5:00Gojira - Into The Storm [LYRIC VIDEO]
Gojira - Into The Storm [LYRIC VIDEO]visningar 698tn22 timmar sedan
3:01Operation Amazonia
Operation Amazoniavisningar 159tn14 dagar sedan
5:29Gojira - Amazonia [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Gojira - Amazonia [OFFICIAL VIDEO]visningar 2,2mn21 dag sedan
5:50Gojira - Born For One Thing [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Gojira - Born For One Thing [OFFICIAL VIDEO]visningar 3,9mn2 månader sedan
1:01:02GOJIRA - Hellfest 2019
GOJIRA - Hellfest 2019visningar 1mn4 månader sedan
0:52Live from Hellfest 2019  FREE STREAM 18th November
3:44Gojira - All The Tears [OFFICIAL VIDEO 2009]
Gojira - All The Tears [OFFICIAL VIDEO 2009]visningar 188tn6 månader sedan
4:29Gojira - Vacuity [OFFICIAL VIDEO 2008]
Gojira - Vacuity [OFFICIAL VIDEO 2008]visningar 469tn6 månader sedan
4:08Gojira - To Sirius [OFFICIAL VIDEO 2005]
Gojira - To Sirius [OFFICIAL VIDEO 2005]visningar 257tn6 månader sedan
4:31Gojira - Another World [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Gojira - Another World [OFFICIAL VIDEO]visningar 3,7mn8 månader sedan
0:50Gojira #Anewplaceforme
Gojira #Anewplaceformevisningar 44tn8 månader sedan
0:50Gojira #anotherplacetobe
Gojira #anotherplacetobevisningar 47tn8 månader sedan
9:42Gojira at Red Rocks - PRAY (extended version) LIVE
1:16:49GOJIRA - Pol'And'Rock Festival 2018 [LIVE]
0:54GOJIRA - Bloodstock 2018
GOJIRA - Bloodstock 2018visningar 23tn2 år sedan
1:01GOJIRA - Into The Grave Festival 2018
GOJIRA - Into The Grave Festival 2018visningar 15tn2 år sedan
0:47Gojira - Lokerse Feesten (Belgium) 2018
0:55GOJIRA - Wacken Open Air 2018
GOJIRA - Wacken Open Air 2018visningar 63tn2 år sedan
GOJIRA - POL'AND ROCK 2018visningar 66tn2 år sedan
3:29GOJIRA - Silvera live - Hellfest 2016
GOJIRA - Silvera live - Hellfest 2016visningar 938tn3 år sedan
0:24THE MAGMA TOUR US - Fall 2017
THE MAGMA TOUR US - Fall 2017visningar 7tn3 år sedan
0:23The Magma Tour - US October 2017
The Magma Tour - US October 2017visningar 8tn3 år sedan
2:01Gojira - North America - August 2017
Gojira - North America - August 2017visningar 79tn3 år sedan
1:04Gojira Memories - Europe Sommer 2017
Gojira Memories - Europe Sommer 2017visningar 17tn3 år sedan


  • Sei que essa banda é extremamente técnica, entretanto,as músicas não empolgam e nem cativam em nada. Músicas fodas te encantam apenas com a melodia, mesmo que vc não entenda inglês muito bem.

  • This has got to be thee most blatant Killing Joke rip-off ever.

  • I am super excited for this album to come out!

  • Bleed from Meshuggah influence for sure

  • Jisis, Mario!

  • That breakdown in Love is insane live

  • Gojira do Bra.. France

  • Can’t whait to hold the Vinyl in hands! 🤘🏻

  • The 404 people who Disliked this song truly are an error

  • Nossos ancestrais estão precisando de ajuda, fico feliz em saber que uma banda que sou fã está mostrando ao mundo essa triste realidade. Obrigado!

  • I am war shipped

  • Just recently discovered these guys. Nothing better than finding a band and going back through their albums and finding brilliance. I have to put Gojira up there with the Deftones in my list of top 5.

  • Mario Duplantier is so tight when it comes to his grooves. This is the drummer that I aspire to be. Thank you for the inspiration to get out and become a better person and drummer!

  • Amazonia Bloody Amazonia

  • Buzzing to hear this one live

  • very good song but i hate the production on this

  • This song made me piss blood and I am happy about it

  • Yet another Gojira song that brings me back from the edge to re enter the fight.. refreshed

  • Jdis ça je dis rien mais avec mon guitariste et moi , le batteur on as trouvé exactement les mêmes parties de batterie et de guitare qu'à 2:30 ... J'en ai marre de ma vie

  • This band is legendary

  • 🙏 You guys are fantastic, go Gojira

  • TRÈS Gros Les Amis

  • sweet

  • said, 'What we need is something catchy, and heavy, and brutal like in the past.' - Mario

  • Uuuaauu ficou incrivel

  • Throw your fist into the air? What, exactly, are you supporting?

  • I love the spiritual side of Gojira 🤟🏻❤️

  • This really hits home. Very ballsy to make a song that mirrors the direction in which we are heading. Gojira riffs are always sick but I think this time they really nailed it to Perfection.

  • Mario's drum part in the intro is a mix of 16th notes on his kick and a 4:3 polyrhythm with 4 on the ride and 3 on the snare. Tasty!

  • most dangerous job in the world: drum tech/roadie for Mario

  • Yes, play your electric guitars powered by the burning of fossil fuels while you complain about the environment and make money to spend on frivolous things. So brave. Pure cringe.

    • Hey! I know you! You're the "Greta ate plastic packed bread, so she can't talk about environment" kind. Once you have emitted CO2 you're not allowed to point out problems, right? At least they don't pollute minds like you do.

  • What bass is Jean playing? Is that a Fender multi scale?

  • Aaaaaaaahhhhh the drummer

  • Davie504 has joined the chat

  • Gojira what a great song! And what a great form of speak for our brothers and our planet that unfortunly the crazy "Big business" are destroying this great world!!! Good bless You guys of gojira!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽loves You!!!

  • Beyond epic!!!!! Why do I feel like at times imma cry lol! Sooooo good!

  • Can't get this song out of my head

  • ❤️

  • Max cavalera.... very proud!!!! Masterpiece!!!!!

  • I cant stop listening to this song....

  • "Backbone" changed me

  • Gojira, bloody Gojira! Epic!

  • Tira o olho do nosso pais!

  • Out of the world class drumming...🖤

  • Gojira are great but did nobody tell them those fires were just miss-reported farmland burn offs?

  • 😍😍

  • Not a fan of gojira but this sounds good.

  • Really inspiring.

  • Berimbau <3

  • These guys deserve a Grammy


  • Amazon Bloody Amazon

  • ¡Good

  • a amazonia esta desaparenco não é de hoje. Culpa dos madeireiros e politicos . QQuem protege acaba morrendo

  • It's a ME....MARIO!!

  • Where The Frenchs Florests

  • I’ve known of gojira for as long as I can remember and never gave them the time of day just like fear factory. My god was I ignorant. Another world was perfection by these guys.

  • Anyone hear the slayer in those awesome junky riffs or am I missing it?

  • I dig it ,it's cool. The distortion seems a bit lacking, but that's just my opinion.

  • Just imagine this song live...

  • Humanitarian and Conservationist Metal 🤘🌎 super excited for fortitude!


  • Tasty.

  • You fellas always do it sooo well. Every track I've heard off the new album is so good. Can't wait!

  • Façam uma música pra o imbecil do presidente se não for muito incômodo. Garanto que com ele fora a causa da Amazônia terá, mesmo que mínima, uma melhora. Nós brasileiros, os que ainda possuem alma, não aguentamos mais um imbecil genocida no governo, mandem um recado pra esse pedaço de merda do caralho, milhares de brasileiros estão morrendo todo dia por conta do governo Bolsonaro e seus apoidores cegos e burros, ou ricos.

  • 0:02 what it’s that?

  • *berimbau intensifies*

  • "Museum of Natural History Metal"

  • 100% a song about the current state of the world, Gojira is the next RATM.

  • God damn, they really can do no wrong 🤘

  • Ministry Flashback, Nice

  • Great Stuff , sounds like these guys are Ministry fans.

  • There are 666k views....what are the chances?

  • Those who say you cant find beauty in metal have not heard of Gojira.

  • Doing more for the Amazon florest than the president

  • Yea, I should definitely listen to this band

  • thank you for supporting the indigenous cause! Because here in Brazil we lack

  • Unbelievable!!! Those Disharmonics and that catchy Groove! What a Neckbreaker! Listen to it and drink a glass of Wine from France. Merci Gojira! :-)

  • For a second there I thought I was watching a sepultura video

  • Um outro mundo existe