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I teach things about photography and cinematography. Oh, I also VLOG. :) And drink coffee. Lots of coffee.


LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHYvisningar 234tn8 dagar sedan
9:57My Every Day Carry 2021
My Every Day Carry 2021visningar 300tn8 dagar sedan
6:11It took me 5 years to get back here
It took me 5 years to get back herevisningar 190tn15 dagar sedan
BACK IN MY ELEMENT!!!visningar 236tn15 dagar sedan
6:45The secret meaning to my tattoos
The secret meaning to my tattoosvisningar 236tnMånad sedan
14:54Becoming a minimalist? w/ Matt D'Avella
Becoming a minimalist? w/ Matt D'Avellavisningar 278tnMånad sedan
EVERYTHING MUST GOvisningar 324tnMånad sedan
SELLING ALL MY CAMERAS!!!visningar 484tn2 månader sedan
GETTING RID OF EVERYTHINGvisningar 458tn2 månader sedan
21:40Peter McKinnon's Studio HQ Tour!
Peter McKinnon's Studio HQ Tour!visningar 503tn2 månader sedan
9:06Finding gear in the strangest place EVER
Finding gear in the strangest place EVERvisningar 239tn2 månader sedan
14:17Attempted to make a 2021 FORD RAPTOR Commercial!
7:53Making photos look SUPER OLD
Making photos look SUPER OLDvisningar 208tn3 månader sedan
5:16Why this DRILL will make you BETTER!
Why this DRILL will make you BETTER!visningar 273tn3 månader sedan
6:52Super Sketchy Day
Super Sketchy Dayvisningar 280tn3 månader sedan
4:40Make your photos better in 5 seconds
Make your photos better in 5 secondsvisningar 332tn3 månader sedan
5:215 MISTAKES to AVOID in Product Photography!!
5 MISTAKES to AVOID in Product Photography!!visningar 357tn3 månader sedan
5:02What's In My Camera Bag 2021...
What's In My Camera Bag 2021...visningar 409tn3 månader sedan
8:53Where is Peter McKinnon?
Where is Peter McKinnon?visningar 407tn3 månader sedan
7:31'Just a YouTuber'
'Just a YouTuber'visningar 999tn4 månader sedan
7:03It’s finally over
It’s finally overvisningar 437tn4 månader sedan


  • Peter during the first PM bag video: I have a bit of a bag problem Peter now: I don't have a bag problem but I have a knife, wallet, watch, key organizer, and truck addiction Therefore, expect Peter McKinnon x Benchmade/Bellroy/TimeX/Ford collab

  • I have watched this so many times. Love it

  • I perfer to keep canon R5

  • that pizza ohhh and I'm on a diet hahahhahahah

  • What’s the watch? Is that a Seiko?! Big fan of your work👏🏻

  • Pete you are my I do, in the art world. I would love to meet you because we share a lot in common, plus you just you seem to be the "rebel" of the art world, you do things your way the way YOU WANT and to hell with the n orm'ocracy... I am from Northeastern Pennsylvania and would love to have you come down and see this great state...

  • thumbnail and intro was so good and aesthetic

  • This feels not right to watch from a phone. Need a larger tv screen!

  • How ”I“ take Photos For Instagram… aha.

  • I just downloaded lightroom, i enjoyed watching your video.... however, my lightroom looks different than yours.

  • dope BTS - this takes years of honing a skill to make this type of collaboration between these two work

  • A continuation video of how you did this on computer please!!! I mean the masking overlapping would help me a lot to create my own videos!!!!!

  • 1992. Brooks Masters photog: We did over 2500 Wendy's burgers until 1 nailed it.

  • First they are not 2 minutes long, then they'll stop coming out on Tuesdays.

  • Alan Plender like Blender

  • Actually got quite emotional watching this. Fantastic work, even better message. Love it.

  • I would love too see sammy watch and comment on this video. He is a true pro.

  • it's huge

  • Great review, I mirror-flip the slides with talking points for my iPad teleprompter to help me record longer videos in short-time and to maintain eye contact and speak confidently because I always have the whole concept in mind & I don't read word for word.

  • Sir, I have one thing to ask you,Why do we use slow-mo in our b roll nd cinematic videos?Why we not make videos without slow mo?? Waiting for your answer,,love from Pakistan ❤️🇵🇰

  • Who wants to enroll in McKinnon University where you learn how to create content, fly drones and grow a business like Peter McKinnon? Update: It's 90F and Sunny here in Thailand. 🇹🇭☀️😂

  • Great advice thanks, Peter, I present my videos using Powerpoint slides in a teleprompter, so I mirror-flip the slides with PPT Mirror software ( Compatible with any Bluetooth remote) to help me record videos without external help and still keep eye contact with viewer because I always have the whole concept in mind.

  • what's the type of ND filter adapter please ? nice video :-)

  • What song was that at 4:50

  • What is best for photo editor?

  • ouuu That RedStripe beer!!! Shout-out to my country Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • first of all such a good video secondly did he just say to GET OFF to a motorbike (3:57). The inner child in me had a little chuckle at that :P

  • 1 DX 🥲😭

  • Everything plus iPad Mini and chapstick! Lol

  • the perspective of my photography is so similar as of you. i really wanna work you with sir. ik so many people would often approach you, but trust me you won't give them chance over my work and vision. if you want i can send you my work also. please consider having me aa a student . and i definitely will not disappoint you sir.

  • Everyone’s talking about how the $5 guy should get paid more, and the $200 guy was so disappointing, but SAMMY...

  • Watching it again🔥

  • Great tips! Also, way to rep James Coffee!

  • If you like dope photography then check out my new Instagram @swayspodey! This video was awesome 🌴❤️

  • How do I do this in resolve?

  • ALL tHiS sTuFf tO fLy A dRoNe?!?!? The only extra stuff I saw was the cones and a map lmfao

  • Sound like you need a KeyBar

  • Such inspiration

  • dude i love you did you know ;P

  • Pete is a gem in the creative community

  • Much respect! You pretty much said what I fill and have been through. This to me is not only the ability to fly. It’s an art form!

  • Dude! THAT INTRO! 👌🔥⚡💥

  • In your thumbnail. Do you have a stomach cramp? Or really bad gas? Just making sure you are ok man.

  • 0 LOL

  • Literally all my stuff is either old, super budget or I forgot where it’s from… Apple se 2,secrid wallet,some tiny knife from tin basher days,a folding kent comb( just all about the looks), AirPods, a death Vader ring (was a Father’s Day present), a pirate skull ring. And Apple Watch. 4…because as a barber. I can’t always look at my phone

  • Hey peter look up greenroom 136 or george defined he loves fanny packs and hip packs also packhacker they have nice options too

  • This is so beautifully done and incredibly moving. I am beyond ecstatic to have happened upon your video channel after doing some initial research on the Canon EOS R6. (It was your review video that led me to your SEnewss page!) Thank you for sharing this important side of your story with the larger world.

  • This is so beautifully done and incredibly moving. I am beyond ecstatic to have happened upon your video channel after doing some initial research on the Canon EOS R6. (It was your review video that led me to your SEnewss page!) Thank you for sharing this important side of your story with the larger world.

  • so I have a T6 and a kitlens, what now? *cries in third world*

  • Next up, "I Paid Peter McKinnon to edit my green screen footage", you down Pete?

  • Genuine Question, please. How would I track text and a graphic so it looks like they are in the same space? So I can have a logo and text?

  • That snapseed app is a game changer. Thank you!

  • You are not good at knowing what two minutes means. (great at your work, though... there is balance)

  • These are great and I love them but you are teaching us nothing. Please slow down a bit and be more clear as to what you are doing. Thank you!

  • 1. Lint 2. Tiny Wallet 3. Trusty Case Knife 4. Cash 5. Gotta have gum after coffee brother!

  • checkout my channel guys

  • Its never 2 minutes but its always epic! :D

  • Ya'll should try the Victoria air, it's even better

  • You are the best! Keep us motivated. Thanks.

  • Very helpful! 💚💚💚

  • What is the 4K format of this camera ? 4096x2160 or 3840x2160 ?

  • DBK!

  • Poor

  • A worn out button and some fluff 👍

  • After seeing your one x2 review, I've been feeling indifferent about GoPro's. Yeah they are dope given their history/branding but the one x2 has Hero 7 quality but 360 ability, meaning you can pan desired shots in post or choose multi-angle views which wouldn't be obtainable with GroPros unless you have two cameras.

  • Love this man...Straight to the point!

  • @Saif alkiswani can u share ur insta id bro, I would learn a lot from u

  • Don't forget to mix brands like Alpinestars boots and Fox gloves. Then you can pitch the shoot to both brands and get paid twice!


  • Keys are gone with Tesla, much better than a chip in your face lol!

  • Too much show on your videos

  • THANK YOU, PETER!!!!!!!

  • Poutine is one of the best things ever created. Did I say ever created...yes

  • Man even though i learn photoshop for like 1 year + right now, it's a friggin great news that we got a software like this. Man, now I can focus more on other things.

  • Thank you good sir! please, more of this! Great way to see what is inside your head!

  • We need another challenge!!!

  • that red ring sounds so good. I can't wait to have one 1 day. Peter if you want to hook a brother up I would appreciate it!!

  • Stay single stay rich 😂😎❤️

  • Im going minimalist but I have made a fort from boxes haha

  • thanks for all the inspiration!!! I re-activated my old youtube channel and finally uploaded my first (kinda cinematic) video 🥳😄 practicing my video skills and still need to learn A LOT, but you gotta start somewhere, don't you? 😅