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13:13Every Minecraft Staircase in 13 Minutes or Less
13:3025 Ways to Hide Your Valuables in Minecraft
25 Ways to Hide Your Valuables in Minecraftvisningar 2,8mn14 dagar sedan
10:3215 Minecraft Glitches Mojang Never Fixed
15 Minecraft Glitches Mojang Never Fixedvisningar 2,1mn21 dag sedan
11:2819 Ridiculous Ways to Use Map Art in Minecraft
10:5919 Insane Places to Build Your Minecraft Base
12:3023 Super Simple Redstone Builds You Should Try
23 Super Simple Redstone Builds You Should Tryvisningar 1,7mn2 månader sedan
13:2531 Minecraft Things That Don't Make Any Sense
10:0715 Minecraft Farms You Didn't Know Existed
15 Minecraft Farms You Didn't Know Existedvisningar 2,3mn2 månader sedan
11:1517 Weird Ways to Store Your Items in Minecraft
17 Weird Ways to Store Your Items in Minecraftvisningar 2,1mn2 månader sedan
12:1229 Minecraft Things You (Might) Do Wrong Every Day
10:48Skyblock, But Every Minute the Island Randomizes
11:0520 Stupid Minecraft Things that Actually Work
20 Stupid Minecraft Things that Actually Workvisningar 4,1mn3 månader sedan
12:1523 New Updates Among Us Needs to Add
23 New Updates Among Us Needs to Addvisningar 1,7mn3 månader sedan
11:3825 Ways to Ruin Your Friendships in Minecraft
11:5325 Among Us Myths Tested to See if They Work
11:0629 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us
29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Usvisningar 2,5mn4 månader sedan
11:4120 Easy Minecraft Tricks to Impress Your Friends
13:5925 Genius Minecraft Tips to Save Your Time
25 Genius Minecraft Tips to Save Your Timevisningar 1,7mn5 månader sedan
10:18Minecraft, but Random Items Fall From the Sky!
Minecraft, but Random Items Fall From the Sky!visningar 347tn5 månader sedan
12:4631 Among Us Things You (Possibly) Didn’t Know
12:1025 Very Satisfying Among Us Moments!
25 Very Satisfying Among Us Moments!visningar 2,2mn5 månader sedan
10:33Which Steve is Stronger? Smash Bros Vs Minecraft
10:5817 New Updates Everyone Wants in 1.17 Cave Update
11:41Pulling Off Illegal Jumps to Cheat at Parkour
Pulling Off Illegal Jumps to Cheat at Parkourvisningar 842tn6 månader sedan
12:5325 Insane 200 IQ Among Us Tips to Always Win
12:21Minecraft Skyblock, but Everything is Underwater
12:0123 Illegal Things to (Never) Do in Among Us
23 Illegal Things to (Never) Do in Among Usvisningar 4,9mn6 månader sedan


  • Sharpness 5 Netherite sword: 11 damage on Java, 14 on Bedrock yeah!

  • and falldamage?

  • check out the new water features

  • I LOVE YOUR VID but I forgot about you

  • I SUB 26 SEC

  • 12:57 _are you kidding me_

  • me, who just hopes my friends don't steal my valuable stuff without giving a single ok: 👁️👄👁️

  • Thanks you so much for real I’m new to Minecraft and I still don’t have a account cause. Play on mobile and when yo get it you have to sign in my my mum dosent let me do I just play by my self and I’m not that great.... but your videos help me out with some stuff I prayed for you even! Love ya!

  • Bedrock for life!!!

  • Note blocks need an update

  • U should do Minecraft but everything is fortune and looting Whoever sees this u are a wonderful person❤️

  • Skip: You can’t hit subscribe before I hit the ground! Me who’s already subscribed: Alright. *hits the button again*

  • I subscribed in half a sec

  • the creeper: one of the most iconic faces in minecraft started as a pig

  • I found a baby zombie riding a sheep

  • sorry but i'm calling 911 XD

  • It's not e expe

  • Think there is a reason why enderchests were invented


  • Magma under carpet + cobweb is op


  • Hi

  • Soul sand is a full block, visually, but slightly smaller hit box size

  • Yea but if you know what your doing digging straight down is easy use f3 and look at the sea level counter and if it's high there is a cave near you and if you hear lava noises there is lava.

  • What would travel 1000 meters the fastest? Soul speed + depth strider III + dolphins grace + 3 speed II 1: 30 potions dark oak boat on blue ice? or pre mega-nerfed (pre 1.13) minecart on 100% powered rails?

  • You know, there is a thing , called ender chest. It might help you hide your valuables

  • I subscribed with my nose 👃

  • Everbody talks about wadzee and his netherite beacon... *me: HE BUILDS A DESSERT HOUSE WITH WOOODEEEENN ROOF*

  • I play on iPad and ps4

  • Really fun video to watch

  • Ghost town? 2% chance of finding one? Me: making my first Minecraft world in one of these thinking it was a normal village but then there was no people so I left it :|

  • Nice face reveal

  • 4:30 or all mojang devs are assassin's creed fans

  • On a Survival Server i play, has a dude a fuckin 4times full netherite beacon with 28 days of playtime

  • And number 30: Some paths are very forgettable, so if you can’t really see your home because you’re too far away, turn on coordinates, remember the coordinates of your bed, and then you can direct yourself back to your respawning point.

  • who is watching this at 12 pm😁

  • I remember as a kid I once hid my valuables in my friend’s base. When he wasn’t around I went and built myself a tiny room hidden behind some decor. It was the perfect plan to me! Why would someone think to check their own base for someone else’s stuff? He never did find it.

  • Am i the only one who lives in desert temples

  • Alternative Title:25 ways to let your friend suffer from your millions

  • Does anyone play minecraft in peaceful? No mobs or anything appear then and you cant die of hunger

  • Megan the SpaceShip

  • Me and my bff did a challenge where we went in creative and turned a ravine into house. We replaced the walls with different colour blocks and same with floors and we turned caves into rooms. I did mine with a pink theme and my friend went with a sort of rustic look.

  • If i follow a tutorial I always tell my friends that its from a tutorial I don't care if its from a tutorial its just not my art

  • Alternative Title: things to never do to your friends

  • Now make it for pe pls

  • Holy cow this is actually a very good idea

  • 5:05 amogus reference

  • O bro, that pokemon pearl/diamond/platinum soundtrack brings me back memores.

  • Ski[ the Tutorial: Make An Underwater Shipwreck House Grian: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  • so quick thing some of these used to be features but they removed them when they left beta for some reason

  • There aren't going to be different dog breeds because they're not dogs, they're tamed wolves. The reason why cats have variety is because domesticated cats have existed for a long time irl. Minecraft in essence is supposed to have a medieval aesthetic or at the very least an "ancient" time such as BC. What they SHOULD do is have it so that there are variety of wolves. Retextered so you can make a choice of what you want instead of one skin.

  • The Lingering potion in Minecraft needs the Dragon breath to craft

  • 3 impostor should be on the list cuz its riterly there and no one sees it


  • ALT F4 DUPE i laughed so hard


  • plz join the server mineplex in minecraft

  • Failboaaaaaat

  • im the best in card swipe

  • Heart

  • 13:23 my ocd brain

  • He makes good videos so I scribe

  • Nobody speaks wiser than this do

  • The nether one is so evil

  • The sun throws blaze powder

  • 0:14 cringe youtuber be like

  • Well they ARE wolves

  • you know its a good video when two well known youtubers comment

  • Guess what, I subbed with my eyes closed

  • I hate that he keeps saying exp

  • i tried making a base in a ship wreck but all it did was crash my game when i used a sponge so oof to that idea

  • I think the loser should have to try learn how to solve a Rubik's cube

  • Hey among us had something report button?

  • 99% of your viewers dont know what loss is

  • Card swipe ez.I get it every time

  • and then 2021 came.

  • Number 18 I like to use light block which you obtain with commands /give @s light_block It’s hidden but just remember once you place it you can’t break it

  • On my current server with my brother, our base is a pillager outpost lol-

  • yeah but if you had a guardian under your base to stop griefers then i will annoy you right

  • 1.12