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Hey there, I make youtube videos sometimes and sometimes people watch them sometimes.


9:53I Built the Tallest Minecraft Base Possible..
42:32I Played Minecraft for 700 Days.. (1.16 Survival)
15:09Transforming My Wife's Ugly House!
Transforming My Wife's Ugly House!visningar 964tn28 dagar sedan
15:58Minecraft BUT Everyday we're a Different Mob!
10:51100 Days of Hardcore Minecraft BUT did I Cheat?
10:31The End Game | X Life Finale
The End Game | X Life Finalevisningar 513tnMånad sedan
11:43Trying Terrible Tiktok Hacks, Pranks \u0026 Tips..
15:13Minecraft BUT we Die if we Stop Building..
Minecraft BUT we Die if we Stop Building..visningar 1,3mn2 månader sedan
25:09I Played Hardcore Modded Minecraft for 200 Days..
25:55I Played Hardcore Modded Minecraft for 100 Days..
24:27I Played Minecraft for 200 Days.. (1.16 Survival)
28:02Minecraft BUT The Version Updates Everyday...
14:04Beating Hardcore Minecraft WITHOUT a crafting table!
12:53Jeremy’s House of PAIN! | X Life Ep. 46
Jeremy’s House of PAIN! | X Life Ep. 46visningar 246tn2 månader sedan
25:16I Played Minecraft for 100 Days.. (1.16 Survival)
13:33I Challenged fWhip to a Build Battle with a Twist...
10:02Building a Minecraft House with NO Textures?!?
Building a Minecraft House with NO Textures?!?visningar 288tn3 månader sedan
16:14Try Not to Cry ft @LDShadowLady
Try Not to Cry ft @LDShadowLadyvisningar 934tn3 månader sedan


  • Your Badass man!!! Watched the whole 1000 days!!! Unbelievable!! 💯

  • name the parrot perry!

  • World download?

  • #minecraft

  • Can i ask grian about making you join hermitcraft??

  • Bruh how lucky is that

  • Wow Hw is so Rich He Made Every Portal with corners

  • Humans: Destroying earth to make it cuter in other places Earth: 👁👄👁

  • First it was killing chickens now.......... ITS HORSES

  • 22:34 nether???

  • normal person : killing it Joel : killing it to death

  • It says my thing isn’t valid why


  • Does he have soul speed 3 on the boots

  • Where 2000 days

  • what happend to Gerald??

  • This deserve a sub....

  • Me: Confused on why he just didn’t make a string farm-

  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰♥️♥️♥️

  • Just make a nether portal at world spawn to get back quickly

  • Anyone else somehow not realize lizzie is LDShadowLady like I feel stupid how I didn't realize thay

  • You can rotten flesh to trade to the cleric villager

  • Did amyone else think of grian not dooing the back of the mansion when he said hes gonna do the back of the mansion

  • Joel: Creative people are lazy Also Joel: *precedes to use creative mode*

  • Can we all appreciate the time he gave to make this video

  • 2,00000

  • This guy is insane by killing VOTE EM FOR PRESIDENT

  • when you go the the nether, mining for netherite maybe bring some fire res potions :)

  • Joel:and on day 741 we gone building the back of the mansion. Me watching grian:never gonna heard that word for a long long time.

  • NOOOOOOOO,it ends

  • Pls make lizzy join there in 1300 days pls

  • *joel names his panda "penny the panda"* Me: Agent P music plays.

  • 11:45 they need hay bales

  • 10:38 somethijg we will never hear from Grian

  • *starts building the back of the mansion* *Grain just left the game*

    • Wait - whos grain , i only know grian

  • smallishbeans : i have a mansion Grian: Pathetic! smaillibeans: i also built its back Grian: Bruhhh smallishbeans after the Grian reaction: *Laughs in Complete Mansion Back*

  • hi Smallishbeans!! i luv ALL OF UR VIDS i hope u can make a channel about a minecraft mod that has mythical creatures imma give u one example mod : ice and fire mod i hope u can make that minecraft vid!!!

  • Hey Joel u can trade the rotten flesh with clerics for loads of emeralds

  • “I got to building the back of the mansion” is something grian fans will never hear 😂😂

  • You should make your World smp

  • Joel with Lizzie dress on tho 😂

  • I waited all day to climb in bed and watch this I’m so excited

  • Ig he is the second person who has completed 1000 days after luke

  • If I had a penny for everytime Joel killed a horse or Chicken, then I would be a zillionaire

  • His building is so good 😊

  • This man should be on the Dream SMP, *Prove me wrong.*

  • This is epic, I love it ❤️

  • You should do 100 days with Lizzie


  • U r the great builder 🔥🔥

  • The taco plate looks nice 🌮 🍽

  • why you don',t using a totem

  • ah of course you die to lava when you have a piglin farm that gets you fire resistance potions

  • Dot kill hoors you devil😈😈😈😈

  • You should have made the window with iron blocks

  • this reminds me of the tower from phineas and Ferb.

  • Am I the only one who thinks that you should join HermitCraft?

  • TOTEM FARM ,???

  • Name a panda Persephone

  • Now i can't watch this because its 1 hour.....

  • I live on a farm and u like killing horses... and mine named sunny.

  • Plz give the world download for Minecraft pe also plz

  • 1250 days??

  • we need to see this guy in hermitcraft season 8

  • Did anyone else catch we ne said he was going to the nether but went to the end!

  • Jihita and smallish beans relations are not good with horses but.......I am challenging you that you can’t kill horse in next 200 or 300 days......please accept the challenge .......who wants this challenge should be

  • Joel: Pandas names: percy and pansy Me: .... Thats gotta be from ha---- My friends watching it with me: no, no no please no Me: .... Seriously that has to be from Harry potter guys Also me: he built hogwarts school and used two kids from harry potter to, this guy is as obsessed as i am

  • 39:06 love the pandas name 🥰

  • one of the most popular series in this channel

  • darkness sis i feel u

  • 10:39 Grian would be dissapointed

  • I suggest making sand dupper

  • No way he played for 1,000 days that’s impressive 😱

  • no horse shold die also best youtuber is tim hansen

  • He made a dome for the beeeeees

  • You can make a cleric and sell all the rotten flesh:)

  • P Names For Panda's- Paulina Pauline Penny 2.0? Paul Pete Paw Paw (A cute name) That's all I can think of

  • also call some rabbits roger and jojo

  • can you do 1200 days or more no more horse killing it is offensive to me i love them and have two

  • Instead of using a cactus you can use an activator rail so that way it’s painless