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16:57Opening music donations…and more
Opening music donations…and morevisningar 110tn7 dagar sedan
11:37REVIEW - Ember App-controlled Mug
REVIEW - Ember App-controlled Mugvisningar 144tn14 dagar sedan
29:17Lemmy’s touring slot machines
Lemmy’s touring slot machinesvisningar 201tnMånad sedan
9:01The only MiniDisc recorder with a stylus - XM-R2
21:59The fifty year old Talking Clock Radio
The fifty year old Talking Clock Radiovisningar 300tn2 månader sedan
11:45Automating curtains with SwitchBot
Automating curtains with SwitchBotvisningar 221tn3 månader sedan
4:16PSA - The cheap record player mechanism to avoid
27:45£89 Dual ‘DJ Turntable’ from LIDL - Full REVIEW
18:45REVIEW - Twinkly App Controlled Christmas Lights
0:43Playing a Chocolate Record (Abridged)
Playing a Chocolate Record (Abridged)visningar 60tn4 månader sedan
8:06Playing a Chocolate Record
Playing a Chocolate Recordvisningar 730tn4 månader sedan
19:38Three meters apart - two flashy, one useful
Three meters apart - two flashy, one usefulvisningar 222tn4 månader sedan
11:56Digital Compact Cassette in 2020 - and beyond
Digital Compact Cassette in 2020 - and beyondvisningar 166tn4 månader sedan
26:37JVC RC-M90 The 'King of Boomboxes'
JVC RC-M90 The 'King of Boomboxes'visningar 327tn5 månader sedan
8:59Japan's superior Minidisc Album packaging
Japan's superior Minidisc Album packagingvisningar 116tn5 månader sedan
17:08The first OLED TV - Sony XEL-1
The first OLED TV - Sony XEL-1visningar 357tn5 månader sedan


  • Eh... the "redraw wipe" on the screen would bug me way, way too much.

  • MQA = SNAKE OIL 1. 16/44 MQA : nothing to unfold, 16/44 down scaled to 15/44; because they need room for that 1 bit to light up the mqa symbol and the dac and show 44.1. Unfolding is just upsampling as no frequencies above 22kHz were ever recorded. 2. 24 bit MQA : 24/xxx down scaled + down sampled to 17/44.1 or 17/48; 7 bits left for storing some lossy compressed estimates. 3. MQA-CD : 24/xxx down scaled + downsampled to 13/44.1; 3 bits left for storing some very lossy compressed estimates. A normal CD is much better ! I Recommend checking out the video by GoldenSound about mqa. This shows how lossy mqa is and why people should avoid it.

  • Probably using a micro with FFT. Cheap and easy way to handle this stuff these days.

  • As someone who dabbles in electronics, I've mae several Nixie tube clocks in my time. I find it, at one level, absolutely wild that this is now simpler than creating filiment buning vaccuum tubes, but, on another level, it just goes to show the power of mass production...

  • Really like these, would love to have one for my shop, would look right at home in between my machines, considering theyre all pre 1970. But 1k is just too much

  • would like one, but aint paying $900

  • That is fucking incredible

  • Nice review! :) I've bought a Kuulaa (it's just another brand I guess?) magnetic cable two months ago and I'm still happy with it (you can easily find it within your tangled mess of cables^^)

  • Brough back memories of building the Black Watch. One of Sir Clive Sinclair's creations. It was a digital watch back when any digital watch was outrageously priced and cost about 1/4 the price of the others. I think it was about $30 US.

  • We shall forget the stylistic tumbles of a past. That shirt is almost decent.

  • Where can I find this Video sending device?

  • Looks good, except the price has now shot up to £122 - £133

  • I work for an electronics retailer here in Australia and we just got some "Retro turntables" in and saw this crappy mechanism on top and immediately was reminded of this video. Safe to say it's not something I'll be ever selling under my name lol

  • I remember we used to have a cassette adapter for our 8 track player. I thought that was really something.

  • 1:!5 "being careful not to get fingerprints..." alternatively, plug the panels in before removing the protective film. Just a thought :)

  • Wow Sir your all videos are very nice I like your video love from india 🙏

  • Quite high 2nd hand prices on eBay In must say; vintage Sony is apparently still popular... I wonder about longevity though, our own experiences with Sony are mixed: my portable V700 VCR got a sound defects in its first year and the very small portable radio I once had suffered from a too weak plastic case leading to a premature failure, contrary to my Professional Walkman which as a sturdy unit is still going strong. Our midrange Sony cassetteplayer/radio/CD-player with clip-on speakers still works, but lost all its display information, while a standalone Sony CD player I sold on never failed on me. My new BluRay player is also a Sony (the previous LG gave up way too soon), but too new for an evaluation on longevity. I feel Sony's main competence is in design and miniaturisation of electronic equipment and varies in build quality. Highend for me still means Denon, Tandberg and Revox (latter are gone now)

  • Sometimes you can run that thing on hotel key cards strip and theyll tell you the button code.

  • 2:00 since the police have been defunded, this is the departments sketch artists latest tool. 😂

  • I completely disagree. I've had one for several years and, IF YOU ONLY USE IT THE WAY IT IS SUGGESTED, it cooks enough bacon for a stuffed sarni in about ten minutes... without having to be watched.

  • That is severely cool!

  • 5:56 I want it just because of that clock font ahahah

  • It would probably be better if the USB port was on the back, then the cable would no longer disturb the appearance.

  • Sony had a line of portable tvs in 2005. But had its own network for in the home. Each set was about 2kUSD

  • i dont remember tapes at all but i sell my music on them LOL

  • THE SKETCH at the end was brilliant...

  • ah yes

  • Techmoan: Look at this cool Nixie Tube style clock! Steins Gate Fans: El psy congroo!

  • What a gorgeous piece of hardware.

  • SIgh..... its aluminIum foil. AluminIum foil...... ALUMINIUM FOIL! ( spelled Aluminum here in Canada where we produce it. ) :(

  • I think it's safe to say we all need a Techmoan clock now

  • I dont understand how the sensor in needle knows where the beginning of the songs are.

  • I remember I was able to record on wright protected tapes by stuffing the holes in the top of the tapes with paper😂😂.

  • I Indonesia ember mean bucket. If I use that mug, it will be ridiculous, I am drinking coffee in a bucket.

  • I'd hook up am android device and ruin a fluid simulator on it 24/7

  • How about getting yourself a nice large thermos mug with a really well insulated lid? Mine keeps my teas and coffees lips burning hot for a really long time (about 2+ hours). And that from day 1 for more than 15 years now. If I remember correctly, the mug cost me around €25 at the time. Since then it has easily fallen on the floor around 30 times minimum and yet, not even got a dent in it. A few scratches, yes, but no dents.


  • For all its faults that level meter display is super cool. Also I might purchase if I saw it available this simply for that dual tape feedback bug - sounds amazing!

  • Okay, so I want one. Actually I have the option of obtaining a Studer B67 but have struck the usual issue... My wife asked the most disheartening and pointed "WHY?". "I want one" wasn't enough and now I need to explain what I can use it for. Im actually having some trouble with this. So, can you make a film about modern uses for items like Reel to Reels etc? Can you start with a Reel to Reel so I can explain to my "Wonderment" why I want one?

  • Fantastic review of a unique piece of gear. Thanks. I feel in danger of one day having to acquire one myself.

  • Conkim K2S just became available. Looks like it fixed many of the design faults that the Koonlung K1S suffered from. For example, camera cables now have connectors at both ends, making installation a lot easier. I have had my K1S for six years now, and have gone through multiple DVR units; they tend to "brick" after about six to twelve months. When that happens I swap out with one of my spare DVR control units and I am good for another six to twelve months. Once I have gone through all my spares, will try the Conkin K2S. See


  • love that steins;gate reference

  • Happy to see it doesn't use a literal ass ton of water. I'm currently living in my moms old condo to take care of her cats and there is a dishwasher here. The amount of water it uses is mind blowing. I'll never use it, just wash the stuff by hand like always. Maybe I guess having a huge family you might come out even on water usage but that is what kids are for. To do chores. Dishwashers are inherently stupid. Not for what they do but how they HAVE to do it. A dishwasher can't pick off those little stubborn stuck-on bits so they have to attack it with massive amounts of water and soaking. That same little piece of stuck food that you can with your hands flick off takes a machine a lot of water, a shit ton of water. Everything will eventually dissolve but the end of the day they just waste shit. I'm no tree-hugger but I hate to see inefficiency and waste and dishwashers are both. edit: Only an incompetent will fill the entire sink with water everytime they do a few dishes.

  • I like how they're all $200 in the US, I guess the video made them more popular. Looks really cool, though I have to wonder, if you could get the parts that make up the clock, what you could do with something like say the "Pico" Raspberry Pi controlling it. Also, I bet if all but a little bit of the front of the 'tube' was frosted I bet it'd be even cooler, it could help hide the screens and diffuse the RGB light at the same time.

    • @Mocha Oh cool. Thank you. I probably won't be able to soon, but ~$100ish puts in the realm of possibility, $200 is just a hard pass. Appreciate it~!

    • The seller increased the price from $120 to $200 shortly after the video was released. You can likely find the exact same product on Taobao/Aliexpress as the product is being sold from Shenzen by multiple brands.

  • nice knife !

  • Those 3d screens from back in the day would come in handy on this device. If that's even possible. But imagine being able to see the nixie filaments like you would in real life? Perspective shift? That would be a trip.

  • I used your link for AliExpress. I hope you get some credit for my purchase. The link doesn't lead to a specific vendor. Cool clock. Can't wait until it gets here. Also, I am suffering from Puppet withdrawal. It's been almost two years. Since a new one.

  • I've found Nixie tubes locally for less than a dollar apiece. That is to say, there's a seltzer brand that's called itself "Nixie" and it's sold in cans.

  • Wow that is impressive! Very cool product!

  • teaches patience !

  • The best of Philips boom boxes had a woox woofer, Damn decent systems if I may say...

  • Me - "Bro! I want this!" Also me after seeing price - "I don't want it that bad..." This is really freaking cool nonetheless though. And eventually I might get one. Because I love nixie tubes aesthetics.

  • Techmoan what do you think of the brilliant Japanese engineering of smallest CRT tube that actually works See

  • dude this is so cool thank you for taking the time (and money) to do this!

  • I think the creators of the music are threatened more by the record labels ceo's stealing the money the artist made for themselves than by DAT existing

  • Shouldn´t coffee come out 80 C when brewed?

  • hi there that triple tape take two what is the name of the song when you play the tape in deck 2 please

  • My parents have one of these in their house. It's a pretty cool thing. Really loud too.

  • That’s beautiful. There was a display on there that looked like a flip clock, if they allowed animated GIF’s and could do a flip clock actually moving, then it would be the greatest thing since sliced, pre buttered and pre eaten bread.

  • Your car is made out of lies.

  • MVVblog it's an italian youtuber and he has done restoration of old audio equipment. Always testing frequency, wow, flutter, align output vu meter, aligning head for play and recording.

  • You forgot to mention the best part. No making an account required and no online service required.

  • Imagine Stockfish playing in this

  • in the wrong hands! haha

  • this is definitely the most bizarre hifi component i've heard of ... who would have throught?!?!?

  • Why is it 1048596 and not 1048576 (2^20) on the bottom?

  • I always liked the countdown device In Goldfinger, that was nixie I think...

  • Hi sir, I just bought one on Ebay. It's not cheap even today, but it's so stylish to go out for an interview ! :-)

  • Awesome machine.

  • As per usual a great video! Now I want that clock!

  • brilliant ... thanks ... reminds me of walking through a mall in the early 1980s ... they really killed that music

  • Is there a way to set the LEDs to a solid colour? I'd love to be able to set them to a solid amber to match the nixies, for example.

    • yes you can pick one colour

  • Wow, £100 in the UK in 2013 - similar model on Amazon UK in 2021 is £250! Inflation or what???


  • I listened to this on headphones; the sound quality of the recordings seems quite good. Better than standard VHS in my opinion (but not as good as Hi-Fi).

  • fascinating ... thanks for checking out this old stuff ... takes me back

  • Disturbing

  • Have to say - really tempted - what a cracking clock!

  • This would be great for psychedelic stuff.