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I'm James Turner and I play The Sims, casual games, and anything that I think you'll like!

Fan mail / Business Address:
PO Box 5108 Turramurra NSW 2074 Australia

Website - jamesturner.yt


16:39The Sims house builds I made in 2014
23:36I broke the system for $1,000,000 in The Sims 3
17:38I have $12,000 to renovate this house (The Sims 4)
16:49I fixed my old Sims build from 6 years ago
I fixed my old Sims build from 6 years agovisningar 142tn15 dagar sedan
27:17The Sims 4 could never do what The Sims 3 can
26:59I bought a house and lost $250,000 (The Tenants)
27:35The Sims 3 doesn't hold back
The Sims 3 doesn't hold backvisningar 161tnMånad sedan
15:14This is the hardest Sims Quiz ever
This is the hardest Sims Quiz evervisningar 94tnMånad sedan
25:33I visited New York City in The Sims!
I visited New York City in The Sims!visningar 217tnMånad sedan
9:08The Sims 4 is perfect in every way
The Sims 4 is perfect in every wayvisningar 168tnMånad sedan
32:03My Sim is too tense to do anything! (3 Brothers)
15:35The Sims 4 Bust the Dust Kit is COMPLETELY Broken.
24:41Elevated Tiny Home (The Sims 4)
Elevated Tiny Home (The Sims 4)visningar 192tn2 månader sedan
36:38My Sim walks like a Penguin! 🐧 3 Brothers
My Sim walks like a Penguin! 🐧 3 Brothersvisningar 119tn2 månader sedan
13:53Finding builds for The Sims in Geoguessr!
Finding builds for The Sims in Geoguessr!visningar 83tn2 månader sedan
36:51Snowy Escape Time! - 3 Brothers
Snowy Escape Time! - 3 Brothersvisningar 118tn2 månader sedan


  • You should do more The Sims 2 videos!

  • For how small it is, you made it kind of cozy and not claustrophobic. I really liked it!!

  • The lab/pool is very "Stanger Things"

  • The „Mr Important” painting you put in the blue bedroom is an actual painting - the portrait of the last Polish king, Stanisław August Poniatowki 👑 (which makes perfect sense since the creators behind The Tennats are from Poland) 🙂

  • I miss sims3 ...Semaj u should build some decade houses in Sims4

  • I want a boat... the market has blown up 😂😂😂🤑🤑🤑

  • Still sending newbies from my Sims Facebook groups here for instruction after all these years. :)

  • I really hope he continues this series at some point, because I seriously love this game!

  • OMG i thought it was on the sims was so choked and now disapointed TT

  • playing*

  • I am commenting is 2021 and play Sims 4

  • Do you have a video of how you installed Sims1 ??

  • this week i tryied to install sims 3 in my new win10 computer and something really bad happened and i just gave up

  • Watching James remember making the vomit inducing party room made my day. The island paradise let's play is my emotional support let's play 💕

  • I can't get my sims1 CDs to install on my computer

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  • You guys are so funny, read about the RJVX13 algorithm and the FBC fund

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  • At first, everyone did not believe in Bitcoin, then in Defi, then in NFT, and now someone really does not believe in the RJVX13 algorithm :D

  • This is the most normal house i've seen and i love that it TOTALLY has no secrets, the title it's not suspicious at all. Amazing!

  • Guys, you are tired, before doing reviews, you first read about RJVX13 algorithm

  • just google RJVX13 algorithm and don't worry

  • RJVX13 bring me 300% profit because of Tesla pump

  • RJVX13 algorithm is the best, there is no point in arguing with this

  • this gives IKEA vibes

  • love the game, hate this green rug :D

  • Why worry about cryptocurrency quotes if there is RJVX13 algorithm?

  • is there really still a person who does not know about the existence of RJVX13 algorithm?

  • Yes Yes! Read everything, and then say that you did not know RJVX13 algorithm!

  • Guys! Just google: “RJVX13 algorithm”! You will go nuts!

  • You have to swim through the pool to perform maintenance on the pool? What if you have to drain it? Then you can't get across.

  • Can you or someone else build this in Sims 4 so I can download it?? I love Retro homes and we don't have very many in the Sims 4 Gallery.

  • James, if you make the bedrooms small, it's easier to get an A rating.

    • I was wondering, is the decor based on the items per cubed meter? I agree with your statement

  • Ouu those couches are cute

  • A room has two scores, the decoration 0-100% score and the 'first impression/design' grade score (I don't know what the lowest is so let's say A-C). Each item you place has an percentage and a numerical value. Both add up to your final score, although if you use too many of a single item, the score decreases. To increase your first impression score, use high value items from the room list that comes up when you ALT+click on a room.

  • Im so accustomed to the sims I'm flabbergasted there's been such a large update so soon

  • James: **places my favourite rug** Me: ❤ Also James: Kinda ugly though Me: 💔

  • Toddler won’t eat because they can’t eat tilapia. I had this same issue was so frustrating but I made other food and he ate it fine

  • I’m gonna miss this series :(

  • I bought this game because of you and I am LOVING it!!! Also you can see how long a lease has left by clicking the people in the upper right.

  • When doing an open house, you should wait until the rating turns "Exceptional" that way you get the most money. Usually if they react with love face twice in a row they will think the place is exceptional (Rating changes everytime they look at an item)

  • James I challenge you build the futuristic house @5:20 in the sims 4 please

  • You know…. I just now realized semaj is James backwards..

  • James: Does background check on tenant Also James: Bad history, I'll accept!

  • Ive actually seen public bathrooms with huge windows and it felt weird at first but stalls are still private and it turned out to be really nice. Thanks for the video and the fun on a sucky day.

  • @JamesTurner you should re-do this challenge now that the sims 4 has bunk beds.

  • 8:42 that IS blue! hahaha

  • James pointing out everything wrong or missing for the sims 4 is the best thing ever. And romeo just trying to brush it off also... lol

  • I need Sims 4 CAS and Build Mode with Sims 3 Gameplay and 1/2 graphics

  • The "green" mat is definitely blue James, you're not color blind 🤣

  • i woke up this morning and my first thought was “where is Max ‘Super Sim’ Power?”……

  • Sims4 could never

  • I really like how many Sims creators have started doing other things as well, the Sims isn't just a game, it's sort of a mood, haha. Seeing these amazing people doing other stuff but still being in this same like "atmosphere" is really fun

  • I really wish I had this game it looks fun🥲

  • Green mat was definitely blue

  • So creepy deli 🤣

  • 😍

  • also known as: James figuring out all the cool dumb stuff sims used to have but 4 doesn't have. Man, I deeply miss the skydiving machine and the indoor scuba tank, even though it would be a somewhat useless addition for most sims.

  • You should recreate one of your places in the tenants in the Sims 4!

  • I'm playing this too James and thought the issues with the furniture snap was the biggest to me. Cause renovating is decorating, but I'm glad the Devs are listening to us and making improvements.

    • @empod that was my next thought too. If reselling the properties could be an added feature that would be awesome. It would help with being able to get higher in game if you trying to get high stakes contracts/properties. I hope you are enjoying it

    • I've never bought a game in early access before so I'm not sure how common place it is, but I'm really impressed at how much the developers seem to be listening to feedback. I was finding the same thing, I was kind of stuck - not earning enough money to really push foward so I'm excited to go back in now and have another go at it. I really hope they add in the ability to resell property at some point in the future!

  • I thought it said the sims and was then both disappointed, unsurprised and excited when i saw it was the tenants and the mix of emotions made me sweat

  • In order to get the tenant happy, you have to look at them while they are looking at the apartment. They have to think the apartment is outstanding (heart eye emoji) then don't overcharge for the apartment. Then fix everything as SOON as they complain. Aim for the short 30 day lease to try to get in one happy tenant before the end of the lease. Not everyone is going to like the same type of apartment. Do a search for Indiefaq and The Tenants, and someone wrote an article outlining a bunch of stuff they've noticed.

  • Where is " HEY GUYS! James here today!"??? I rewound it thinking I missed it but, no....

  • Definitely going to start texting my landlord for dating advice

    • This must be why ive never had an SO before 😂 cause i dont ask my landlord for advice

  • Is this a PC game ? Where can I find the game ?

  • Thank you!! i bought the vacuum kit and i hate it! this was very helpful!

  • Yesss now I can use more hehe

  • Lmao 😂 The Tennants - 200+ new objects for free The Sims 4 - 10 new objects for $9.99

  • I cant be the only one who misses the old intro😭🤧

    • it used to startle the crap out of my husband, I miss it too.

    • You're not...I miss the "hey guys!" too

  • Was a fun episode to watch

  • HI JAMES 😀

  • Nothing suspicious about this house, nope, nothing at all.

  • 274 items ? Woooah "you know who" could never 😅

  • 274 now thats an update

  • Updates with hundreds new items??? Well, never ever happen in the sims 🙂

  • Love this series James, I bought this game because of you!

  • This game looks like a lot of fun. I would love to see them add colour swatches as well, I think it’s a bit frustrating having to choose a colour that doesn’t go AT ALL adjust to get a higher score!

    • I have pitched that idea to them

    • @Stephanie B I agree. Ive been putting off getting this until they have some more updates. I can see me getting frustrated.

    • They have plans to fortunately! They have a roadmap for what the next updates will be and that’s coming soon.

  • Sims give 20 items for a yearly event and they just gave over 200 items for a casual update.

    • The game is in early access so they are still in the process of adding things. It’s not a finished game yet, so that’s why! 😄