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I graduated with a degree in Aerospace engineering and was sidetracked by the endless possibilies of 3D printers.


14:14Air Bottle Helicopter
Air Bottle Helicoptervisningar 579tn7 dagar sedan
9:44Micro Pelton Turbine
Micro Pelton Turbinevisningar 948tn2 månader sedan
11:45Pneumatic Plane
Pneumatic Planevisningar 3,4mn4 månader sedan
10:08Diaphragm Air Engine
Diaphragm Air Enginevisningar 3,3mn5 månader sedan
9:10DIY Flight Simulator Joystick
DIY Flight Simulator Joystickvisningar 627tn6 månader sedan
10:16Flywheel Trebuchet
Flywheel Trebuchetvisningar 2,2mn7 månader sedan
5:25Vacuum Dragster
Vacuum Dragstervisningar 1mn8 månader sedan
6:34Channel Wing Plane
Channel Wing Planevisningar 672tn9 månader sedan
9:01Drone Helicopter Hybrid
Drone Helicopter Hybridvisningar 2,5mn10 månader sedan
5:39Large 'Pull String' Spinner
Large 'Pull String' Spinnervisningar 1,4mn11 månader sedan
14:08Building an Electric Bike
Building an Electric Bikevisningar 4,1mnÅr sedan
6:46Super Capacitor Dragster
Super Capacitor Dragstervisningar 1,7mnÅr sedan
8:32Flywheel Powered Plane
Flywheel Powered Planevisningar 2,2mnÅr sedan
8:57Should Parachutes Spin?
Should Parachutes Spin?visningar 750tnÅr sedan
7:25DIY Phone Charger
DIY Phone Chargervisningar 764tnÅr sedan
14:57Radio Control Dambusters
Radio Control Dambustersvisningar 1,1mnÅr sedan
12:43Syringe Rocket
Syringe Rocketvisningar 612tnÅr sedan
16:37Coanda Effect Hovercraft
Coanda Effect Hovercraftvisningar 821tnÅr sedan
8:43Pocket Trebuchet
Pocket Trebuchetvisningar 354tnÅr sedan
17:05Coanda Effect Drone Propulsion
Coanda Effect Drone Propulsionvisningar 2,2mnÅr sedan
10:03Drone Pendulum Fallacy
Drone Pendulum Fallacyvisningar 358tnÅr sedan
24:28Gas Thruster Controlled Drone
Gas Thruster Controlled Dronevisningar 2,2mnÅr sedan
15:12Launching a Trebuchet Straight UP
Launching a Trebuchet Straight UPvisningar 676tnÅr sedan
18:56Super Capacitor Rocket
Super Capacitor Rocketvisningar 2,6mn2 år sedan
10:54Air Powered Bike Range
Air Powered Bike Rangevisningar 599tn2 år sedan
19:01Air Powered Bike
Air Powered Bikevisningar 2,3mn2 år sedan
20:06DIY Anti-lock Braking System
DIY Anti-lock Braking Systemvisningar 1,3mn2 år sedan
24:32Can Reaction Wheels control a Drone?
Can Reaction Wheels control a Drone?visningar 1,8mn2 år sedan
23:10Atmosphere Powered Car
Atmosphere Powered Carvisningar 890tn2 år sedan


  • Haha air helicopter has evolved into invisible helicopter

  • Does it not put a pretty significant strain on the battery drawing that much current instantaniously when charging the capacitors without any resisters?

  • Well, I have got a engineering challenge for you. Try this ("Spaceship" of Ezekiel) : Would be interesting to see if it is flight worthy as a drone.

  • Hey Tom. Have you tried a conic helicopter, where the blades rotate above the tip of a cone? I remember seeing this way back. IIRC, it has the advantage of having a low centre of gravity making it very stable and you can use deflector fins on the cone's surface to act as a means of counter rotation. Also, the cone acts as a lifting body. I'm actually unsure why development never went much further.

  • Hey tom , please try liquid nitrogen or dry ice as your pressure source (inside bottle) so that it can give higher flight time and take sufficient safety measures good luck

  • You only needed a ball valve on the nozzle so that it seals once the bottle disconnects from the line.

  • what if u went with a 2 smaller bottle and smaller propeller essentially the same setup but with 2 smaller bottles just a thought........

  • This looks like the mechanism found on paintball markers. 😀

  • I think you need a separate release mechanism so that the bottle can get to a very high pressure before disconnecting. notice your last try was working before pressure and thus rotor speed and lift dropped again. maybe a mechanism that releases automatically once the bottle reaches full pressure.

  • Make a bicycle where the pedals drive both wheels, but that can still steer. Also, make an adult tricycle that actually has a differential.

  • S T O P. R A P E I N G B A B I E S In short , they drain / or pull my energy out / it was a rough ,start / ... / ..../ Yeah I'd eventually ,be getting to sleep // ...,not sure who's gonna help clean my head // /.

  • 6:09 This should be a meme!

  • props should be more like wings. helicopters fly with lift more then thrust

  • Me: Coanda Him: Coander This threw me off so much wtf

  • Tom: *doesn't have a big budget or uni connections like Veritasium for optical mirrors* also Tom: *understands the science well enough to design his own set-up with a magnifying glass*

  • you should make A engine powered by liquid nitrogen or by Cryo-Genic air

  • I like how simpilafe sponsors the most dengarous shit

  • i wish it had a thruster

  • Somewhere on the other side of that forest, a farmer is wondering why there is a hole in his roof.

  • Actually a cool little design!

  • Great guy he just convinced me the expanse of the universe and a finite amount of energy in the universe is bullshit (it decreases entropy is real, so are we either the universe keeps itself going...., or there is something putting in energy)

  • Is it because your afraid it will break on camera??? Show loading the flywheel wanker, pully??? Great idea its feasible if you load it with enough energy, but indeed plastic parts and such, great idea but admit why. Anyhows i solved the probably she doesn't like me, do stuff like this. ow nice design, ow ow nice simplified physics about whats important, min 4, wanker. Buy the best gearbox you can find and I think your there

  • Love to see you come up with innovative way on forest fire.

  • Cool video but at about 7:07 you say "...pressurised to 0.41 bar or 60 psi". I assume you mean 4.1 bar. You repeat the mistake on the graph at 7:27, which seems unbelievable because you correctly write that 100 psi is about 6.9 bar.

  • I believe use 30C Lipo powered can be faster. because the weight provide more down force for more grip.

  • This is the good technology i am your big fan sar

  • I think you'd be better just throwing the bottle ;) Only messing. There's always lessons learned from projects, even the ones that don't really lead to satisfying result.

  • thumbs up

  • how do you know all this? this is perfect i love it

  • May not have worked but you walked away with a better understanding of it. Sounds like a win to me. Great content!

  • What brand is your cnc machine (the one you're using to mill the aluminum)?

  • E

  • two variable pitch blade gyro energy storing balancing disc rotors, rc

  • Your a genius btw

  • Tip: full power before you make it take off

  • You got 4 small diameter bent pipes, .... And high velocity air ...... You'll get more substantial head losses compared if you just had one larger diameter nozzle...

  • He shouldn't have done this

  • i seen a prop where the air travels through the blades makes a turn and comes out the tip, like the stablizer you mad, just make them into a prop

  • Watching this in 2021, being wished a happy 2019...

  • Dry ice powered airplane?

  • I think those bottles will go up to about 100 psi. I don’t get the sense that you’re up there. If you want butter momentum transfer you might put a little bit of water upstream of your turbine. Make the air push the water, and when that water hits the turbine, it will spin the turbine. The tailboom is going to respond to gravity and give it a pitching moment. You might consider a static piece of that carbon tube sticking out the front to balance it. Winglets on the tips of the rotors do wonderful things for reducing loss. There are big wings where they will do a 10% reduction in drag. Some of the design constraints going into the commercially available propellers are speed of mass production.

  • It's a sopwith camel.

  • Have you looked into how much weight savings you could get by switching the fuselage out for a carbon fiber spar?

  • Would it be possible to simplify even further by "sensing" rotor position through the motor leads, the flight controller could intuit/learn the blade location through reaction at low rpm before takeoff and go from there. This would decrease part count/weight further indoor micro heaven!

  • Use an impact gun instead of a pully.

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  • isnt your wing design flawed? having the underside open like that is to my eye creating unnecessary turbulent flow and drag, wouldn't it provide more lift and less drag by having a flat plane on the underside of the wing?

  • Is this legal since the top speed up to 34......?

  • Can I buy your kit from you or can you mail me one if I pay for it

  • Peter Sripol?

  • Maybe, you should put the air inlet conector right below the rotor, so the lift is balanced, it is definetly the main reason whythe copter is going forward every time...

  • Hey cool, learned about these turbines from Ben on the Applied Science SEnewss channel a few years ago. Love your channel too!

  • Tesla turbine vs compressed air engine

  • Tesla turbine vs compressed air engine

  • Now put a motor on that and see if you can get it up to 1000 rpm

  • You need some stronger bottles

  • how do you build this like where would I get the parts

  • すごい❗️成功した時の嬉しそうな顔で思わず僕も笑顔になりました。

  • Have you ever thought of installing an automatic gear system. That way you can have the low end torque and the high end speed?

  • You should have made it reversible so you could pulled it up and dropped it again to make the process a lot smoother

  • Counter-intuitively, bottle rockets are heavier and simpler, but have longer air time.

  • Go to Iceland dude, you can get 3L bottles there.

  • What do u use for animations?

  • My mum wants a garden tour!

  • Someone please put tractor wheels on a F1 car, that'd be awesome!

  • Change thumbnail, its not interesting, may be u can't get enough click... It's your choice to change it😊😁

  • I like how he makes engines then makes planes out of them

  • So this reminds me of SCBA regulators... Love your work dude.


  • Se que no me van a leer pero porque no usas un motor sito que genera aire

  • i thought about creating a 3 station joystick to control a single ship in world of worships where 3 people could control different aspect of the ships functions.

  • Go get a job at spaceX boy

  • Keep going sir; I have a feeling you’ll change the game in air pneumatics 🙏

  • Ok anyone else just watch the slow motion over and over to keep this flight alive for a few seconds longer

  • 0:43 This made my day!

  • You are better off with a trebuchet than a digital gadget.

  • The intro fooled me into thinking it was an advert!

  • looks more fun then the normal rockets you buy from hobby stores

  • Kitty wasn't impressed

  • You should try to use it to make a little car or soemthing and like do 8 cylinders