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Dan Rhodes Dan Rhodes

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Just a kid, and a dream 💙


0:19She had no idea! 😂
She had no idea! 😂visningar 41tn2 dagar sedan
0:40The APPEARING COKE TRICK!  😮 #shorts
The APPEARING COKE TRICK! 😮 #shortsvisningar 1,4mn2 dagar sedan
0:13Crazy coke trick! #shorts
Crazy coke trick! #shortsvisningar 107tn2 dagar sedan
0:38INSANE strawberry trick! 😨 #shorts
INSANE strawberry trick! 😨 #shortsvisningar 2,2mn2 dagar sedan
0:19The MAGIC PRINTER! 😂 #shorts
The MAGIC PRINTER! 😂 #shortsvisningar 207tnDag sedan
0:18She got exposed! 😂😂 #shorts
0:15Cards THROUGH WINDOW 😨 #shorts
0:23He had NO IDEA! 😂 #shorts
He had NO IDEA! 😂 #shortsvisningar 336tnDag sedan
0:18They went CRAZY! 😂 #shorts
They went CRAZY! 😂 #shortsvisningar 103tnDag sedan
0:33CRAZY COOKIE TRICK!!! 🍪 #shorts
0:12The SNAKE PRANK! 😂 #shorts
The SNAKE PRANK! 😂 #shortsvisningar 458tnDag sedan
0:36The INSANE blister trick! 😂 #shorts
0:09I chopped my finger! 😂 #shorts
0:33The VANISHING WATER! 😂 💦 #shorts
0:31The VANISHING JUICE!! #shorts
The VANISHING JUICE!! #shortsvisningar 1,4mn2 dagar sedan
0:27INSANE (RACOON) trick!! 😮 #shorts
INSANE (RACOON) trick!! 😮 #shortsvisningar 2,3mn2 dagar sedan
0:09Thanks for 2 Million!
Thanks for 2 Million!visningar 176tn2 dagar sedan
0:599 year old does some CRAZY MAGIC! #shorts
9 year old does some CRAZY MAGIC! #shortsvisningar 194tn2 dagar sedan
0:13IMPOSSIBLE (Card Trick) #shorts
IMPOSSIBLE (Card Trick) #shortsvisningar 246tn2 dagar sedan
0:13He THREW MY RING! 😭 #shorts
He THREW MY RING! 😭 #shortsvisningar 436tn2 dagar sedan
0:17Cool trick? 😎 😂 #shorts
Cool trick? 😎 😂 #shortsvisningar 189tn2 dagar sedan
0:29How I fixed her phone! 😂 #shorts
How I fixed her phone! 😂 #shortsvisningar 18mn2 dagar sedan
0:35Magicians magic battle! 😂 #shorts
Magicians magic battle! 😂 #shortsvisningar 184tn2 dagar sedan


  • That is like my friend

  • My brother is smarter than this guy and he's a toddler

  • رايتك لا تكذب رايك تقرا يتخدع كورا يتمدد بفعل

  • Nice

  • I like how everyone is say he's the type of guy who would do this and that

  • Wats the BGM music?

  • Don’t you ever just wanna 🤜🏾😵

  • He's the type of gut to make people say he's the type of guy-

  • Axe body spray got nothing to do with it guys. It's a gag bit you can buy. He just wants to see how many morons he can get to try it.

  • 主「🤫」 俺「うざっ」

  • Who else still has no idea how he did it and is still trying to find out

  • Jeesh you broke your dang finger for a stupid tictok or something

  • ❤️❤️

  • Hahaha you are sold in yes yes you is a genius

  • He’s the type of guy to say Mayo is too spicy

  • Its so cool

  • wow 😯

  • Ok here we go i am ready lest do this here we go"

  • oii mc

  • Hes Phone Is Crash After This Video

  • When you clearly see him throw the strawberry👀👀👀😂😂😂

  • It's old magic! Dan put new one

  • 🌈 💨

  • NO

  • Goddd ecselen

  • 1 person started it now everybody follows. Like ....with these stupid comments.

  • This person be making some genuine classic magic acts. Props to them for putting themselves out there! I bet the tiktok game is strong with this magic format

  • Finally he is maturing into a man

  • Everyone can tell that you were struggling on crushing the PAPER bad so the could figure out the it was just somehow empty and the can was still in there

  • He was always like 👐👏

  • The fact he's doing the expressions on purpose for reactions and people can't catch on and poke fun..... pathetic tbh,but he's getting the views so who really poking fun at who? Just sayin.

  • Kus kas kis Kus kur kar kir kur

  • Me

  • 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • He is like every kid who won't stop repeating "Did you hear me? " to people who don't respond the first time until they do.

  • Ok dude we all know somethings in ur hand when ur fold ur hand like that u gotta Make it less obvious LMFAOO

  • I don't know why your expressions make me angry

  • Sd. Frhd. Awdf. Khd🇨🇿😈😈🎭🎭

  • izzA🤦‍♀️👎

  • You holding your other hand like you tryna hide the sun in it

  • Hes the type of guy who goues to sleep earlya at a sleepover

  • you cause me so much mental pain

  • 😘😘😘

  • hes the kind of guy who has no friends so he makes videos of himself doing magic in his room with his parents

  • 𝐏𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐚 𝐥𝐮𝐬𝐮 𝐤𝐮𝐝𝐡𝐢

  • Ooo rales

  • so no ones gunna talk about how this video is currently two on trending

    • senewss.info/slow/abSph8Whp53WntA/video 🙏

  • He started disabling comments on his video hahahahaha

  • senewss.info/slow/abSph8Whp53WntA/video ..

  • Clearly u can see him dropping the strawberry. He is dumbest as his strawberry.

    • senewss.info/slow/abSph8Whp53WntA/video 🙏

  • Tolol maksutnya apa ini

  • im suprised that he can even talk to girls

  • Idol


  • I saw him drop the strawberry 🍓

    • senewss.info/slow/abSph8Whp53WntA/video 🙏