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Our World is Amazing.

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Vsauce was created by Michael Stevens in the summer of 2010.

Vsauce is...

Michael Stevens: Producer/Host of Vsauce1
Kevin Lieber: Producer/Host of Vsauce2
Jake Roper: Producer/Host of Vsauce3
Eric Langlay: VFX for Vsauce1/2/3
You: Thanks for watching!!!


THE FINNISH COINCIDENCE #shortsvisningar 1,7mn7 dagar sedan
0:59Mirror Magic #shorts
Mirror Magic #shortsvisningar 4,5mn21 dag sedan
0:57Hybrid Illusions #shorts
Hybrid Illusions #shortsvisningar 1,1mn21 dag sedan
0:33Ball Magic #shorts
Ball Magic #shortsvisningar 1,2mn21 dag sedan
31:08Illusions of Time
Illusions of Timevisningar 9mn3 månader sedan
22:07The Odd Number Rule
The Odd Number Rulevisningar 7mn8 månader sedan
21:27How Many Holes Does a Human Have?
How Many Holes Does a Human Have?visningar 9mnÅr sedan
40:41What Is The Scariest Thing?
What Is The Scariest Thing?visningar 9mnÅr sedan
22:21Laws \u0026 Causes
Laws \u0026 Causesvisningar 4,6mnÅr sedan
22:22Mind Reading
Mind Reading2 år sedan
28:27Behavior and Belief
26:07How to Talk to Aliens
31:05Should I Die?
Should I Die?2 år sedan
26:32The Stilwell Brain
28:28Moral Licensing
Moral Licensing2 år sedan
12:44The Origins of Disgust
The Origins of Disgustvisningar 802tn2 år sedan
24:22The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis
The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesisvisningar 16mn2 år sedan
34:38The Greater Good - Mind Field S2 (Ep 1)
1:39Mind Field Season 2 - Official Trailer


  • gary

  • i dont live in the US to own a gun

  • I have been waiting years for an upload..

  • my second viewing: aren't we all upside down !? ✋so the mirror is right lol but!? its always moving like slimmie sand windows do slowly melting to a pyramid of gue! & images are warped like a fun house mirror's like our eyes we all have mentally challenged eye vision left to right so you're version of vision is exclusive to some people your chen is as big as a house & some movies look better < attention deficit hyperactivity > is an exclusive nightmare because eye speeds are definitely different < because of blood flow < add A mirror we got liquid on liquid atrocities if you think you're ugly maybe you get a different mirror that really fits your liking every mirror is different + you look better in real life no mirror can really copie that unique person you are. but I digress t4r and have a nice day. .t4r

  • wait so because of all the fluid buildup you mentioned, does that mean that being in space could essentially give you hydrocephalus? because if so then i don't need to go to space cuz i've had that since i was a baby😎✨

  • I live in finland

  • This reminded me of Heschel's The Sabbath

  • The funny thing is I am guessing what is the shortest poem and I think of letter "I"and it really was.

  • 21 years are *left*

  • Damn this video is almost 8 years old now... wtf

  • 1:41 alt title how to change fov in irl

  • Is it mathematically impossible for reincarnation to NOT exist? Given space and time, is it possible that as trillions of years progress that there is not some alien species that would be able to reincarnate someone from one strand of DNA? Not even mentioning the possibilities given by technology.

  • We might die but the camera man wouldn't

  • It's a young color discovered in the 80s that's barely 300 yes 👍 & Pancho Villa had one of the first orange pens t4r🖖

  • Always remember that evolution doesn't need you to be the best or the worst at something. It just wants you to be good enough to survive. All beings are just good enough.

  • hmm.. no need to act "crazy" to tell what is the scariest thing.. i think ->- 00:00

  • I just wondering why there is no male subject been pushed after the first male ? why only female subjects are being pushed after the male being observed?

  • 0:13 Micheal Jackson.

  • shouldn't we be infinite size because the universe is infinite and a fraction of infinite is still infinite and we are just a fraction of our universe which is infinite Vsauce could you please answer this I have been thinking about this for months

  • "The earth moves "lol!!!!!

  • For a second I thought the title said when will we run out of usernames xD

  • Truly accepting yourself for who you are is the cure for feeling awkward , any other method is just a temporary fix and faking your way through it

  • "Mirrors reverse everything. Except they dont" *Insert Vsauce music*

  • why did the chicken cross the road to kfc because it wanted to see his family😂😂

  • 1 word to explain this vid WTF

  • *he-yum*! Wait wha-

  • The people know your face v They'll findout

  • Whenever I do something smart I watch a vsauce video as a snap back to reality

  • no

  • My brain is filled with hotels due to how many times Michael has fucked it.

  • 6:06 call of the void :V

  • POV: you’re trying to look for a comment that’s 8 years old.

  • No one: Einstein: I gonna do what's called a pro gamer move

  • V

  • All the dislikes are from those who were scared of this video 😂😂😂😂

  • This man is exactly what I wish I could be

  • So if I run 368m/s and drop something will it fall straight to the ground without moving further with me🤔?

  • Been waiting for this to happen Finnish guy

  • I and my daughter did this with phone camera. Wonderful. Thank you!

  • Hopefully

  • He is giving Elon Musk a Bad idea

  • I tap only.

  • According to minecraft the highest we can build is 256 blocks

  • Farvann sent me here...


  • Does that mean I'm eating myself when I'm eating my nails? I know I'm weird

  • POV: You got this recommended in 2021

  • Infinity+1

  • 6:48 thank me later

  • So we're all going to end up mining cobalt on the planet Bunga because a bunch of scientists wanted to say "hello."

    • That's a quote, by the way, part of a stand up routine from the 80s.

  • say whaaatttttt ????? .. viisause wkkw

  • Says "attractive" and writes "NotBaldMichael" 😭😭

  • When your reading comments so you don't get scared.

  • Ahh yes lets build a elevator to the moon

  • Isn't this another emergent pattern of the bristachrome curve.

  • "that's what yellow things do" 😆

  • Today I learnt Finnish 🙂

  • osu! player: Am I a joke to you?

  • MOOOORE!!!!!!!


  • he ate the toilet donut,.....

  • SEnewss's First ever clickbait

  • Down is down don’t make it more complicated

  • What if the space between our planet and other planets is just like a sea like the space between a country and other and we are just like ants in the universe of much larger beings that haven’t capitalised our galaxy yet?

  • Down is down

  • The colossal titan : Hold my beer

  • 1:01 amongus

  • you are definitely not normal

  • lmao i love finnish, even if I speak similar language to it

  • if i can only see 15k kilometers in space then how can i see earth

  • One man in Serbian made a calendar that is correct but nobody used it. This is legeit true.