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We have lots of projects including woodworking, metalworking, electronics, 3D printing, prop making and more!

These videos are our attempt inspiring and empowering others to make the stuff that they want to have. Hopefully you'll see something here that will inspire you to make something that you're passionate about!

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18:50DIY Closet Makeover | I Like To Make Stuff
25:20DIY Guitar Challenge | I Like To Make Stuff
DIY Guitar Challenge | I Like To Make Stuffvisningar 128tn2 månader sedan
10:35Modern Coat Rack From Scraps | I Like To Make Stuff
11:30Floating Helmet Display Mounts | I Like To Make Stuff
11:34Drill Press Storage Upgrade | I Like To Make Stuff
16:29Adjustable Work Light Arm | I Like To Make Stuff
11:11Make a Minimal Leather Wallet | I Like To Make Stuff
7:00Choosing Silicones // Bits | I Like To Make Stuff
17:02Quick Bathroom Makeover | I Like To Make Stuff
Quick Bathroom Makeover | I Like To Make Stuffvisningar 249tn5 månader sedan
19:35Single Board Build Off | I Like To Make Stuff
Single Board Build Off | I Like To Make Stuffvisningar 840tn5 månader sedan
18:07Making a Walk In Closet | I Like To Make Stuff
Making a Walk In Closet | I Like To Make Stuffvisningar 402tn6 månader sedan
14:39Making a Canoe Carrier | I Like To Make Stuff
Making a Canoe Carrier | I Like To Make Stuffvisningar 117tn7 månader sedan
10:07U.S. Navy Mobile Shelter Challenge | Sailor VS
U.S. Navy Mobile Shelter Challenge | Sailor VSvisningar 250tn7 månader sedan
17:18Making A Custom Display Box | I Like To Make Stuff


  • Did you have an expansion issue between front door and opposite doorway?

  • What should I do if I am not confident in cutting wood

  • Another way to save money for cabinets is by visiting HFH Restores. There is one not too far from me that have a plethora of donated kitchen cabinet sets. Even if I do not use all of the pieces, it is still cheaper than going to the Big Box Store.

  • Am I the only one who was expecting it to shoot?

  • Thanks! Good stuff indeed. I'm just finishing mine based on digital plans purchased at Bob's homepage, with some modifications and other thematics (NeoGeo's Metal Slug tribute). There is a little mistake though - 73 5/8'' equals 187 cm (not 39,4). Greetings from Russia! =)

  • at 23:04 he is the only SEnewssr who does not cut the video off

  • dam fine job on this video ... you are great at making the content and actually have the experience .... SUPERB!

  • This was one of my favorites...super fun, light, creative. Outstanding portrait, too! Well done Bob and Josh!!

  • no sheath tho?

  • Him: This insulation is gnarly on your skin. Me: cotton candy

  • A woooden katana is called a bokken but im suprised you know what a tsuba is thought (ima sword nerd)

  • I know this is an older video, but you don't want to screw on your neck with a drill. I've seen a guy do that and hit the back of his fretboard enough to cause fret buzz. He didn't go through so he didn't know.

  • That is other worldly levels of quality

  • Project. cost?

  • I just received quotes to have my kitchen remodeled. I have a galley kitchen, probably about the size of what you built in this video without an island. Quotes I received were over $20k (including the counter top) I have done kitchen cabinet work before and already have the tools; so that might be my option (once lumber prices settle down). The one thing I don't have is a way to dispose of old cabinets. Roll-offs run about $400-$500 for 2 week rentals here. So, that might be an additional cost for others watching this. Plus, the cost of counter tops (especially, if stone is desired - check out local costs/timing for installs. you might have cabinets without tops for a while.)

  • Spool of Radio Shack solder. 😄 I've still got about half a spool left myself that I bought years & years ago.

  • when he said 0:00 i subscribed

  • Easel is not free. you get a free trial for 30 days.

  • Hoping to see the finished kitchen soon!

  • PLeeeaaassee PART 6!!! :)

  • The build looked like it was super easy, barely an inconvenience!

  • Adopt me. I need access to your knowledge and tools. No food needed! 😝

  • When will the kitchen be ready?

  • Man this is good idea

  • Really helpful thanks

  • In germany dado blades are not per se illegal. You can use them as a hobbyist maker and even as a professional one. But you need to make sure it fits with the insurance. And nowadays there are "insurance allowed" dado blades.

  • 1138. Well done.

  • Loved this vid, as per the usual, started watching your channel years ago, thanks to you I've learned a lot about woodworking and other tips and tricks.

  • What’s the weight of a case like this?

  • Did you use permanent, removable, or stencil vinyl? I run primarily Oracal vinyl in my cutter and they have all three options available.

  • With the cost of lumber' I don't know'

  • I guessed the 1138, it's in a lot of lucas film movie, cell block 1138, and thx 1138 george lucas' first movie

  • Love that toe kick drawer. Very clever.

  • That tray really looks nice. That’s the winner

  • Me trying to explain to my parents why I need I piece of floor board

  • Can you sell me one pre-made lol

  • thanks man! from now on, I'll be always adding this toe kick extra storage both in my own projects and for the clients' jobs. why didn't I think of that earlier?

  • Was the lumber more or less expensive than the safe? Neat project!

  • would love to buy plans for this, i didn't see them on your site. Are they available?

  • the safe codes out after three failed attempts and needs to be opened with the key behind the plastic panel next to keypad

  • only a room were he is save from his children, lol

  • Why use the inferior version, Ps4, than the better one (Xone X)???

  • Yus :) now I know how to make it

  • Thanks, this answered most of the questions I had about making a chest of drawers.

  • All i need to know was what wood to use i already made a sword but isnt very good

  • It's not gonna work.

  • 1337?

  • Plot twist: it was a video actually firing him.

  • good vid

  • Pat&Mat :-)

  • I could feel my lungs suffocating from all that wood dust flying everywhere without a mask.

  • I did this already. In fact, I did this to my entire house by myself and did the plumbing, electrical, gas lines and heating either by myself or with assistance from my father for guidance (like electrical) and I'm living in it currently. I can tell you first hand, it doesn't entirely take a rocket scientist for a lot of this. But at 5:32, you could save yourself a bunch of physical labor by just pushing the drywall out on each end in large chunks slightly and then it'll actuall 'fall' down in one giant sheet/wall..assuming the taping on the drywall was done 'right'. If it wasn't done correctly, you'll be left with literal 4x8 sheets, which you can then break up. A secondary tip for those renovating a space is if you can't get to the 'exposed' stud, you can just cut a straight line down the stud and pull out the sheet of drywall nearly in a full piece and break it from there. Saves time from getting bits of drywall all over. Reason why that's important: Cleanup work. Removing screws/nails (depending in what era that drywall was done) is a LOT easier when you have less 'bits' of drywall to sweep up, then vacuum up, after. Additionally, be sure to clean all studs and while they're open, be up to code and spray foam all holes for electrical wiring. It'll also increase sound dampening. If you want to be fancy and don't mind spending a few extra, grab yourself some r15 and throw it in the interior wall. Doesn't sound like "insulating an interior wall will do much", but really in the house i'm in, I can have atmos surround in each room and it's still comfortable to be in one room verses the other while it's playing...even with the subwoofers on.

  • Seriously made this look more complicated then it already is🤦‍♀️

  • Hey Bob, a buddy of mine’s dad and grandfather ran a wallpaper removal company for many decades. They rarely used a steamer. Their daily tools were hot water & Tide and a mud knife. Give it a try next time

    • Also... I said Tide and I meant Tide. They tried other brands of laundry detergent and nothing worked as well as Tide.

  • i dont care about whut he's saying about the construction things (also i dont know anything 'bout it) all i know is just these type of vids make me satisfied lol

  • *Arcade Cabinet* To Play Mortal Kombat 11 need $50

  • Mashere? Machete!

  • Very good sword and amazing woodwork, but I know you said not to say that you would call the names wrong but the sword is called a Bokken

  • “I don’t have a planer”... yet

  • Love that, wish I had the skills for it NICE WORK

  • Super cool project... subscribed

  • You released this video right before Plywood because incredibly hard to find and vastly expensive compared to it's usual $15-30 USD range lol (50-80 USD now). Like the video, wish I saw it last year lol. I opted to purchase unfinished "East Haven" Homedepot cabinets for my small kitchen, $700 worth (not bad) and I plan on eventually taking up the craft and trying to learn how to build cabinets. My father built is out of solid oak wood he had lying around from when we was building things in the late 90s, and I was intrigued by it a year or so ago when I realized it (Sort of always knew, never thought of it). I figured cabinets are just plywood and sort of like building a box, but this video put a few things into perspective. The major things I would need is the Dado stack for the table saw and some practice. Outside of that, I think I could potentially do that. Having the cabinets from Homedepot could give me a good baseline for measurements as well, and if all works out properly potentially later this year I could give this a good try!

  • Looking to get the Creality 3D Ender 5 Plus...pricey but need large printer for upcoming project. :)

  • Cedar is more environmental and will last a long time.

  • I think i will just buy one off ebay

  • Perfeito, amei o trabalho de vocês. Eu gostaria de ter condições financeiras pra adquirir da mão de cada um de vocês que fizeram este lindo trabalho. Infelizmente não tenho dinheiro pra comprar um desses. Mais já que não posso adquirir um, Eu assisto vocês

  • Great for magic tricks too.

  • Nice build. Not a fan at all of how the sticks are mounted. Those been to be bolted in. This would not survive an arcade environment. I know it’s for office use, but there is a spirit there that should not be ignored. That and the marquee mounting was meh. Basically unserviceable. Would have preferred a more traditional speaker system too, but what he’s setup will work with no issues and is easy to service if needed. B+

  • Is it NASA Oh I thought he said it ended in A not 8

  • I know it’s just for fun but you’d need a better wiring system cause you could easily look behind there and unwrap one of the wires

  • I wonder if he’s gonna use it to store stuff or if it was like just a for fun project to see if he could. I guess we’ll never know

  • do americans put safes... in DRYWALL?


  • I love how you kept mentioning how tired you were, because I got tired watching you do all that work! Thanks for sharing!

  • Great vid! i love those spikes! I wonder if you can make them in numbers and sell them. Next project should be the protective cage/screen to keep the rabbits and critters away!

  • I love Weldbond too!

  • Bob's most Resident Evil project to date

  • I have 2 dogs and 1 cat

  • Looks better than my chair I made in wood class.. wouldn’t be hard ;)

  • I would love to see you guys try and make a pair of wireless speakers using some wireless earbuds