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Hi Im Dylan Ayres. You may know me from my Tik Tok Dylandoestiktok1. I make longer form videos on this youtube channel and share my life along with it.


0:25Rubber Band Ball Part 50 #Shorts
Rubber Band Ball Part 50 #Shortsvisningar 41tn2 dagar sedan
0:31Is Oobleck Bullet Proof?
Is Oobleck Bullet Proof?visningar 53tnDag sedan
0:38Swimming in a pool of oobleck #Shorts
0:25Rubber band Ball Part 49 #Shorts
Rubber band Ball Part 49 #Shortsvisningar 844tn8 dagar sedan
0:28Home Made Spray Foam Life Jacket  #Shorts
Home Made Spray Foam Life Jacket #Shortsvisningar 921tn8 dagar sedan
0:29great Stuff Airplane #Shorts
great Stuff Airplane #Shortsvisningar 904tn8 dagar sedan
0:48Making  A Cardboard Great Stuff Boat #Shorts
8:40I Made A Boat Out Of Spray Foam
I Made A Boat Out Of Spray Foamvisningar 163tn8 dagar sedan
0:26Rubber Band Ball Part 48 #Shorts
Rubber Band Ball Part 48 #Shortsvisningar 1,3mn8 dagar sedan
0:29Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts
Hot glue fix dents? #Shortsvisningar 15mn15 dagar sedan
0:30Sleeping in storm shelter #Shorts
Sleeping in storm shelter #Shortsvisningar 9mn15 dagar sedan
0:37Hamster Ball With Ball Pit Balls #Shorts
Hamster Ball With Ball Pit Balls #Shortsvisningar 492tn15 dagar sedan
0:29Filling Giant Hamster Ball With Water
Filling Giant Hamster Ball With Watervisningar 125tn15 dagar sedan
8:19I Filled A Giant Hamster Ball With Kool-Aid
I Filled A Giant Hamster Ball With Kool-Aidvisningar 208tn15 dagar sedan
0:32more balls pit balls in storm shelter #Shorts
0:28Rubber Band Ball Vs Jump #Shorts
Rubber Band Ball Vs Jump #Shortsvisningar 610tn15 dagar sedan
0:48Building Giant Snow Fort 2 #Shorts
Building Giant Snow Fort 2 #Shortsvisningar 6mn22 dagar sedan
0:39Building Giant Snow Fort In Parking Lot #Shorts
0:44Hamster Ball In Creek Throwback #Shorts
Hamster Ball In Creek Throwback #Shortsvisningar 613tn22 dagar sedan
0:31Rubber Band Ball Part 47 #Shorts
Rubber Band Ball Part 47 #Shortsvisningar 2,5mn22 dagar sedan
0:25Can A Plunger Fix  A CAr Dent? #Shorts
Can A Plunger Fix A CAr Dent? #Shortsvisningar 2,1mn22 dagar sedan
0:32Rubber Band Ball vs Woods #Shorts
Rubber Band Ball vs Woods #Shortsvisningar 399tn22 dagar sedan
0:34Rubber Band ball vs Pool #shorts
Rubber Band ball vs Pool #shortsvisningar 4,1mn22 dagar sedan
9:24160LB Rubber Band Ball Vs. Pool (40 FEET DROP!!)
0:53Going Back to the pawn Shop #Shorts
Going Back to the pawn Shop #Shortsvisningar 240tn22 dagar sedan


  • We same the pool

  • Eggs

  • Hello

  • 😎😎you can run on those slipers

  • First you buy a cardboard box and the put wood encasing the cardboard... voila a cardboard boat

  • You have to let the glue cool down my guy

  • I don't like it I love it

  • J if gggghhhyyyt

  • It’s also just corn starch and water

  • You should add alluminum foil layer and then rubber layer on it and keep doing this to evolve it as an un destructable rubber ball... cus the current one can burn

  • Just imagine if something, like an insect got in there- I would be terrified.

  • Fuck me wear gloves. I smeared gap filler by hand and it looked like I fingered a highlighter for nearly a week

  • You should make a little baby ball for your ball because his lonely 😔.

  • Cut it

  • Fill with glitter glue

  • Soooooooo....... Quicksand?

  • Why are you at crogerss

  • Use a shot gun on the huge rubber band ball, that would he entertaining, or even better a machine gun

  • Awwww, loves!!! I've gotta try this.

  • that was total happiness when it worked out like you tended it to be

  • Play basketball with the giant rubber band ball

  • Pool of slime plz? Also this was pretty cool:3

  • Great video probably the best I've seen in a while honestly keep entertaining people 😉

  • Imagine just seeing a guy take a stroll in a fuckíng hamster ball. Lmfao I’d be dead laughing

  • This is colored corn starch and water..

  • Do you live in Oregon bc that ever looks oddly familiar

  • New body armour: oobleck

  • Years ago my 2 friends were legit fist fighting and dented the shit out of my acura.. then they stopped fighting and was blaming eachother for the dent.. as they did this i didnt say a word just walked in his house grabbed his plunger and instantly took the dent out. They were both so amazed they completely stopped fighting

  • Imagine buying a canoe

  • That is the weakest plunger ever

  • Do fire on water

  • What a great boat

  • Eat it.

  • A ramen boat

  • ODS boat videos but worse in very way

  • *Oobleck in a swimming pool* Me: *lol* *Oobleck in a slide* Me: *I-...tf?* Edit: Also, you should do oobleck in a slide next

  • dont do this at home kids! that foam absorbs water and you will sink 😂

    • But you can make a model boat and then with the model you can make mold. Then you apply wax in the mold, then gelcoat and finally fiberglass it with mat, roving and polyester resin

  • All fun and games until a kid dies in it

  • The thumbnail looks like the ameibo from subnautica

  • The worst voice over i’ve heard

  • pool of glue?

  • What? Why didn't the guy pull a gun on him for wasting his time?

  • I'm starting to notice that almost every time you say so one day I decided to

  • Make at the most biggest one ever

  • Вот чем отличается Россия от США. В России берут использованные коробки в супермаркетах, а в Америке покупают! новые коробки в супермаркетах. Общество потребления 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • legend has it, hes still going

  • Since when its called oobleck, i thought it was non-newtonian fluid


  • Rule 1 never ever trust 5 minute crafts

  • But I think the river will take me 😅

  • Beat the world record for Worlds biggest rubber band ball 😂

  • It's technically not a cardboard boat anymore coz it's covered in foam.

  • Would like to try it

  • Then I think I had wasted my time seeing this video

  • Me watching the video waiting for the swimming part to happen: :/

  • take it back to the pawn shop

  • Pls do a crazy water in the world I don't know what it is but you may figure it out what is the crazy water in the world

  • And then he disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle-

  • Way too fuckin privileged

  • A true Hot wheel

  • Try tape

  • See if it can break a tv or a car

  • the way that he washes off

  • Now he can feed his family 😭

  • You should drop it if your roof Like if you agree

  • It’s just cornstarch with water. Still dope tho🔥

  • U

  • Gaming

  • You do the most craziest shit I’ve ever seen

  • So you can stand on the orange what every it's called

  • It’s kind of a hit or miss for anyone else trying to get a pack of rubber bands around there.

  • Oobleck could be used as armor

  • "And it was the best boat I ever made. I just kept going."

  • Gaming

  • Yeah till this days he still kept going on pretty strong

  • Tbh, this kinda reminded me of Collins Keys Video

  • Make a giness world record

  • Slapped my self 🤣🤣

  • Maybe the guy wasn’t his son maybe a criminal

  • Legend has it hes still going to this day.