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4:49NHL Set Plays
NHL Set Playsvisningar 64tn8 dagar sedan
5:11NHL 1000 IQ Plays
NHL 1000 IQ Playsvisningar 119tn8 dagar sedan
3:48NHL Slapshots In The Shootout
NHL Slapshots In The Shootoutvisningar 327tn15 dagar sedan
3:23Adults Stealing Pucks From Kids
Adults Stealing Pucks From Kidsvisningar 42tn22 dagar sedan
7:07NHL "Celebrating Too Early" Moments
NHL "Celebrating Too Early" Momentsvisningar 209tn22 dagar sedan
11:09NHL Superstars Getting Cheap Shotted
NHL Superstars Getting Cheap Shottedvisningar 179tnMånad sedan
10:34NHL "Dynamic Duo" Moments
NHL "Dynamic Duo" Momentsvisningar 62tn2 månader sedan
8:53NHL "Height Doesn't Matter" Moments
NHL "Height Doesn't Matter" Momentsvisningar 79tn2 månader sedan
5:20NHL "Overconfident" Moments
NHL "Overconfident" Momentsvisningar 201tn3 månader sedan
11:41NHL Mic'd Up Goals
NHL Mic'd Up Goalsvisningar 9tn3 månader sedan
13:32NHL Goalies Vs Players Part 2
NHL Goalies Vs Players Part 2visningar 262tn3 månader sedan
8:16Wayne Gretzky "Record Breaking" Moments
Wayne Gretzky "Record Breaking" Momentsvisningar 12tn3 månader sedan
10:09Connor McDavid "Playing On Rookie Mode" Moments
10:30NHL "He's Not Human" Moments
NHL "He's Not Human" Momentsvisningar 398tn4 månader sedan
5:31NHL "Apologizing" Moments
NHL "Apologizing" Momentsvisningar 737tn5 månader sedan
11:54NHL Behind The Net Plays
NHL Behind The Net Playsvisningar 47tn5 månader sedan
10:37NHL Animal Moments
NHL Animal Momentsvisningar 197tn5 månader sedan
8:33NHL "How Are You In The NHL?" Moments
NHL "How Are You In The NHL?" Momentsvisningar 408tn6 månader sedan
19:14Quinn Hughes All Points 2019-2020
Quinn Hughes All Points 2019-2020visningar 11tn6 månader sedan
17:38NHL Players Going Undercover Part 3
NHL Players Going Undercover Part 3visningar 158tn6 månader sedan
6:52NHL Awkward Moments
NHL Awkward Momentsvisningar 560tn6 månader sedan
5:14NHL Players Getting Flipped
NHL Players Getting Flippedvisningar 105tn6 månader sedan
13:52NHL Shot Blocks To The Head
NHL Shot Blocks To The Headvisningar 33tn6 månader sedan
9:16NHL Diving Goals
NHL Diving Goalsvisningar 20tn6 månader sedan
10:21NHL Almost/Career Ending Injuries
NHL Almost/Career Ending Injuriesvisningar 65tn7 månader sedan
7:24NHL Players Known for One Play
NHL Players Known for One Playvisningar 408tn7 månader sedan
5:49NHL Fan Interactions Part 6
NHL Fan Interactions Part 6visningar 136tn7 månader sedan
5:10NHL Alley-Oop Passes
NHL Alley-Oop Passesvisningar 3,5tn7 månader sedan
10:0110 minutes of Artemi Panarin Highlights
10 minutes of Artemi Panarin Highlightsvisningar 11tn7 månader sedan


  • I think the NHL has done some good work cleaning up the play and emphasizing athletic play over just the old school bang and bang. But I still love to see good clean hitting.

  • Johnny B stole from defence

  • If they have fired him then they are now obstructing the investigation

  • Vegas already knows Marc was helping me with this investigation

  • Military tribunal

  • Because none of them have been cleared to take any intelligence beyond what they have already stolen

  • Right, they are all obstructing federal jurisdiction

  • My favorite team is the Carolina hurricanes and my favorite player is either Andrei Svechnikov or Brett Pesce Good luck to anyone who gets a shout out!

  • Nice job bust Lucic doesn’t belong in here. There’s always a reason behind his hits. True team mate. Dying breed.

  • I don’t think the Kings-Leafs thing was Fraiser’s fault. When I was watching TSN, they showed Cary Fraiser saying that Doug Gilmour said Gretzky’s *followthrough* hit him in the face, to which Faiser said a hot by followthrough isn’t a penalty. So if a hit by followthrough isn’t a penalty, then it was Gilmour’s fault they lost the game because *Doug* said it was the followthrough, resulting in the no-call. Then again, it’s what I think...

  • 3:57 before Gary Bettman destroyed the game

  • Jack Edwards is the worst.

  • I thought sure they'd play Mike Milbury climbing over the glass to get to a fan behind him. That was epic.

  • Aw man, no Datsyuk?

  • "Show some class. This is Philly." LOL

  • The Washington finally beating Pittsburgh and after 22 years RAYMOND BOURQUE! Those two will always give me chills

  • 1:11 classic Cujo. Your own Dman checks the opposing player into you, so you complain to the refs.

  • Interference, Hit from behind, blind side, blind side, interference, low bridge, low bridge, predatory charge, elbow, blind side. So many hits where buddy is already engaged and another Canuck comes in late and hits the guy while he's not suspecting it. The only clean ones were the hip checks by Hamhuis and Ballard. Honestly not surprised that Canucks fans celebrate these dirty plays.

  • Can you please do Terrible Coaches Challenges please

  • 2:40 I was like wtf

  • Half of these aren’t over reactions whatsoever

  • That Semin goal needs more recognition. That was just as hard if not harder than Ovechkins because it actually went through a couple of guys

  • a lot of people don't know what it is like to be a goalie, the shit is frustrating. when you're having a off game and letting goals in and letting your team down, getting pulled will set you off because it is basically confirmation you are doing fucking awful and are costing the team.

  • Anyone else notice that the marchand clip at 4:17 is no different from the rest but everyone got mad cause of his reputation.

  • Oh... Good)

  • Almost every Scott Stevens hit was dirty. He’s the Tom Wilson of yesterday.

  • day 29 do rookie fights

  • To be fair NBC last night was all caps.

  • Day 62937: (insert hockey video idea)

  • Not having the Detroit clowns on here is a big miss.

  • Day 3 asking for goalies getting lucky

  • How to people do this?

  • Marchand talking about cheap shots....That's priceless! What an ass.

  • No Eichel?

  • Love to see Vegas come on winning 3-0 with 10 mins left 😂

  • Leafs 🗑

  • Juiciest rebound goals

  • I was at that aves canucks game it was probably my favourite game of all time! just gotta give some props to that game!

  • Bourque raising that cup was very fitting for the last clip. Well done

  • I see this header, I instantly think about Bobby Ryan vs Nashville

  • There's a lack of Datsyuk in this video

  • Edwards , " GET UP"

  • Classic Jack Edwards... man he’s a clown 🤡

  • When St. Louis sings country roads. 💙💛

  • There's no such thing as a "clean Scott Stevens hit". Everything he ever threw was high.

  • How do you have a dangling video without Datsyuk? One of the all-time great danglers and magicians!

    • I looked through like 25+ clips of his dangles and couldn’t find one where he dangles the same guy twice.

  • You forgot this one:

  • Holy crap 1:03 caught me off guard aha

  • When should you pull a goalie? Answer is never. If the game is out of hand pulling the goalie isn't gonna help you win the game if it's already out of hand. Trying to stop a goalie from getting down on himself doesn't work unless he wants to be pulled in which case he will tell you. Pulling a goalie is never a good idea.

  • rick jeanneret is the best nhl announcer of all time

  • E

  • Does anybody throw a body check anymore?

  • Marion Gaborik scored the wilds first franchise goal on his first shift on his first shot

    • He scored in the 2nd period when the Wild were down 2-0

  • You can add leafs losing to the Covid Canucks to the list as well

  • I don’t have to watch this video to know that David Legwand getting crossed over 2 times by Ryan is gonna be in this video....

  • As soon as I saw the title I thought of the Bobby Ryan goal😂

  • Mathews absolutely could've gotten a shot off,, he's the epitome of infinite talent but lacking the drive to utilize it.

  • 24 Stanley Cups certainly make a team the "derision' of the League? I don't think so. More like envy...

  • More like try to look away, this is good stuff

  • The best is when the Pittsburgh guy announces the lineup LOL He did it perfectly.

  • Forsberg just decided to ruin Brodin's career on that shift

  • vid idea: scoring with someone elses stick. or fanned on shots that turn into passes

  • Man i miss when you could make hits and there wasn't a call on every one, or you didn't have to fight for anything. Good old days.

  • Don’t understand how barzy wasn’t on this at least once 🥱

  • Lol

  • I know bobby Ryan gonna be on this

  • Alex Ovechkin, alternate title, Mr Toedrag

  • “SCrAmblE fOR It iN frONt”

  • I’ll never forget that iconic Bobby Ryan goal against Nashville in the playoffs

  • I think some of these announcers are trying to scream 10 levels above what there voice can actually take and it’s really funny

  • Day 3: short handed overtime goals

  • The ads are still playing but I already see Bobby Ryan walking through David Legwand already

  • opening with a canucks clip. A fine choice

  • Roy & Keanu for Thibault, Kovalenko and Rucinsky still haunts my soul

  • Suggestion: Saves leading to goals

  • Day 14 of asking for the Michigan moments

  • I'm not even a jets fan but byfuglian is by far one of my favorite enforcers

  • The first one was the worst

  • Where is mcdavid?