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I do stuff with portable music players.

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13:07The Coolest looking MP3 Player.
The Coolest looking MP3 Player.visningar 446tn19 timmar sedan
17:05I look at some Prototype iPods.
I look at some Prototype iPods.visningar 406tn7 dagar sedan
15:32Big Companies make the Worst Junk.
Big Companies make the Worst Junk.visningar 468tn14 dagar sedan
14:15I present to you, the JAMP3.
I present to you, the JAMP3.visningar 483tn21 dag sedan
10:07Bone Conduction Headphones.
Bone Conduction Headphones.visningar 537tnMånad sedan
13:46Even Hello Kitty made an MP3 player...
Even Hello Kitty made an MP3 player...visningar 533tnMånad sedan
14:11The worst headphones I've bought.
The worst headphones I've bought.visningar 2mnMånad sedan
10:43Opening a brand new iPod Shuffle.
Opening a brand new iPod Shuffle.visningar 572tnMånad sedan
15:17I got the Galaxy Buds Pros.
I got the Galaxy Buds Pros.visningar 823tn2 månader sedan
20:52I got some in ear monitors.
I got some in ear monitors.visningar 815tn2 månader sedan
13:58The Ugliest MP3 Player.
The Ugliest MP3 Player.visningar 719tn2 månader sedan
17:40Cashies Special 2021
Cashies Special 2021visningar 623tn2 månader sedan
15:28The bluetooth speaker shootout.
The bluetooth speaker shootout.visningar 757tn2 månader sedan
15:54The Raycons, Round Two.
The Raycons, Round Two.visningar 1mn3 månader sedan
13:02The Colossal MP3 Player.
The Colossal MP3 Player.visningar 880tn3 månader sedan
13:15The Nugget Lucky Dip.
The Nugget Lucky Dip.visningar 671tn3 månader sedan
4:21Merry Xmas! (+ plans, teasers and THANK YOU!)
Merry Xmas! (+ plans, teasers and THANK YOU!)visningar 230tn3 månader sedan
14:08My AirPods Max's Died...
My AirPods Max's Died...visningar 1,9mn3 månader sedan
26:31The 2020 Bootleg Bonanza.
The 2020 Bootleg Bonanza.visningar 1mn4 månader sedan
17:11I bought the Nuraphones.
I bought the Nuraphones.visningar 2mn4 månader sedan
15:22Audiophile Xmas Gift Ideas 2020
Audiophile Xmas Gift Ideas 2020visningar 576tn4 månader sedan
15:32Even NERF made an mp3 player...
Even NERF made an mp3 player...visningar 1,4mn4 månader sedan
11:52Opening a SEALED iPod Nano.
Opening a SEALED iPod Nano.visningar 1mn4 månader sedan
18:21I bought Beats By Dre.
I bought Beats By Dre.visningar 979tn4 månader sedan
11:00The best worst headphones ever.
The best worst headphones ever.visningar 485tn4 månader sedan
16:57I found a bootleg 3G Nano.
I found a bootleg 3G Nano.visningar 629tn5 månader sedan
22:56My Sets of Beautiful Headphones
My Sets of Beautiful Headphonesvisningar 725tn5 månader sedan
15:04I bought Bose Audio Sunglasses.
I bought Bose Audio Sunglasses.visningar 961tn5 månader sedan
13:13I turned my iPod into a bee.
I turned my iPod into a bee.visningar 498tn5 månader sedan
18:19The Sad Nugget Roundup.
The Sad Nugget Roundup.visningar 1,1mn6 månader sedan


  • Man, you should try Superlux head-p-hones. They made clones of those AKG K240 (Superlux HD681), Beyerdynamic DT770 and DT880 (Superlux HD330 and HD660) and much much more for much much less money...You will be really surprised. Try them mate.

  • Review Plattan 2b. Do it Did u? Thx :)

  • I have one that's almost identical to this, except that it's black, it has the Apple logo and "iPod" on the bottom of the bezel and on the back. My one also doesn't have a micro SD card slot. It has around 8GB of internal storage, which would actually be normal for a real 3rd gen nano

  • When's the next trip to cashies

  • I never wanna see mass storage pop up on sub 8gb drive ever again.

  • Damn. Imagine dank gets 1 mil dingus button like an ipod

  • Next time just give me the MP3s...😅

  • Intel Celeron is still on Windows 10 does that make any sense

  • 14:56-thanks now I don’t have to do online school today

  • What's the money the first AGPTEK got it's smashed screen from a frustrated user who wanted to know what music was taking up all the storage?

  • I kinda want it now.

  • *iPadOS support for usb C

  • My whole problem with the iPod touch, ever since I had a 4th gen, why would I want a device that's limited by it's 8gb and no external media card support, when I have an android smartphone that can do everything the iPod can, and has expandable storage? It made no sense to me then and that resulted in it being given to my sister, that's what I get for telling my mom I wanted an iPod and not specifying, she thought she did good and in fairness she really did, I just wanted a classic. And that problem still persists, I have a very powerful phone in my pocket that has a pretty decent DAC in it and it plays music pretty good, and unlike Apple, it still has a headphone jack, and I have a 1tb sd card in it, all of the great features of the modern iPod, already have them. You know what I don't have? A classic, I didn't get one all those years ago because I just made do with a phone as a music player, but recently, touch screen devices have been driving me mad with just how easy they are to activate and how annoyingly "helpful" their assistants are, especially if your headphones have inline controls, good lord, I hate it. So I've been really wanting to get a dedicated music player, but I'm terrified of eBay, most likely I'll order one off of Elite Obsolete, at least I know I won't be getting garbage for a lot of money, the cheapest 5th gen iPod on EO is $120usd, and that's with the 650mah battery and 64gb flash storage, it is a brand new custom case, but it's a lot of money for a custom case.

  • find a craig at cashies

  • I bought the superlux hd681 for £25 just for the pads. They fit my Verum 1 and get the drivers closer to the ear than the stock pads. They're actually the cheapest pads I ever bought.

  • I'd literally buy the most expensive crap and tell the seller to put the item on top, so it gets slashed or kissed with the blade so I can get money back from ebay and make their gsp bankrupt

  • I legit want this so bad. I have such a soft spot for early 2000s (late 90s in this case) MP3 players which look like alien junk.


  • With my turtle beach 70Xs The hyperX headset sounds amazing

  • I know one day your gonna get 1 million 1 day

  • Sexy speaker sauce??

  • Sciencetist still can understand why garbage like this is exist

  • And thus a legend was born

  • Use a bench grinder with a buffing wheel with a set of rubbing compound for The perfect finish.

  • to the 487 people who disliked, i have 2 words for you: FUCK YOU.

  • 16:31 "it'll play fortnite" well that didn't age well.

  • the dog buiscits from 3 years ago werent as good as the buds

  • Wen yoo goht thee ol gritty ouut, oy lafft.


  • I'm so happy I got a pair of hd58x jubilees, got a good starter stack too. Never going back for sure.

  • And now since this video, they aren't as cheap. UK amazon sells them for over £130. Some sellers are even listing them for over £400.

  • Where it all started

  • i dont have a lot of money but i just got my sennheiser 280 pros. theyre pretty food for the price but now i wish i bought the samson.shit

  • You realise it’s better

  • The other colours case is not cheap

  • I'm so impressed with Meze

  • This guy ain't afraid of cancer 😂

  • I P O D T O U C H N A - N O

  • As a retail worker. It ain't Christmas anymore but I still frowned.

  • The Bluetooth iPod that I have is the fiio X1 2nd gen. Powered by Bluetooth 4.1 and works well with my airdots.

  • I got an ad for these during the video

  • The £21 KZ’s sound better than these £300 headphones. I have both and I feel like a right mug. Only saving grace is the beats were half price when I got them.

  • that thumbnail was taken in hell

  • I actual own the ematic! Got for a birthday awhile back. It has teteris and snake on it. It works fine in general.

  • because of your vids im buying new sennheisers.

  • i actually had that thing shown at 11:50 it was a christmas present back then the game actually still existed 😂

  • USB-A isn’t that bad, you’re just exaggerating and it got really old really quick

  • i play clarinet and i wanna know the song over the freakout so i can learn it

  • fuckin fine i wont watch the sad part

  • This name is worse then chreg

  • This dude is way too overenthusiastic

  • Android is basically Linux and since Linux is integrated in 85% > how is it you have granny level knowledge operating electronics in 2020?

  • you should uhhh, get a pair of Ops Core AMP tactical headsets and do a sound quality review of them

  • 1:30 or so HOLY SHIT I HAD A CLONE OF ONE OF THOSE!!! It was surprisingly good at its time lol. Easy to work with and everything worked well.

  • 5:28 I have no words to describe how funny that is

  • 11:37, wait a minute, the reflection in the MP3 player can't be you! You're just a camera with hands!!

  • I thought SSD used less power. Surprised that the HDD wins.

  • You really need to start doing stand-up comedy

  • @DankPods I have a genuine question if you can get a USB-c to 30 pin would it work the same as fire wire or do you need to invest in a fire wire

  • 0:27 Yooo I had that same mp3 player when I was like 7. I loved that mp3 player till it died and I got an ipod touch

  • Why do you look exactly how you sound

  • 4:05 why do you need ear muffs for an electronic drum set?

  • I boght the exact same wish airpods. except at a gas station

  • Woah... I’ve watched a lot of your videos that use that like jumpy tune to test the sound quality of headphones but I genuinely never heard the double bass until you used the AirPod max’s!

  • A brand new nugggggg

  • I don't have audiophile headphones. But I have yet to not be able to notice the difference between the two going against each other.

  • craig is cool even though its a old mans name

  • crazy nugget

  • "Uncool MP3 players" *shows a car flipping onto a fire hydrant*

  • Misread the title somehow as "Making the Coolest looking MP3 Player." Video was a constant disappointment due my poor expectations. 11/10, would snake again.


  • This makes for very interesting debate ... if you buy old mp3 players that are full of music. Can you keep the music? ;-)

  • Gotta love that "I'm on crack" vibe 😂 Great videos man :)

  • I kind of watched this video because that thing looked like a Wii controller. Lol. Also, DankPods is also so entertaining. Haha,

  • Just adding some engagement by saying I love your vids.

  • Na no

  • Your awesome man!!

  • I had one of those nanos..... I have no idea where it is. I'm scared it might explode eventually somewhere in my house

  • This was beautiful

  • This ain’t just a nug... It’s a whole 20 piece meal.