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Our mission is to build the most advanced robots on Earth, with remarkable mobility, agility, dexterity and speed. \nFor more information about Boston Dynamics and our robots, visit us at


2:55Do You Love Me?
Do You Love Me?visningar 27mn24 dagar sedan
1:30With you, Spot can
With you, Spot canvisningar 3,4mn7 månader sedan
0:39More Parkour Atlas
More Parkour Atlasvisningar 14mnÅr sedan
2:01Spot Launch
Spot Launchvisningar 10mnÅr sedan
1:07Mush, Spot, Mush!
Mush, Spot, Mush!visningar 7mnÅr sedan
1:38Handle Robot Reimagined for Logistics
1:09UpTown Spot
UpTown Spotvisningar 8mn2 år sedan
1:57Spot Robot Testing at Construction Sites
0:30Parkour Atlas
Parkour Atlasvisningar 12mn2 år sedan
0:34Getting some air, Atlas?
Getting some air, Atlas?visningar 11mn2 år sedan
3:16Spot Autonomous Navigation
Spot Autonomous Navigationvisningar 6mn2 år sedan
1:04Testing Robustness
Testing Robustnessvisningar 21mn2 år sedan
0:46Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?
Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?visningar 80mn2 år sedan
0:55What's new, Atlas?
What's new, Atlas?visningar 19mn3 år sedan
0:25The New Spot
The New Spotvisningar 33mn3 år sedan
1:37Introducing Handle
Introducing Handlevisningar 14mn3 år sedan
2:28Introducing Spot (previously SpotMini)
2:42Atlas, The Next Generation
Atlas, The Next Generationvisningar 37mn4 år sedan
HappyHolidaysvisningar 4,7mn5 år sedan
2:16Introducing Spot Classic (previously Spot)
2:09Introducing WildCat
Introducing WildCatvisningar 36mn7 år sedan
1:49Legged Robot Testing in Desert
Legged Robot Testing in Desertvisningar 1,7mn7 år sedan
1:04Atlas Update
Atlas Updatevisningar 3,1mn7 år sedan
1:05Petman Tests Camo
Petman Tests Camovisningar 6mn7 år sedan
0:48Dynamic Robot Manipulation
Dynamic Robot Manipulationvisningar 4,8mn8 år sedan
1:30LS3 - Legged Squad Support System
LS3 - Legged Squad Support Systemvisningar 3,8mn8 år sedan
1:09Sand Flea Jumping Robot
Sand Flea Jumping Robotvisningar 14mn8 år sedan
1:53RHex Rough-Terrain Robot
RHex Rough-Terrain Robotvisningar 8mn8 år sedan
0:58Cheetah Robot Gallops at 18 mph
Cheetah Robot Gallops at 18 mphvisningar 1mn9 år sedan
PETMANvisningar 4,9mn9 år sedan
1:25AlphaDog Proto
AlphaDog Protovisningar 2,2mn9 år sedan
1:56BigDog Evolution
BigDog Evolutionvisningar 6mn9 år sedan
3:26BigDog Overview (Updated March 2010)
BigDog Overview (Updated March 2010)visningar 8mn10 år sedan
1:15PETMAN Prototype
PETMAN Prototypevisningar 3,9mn11 år sedan
1:24BigDog Beach'n
BigDog Beach'nvisningar 2,1mn11 år sedan
0:28BigDog Olé
BigDog Olévisningar 3,3mn12 år sedan
LegLabvisningar 569tn12 år sedan
LittleDogvisningar 2,7mn12 år sedan
RISEvisningar 1,2mn12 år sedan
2:12BigDog Reflexes
BigDog Reflexesvisningar 1,7mn12 år sedan


  • CGI has really progressed so fukin much. This looks real!!

  • Какого хера там происходит?

  • ٩ طق ي يص

  • Just automate the car man, why robot need legs 😂

  • One step closer to our extinction

  • Pfff...robot Fyodor forever !

  • I really don't understand people disliking this video

  • welcome to hyundai, noob

  • Social distancing social dancing is possible!!

  • In b4, the cameraman is also a robot.

    • no wonder the movements were so smooth

  • Purée ils dansent mieux que moi 😫

  • Blockston dogmatics

  • No

  • i have some fear watching this, to be honest=)) inevitable, heartless death of human kind=)) but that is awesome at the same time=) the progress is awesome.

  • Incredible

  • 1:08 its hilarious how the robot dog was mouthing the words

  • I cried and laughed, this is so nya!

  • 77

  • вот она, железная поступь неотвратимой смерти человечества.

  • Mum: “we have terminator at home” *terminator at home:*

  • wth??? is this real?????

    • it’s real. It’s made by a company that specialises in robots. check out the channel it’s pretty neat

    • CGI

  • Don't tell me that's real.

    • 100% real. No CGI

  • *jurrasic park kitchen scene*

  • Boxing robot please

  • Oh no terminators ......

  • Атлас, молодец!!!!!

  • nice

  • I wonder what happens if they get AI to be self aware and to understand the world, will AIs find meaning and a reason to live. We live for sex and everything else what would lead to a emission of Dopamine and other stimulants, and still many of us struggle seaching for a reasen to live, other than not to die. What will they live for and what will they find out about the world?

  • SEnewss algorithm should have recommended it earlier

  • ❤❤❤

  • 一个字,牛逼

  • but can it do the Elaine?

  • きっと、カメラマンもロボットだな。

  • Great. Now, when they become self-aware, they can kill us all AND dance on our graves...

  • Газель лучше всех танцует... Особо балет

  • 현대가 인수했다~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 대체 얼마나 어떻게 뭐가 될지 기대가 넘모넘모 되는 부분이다! 미쳤네... 불거 십수년전만에해도 걸어댕기는 로봇만 봐도 우와우와 이러면서 뉴스났던거 같은데 이젠 춤을 추고있네;;; 세상참

  • cyberpunk be like

  • Np

  • They can dance better than me. Great song too.

  • *Elon liked this

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  • MAN created god !

  • Scarry

  • That is amazing. well done.

  • Russian robots: we are cosplay suits. Boston robots: we are cosplaying dancing people.

  • And That's how Terminator was created ! :p

  • I'm ScArEd.

  • ID love to see these robots doing that hip hop dance challenge i keep seeing on tiktok.

  • I think that is not fun, it´s just terrifying... The end is near

    • @Lukáš Olšovský drones, thats what they are capable of. Now shut up about the end of the world and just enjoy the present at which you live to be able to witness robots dancing like this

    • @NunsenseStudios2110 oh please don´t be that naive :o) If this is what they can show to us, what are robots capable of in the army etc...

    • What makes you think the end is near? It's just robots dancing. Chill.

  • Are these real?

  • 저 육중한 몸을 골반 관절이 버텨주고 움직임도 절도 있게 컨트롤이 된다..... 이건 와~~~


  • This really gives 7 years old video vibes despite being a video showcasing impressive technology

  • So much coding

  • This felling when robo dog is dancing better than you

  • Happy technology evolution Now you have a chance to have a safety dance partner after COVID happened .

  • Its Amazing

  • i think we all can agree they are much better at dancing than any tik tok user out there.

  • Put on a layer of synthetic realistic human looking skin and it could be hard to distinguish from a human at first glance

    • @Augusto Severini unless its a fat dude with a wide head

    • not with the proportions of that model...

    • ..and that's what scary..

  • The people who disliked this are just jealous that robots can dance better than them.

  • 1:27 : Me living a happy life 1:29 :Crippling Nicotine addiction

  • We’ve entered a new age of psychological warfare.

  • me: this is awesome, i love it, what does it do? sales man: walk and... it could carry a brick? me with a plate full of bricks: okay

  • 20,000 plus people didn't like this? Let me guess--the virtual bot army that lack physical form.

  • One has to wonder, if this is the technology that can be publicized.... what does the military have?

    • Autonomous Tanks and Drones for starters

  • After 11 years it’s still in my recommendations... the beginning of spot..

  • NO ONE: BOSTON DYNAMICS: ... This ME: Ok that was great! now if we could stop work on Skynet that would be great

    • Only way to stop Skynet is to build a better Skynet

  • This is great till they have guns and badges...

    • Shut up

    • @14megasxlr u gonna fight bullets with water and sand lol how

    • How terrifying, a soldier I can kill with a big magnet, and/or some water or sand.

  • Man the advancement in technology really amazes me. I still remember when I was a kid, I read somewhere that it is hard for bipedal robots to run like humans because it means at some point both their feet would be off ground. That was only less than 10 years ago and now we have this

  • That is truly amazing

  • Dog-Snake-Bot!!!

  • Потрясающе! Огромный респект!!! Пёса вообще красавец) Awesome! Huge respect !!! The dog is generally handsome)

  • I love the main comment but I've always been asking for something like this I love technology keep it up Boston #Florida boy 2021 lol

  • This is peak robotics performance right there

  • This is Samuel Haydens Beta

  • You could've been born in ancient Greece... you could've been born in the middle ages.... but here you are...lucky enough to see this incredibly sophisticated technology

  • Turn off the sound and marvel at the flawless acts of movement ......truly revolutionary

  • 😂😂Funniest robots I have ever see in my life. You did an amazing job, me and my friends really enjoyed that.