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Our mission is to build the most advanced robots on Earth, with remarkable mobility, agility, dexterity and speed.
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2:01Introducing Stretch
Introducing Stretchvisningar 2,3mn14 dagar sedan
24:25Launch Event: Meet Spot's Expanded Product Line
1:45Meet Spot Enterprise
Meet Spot Enterprisevisningar 573tn2 månader sedan
2:12Spot's Got an Arm!
Spot's Got an Arm!visningar 9mn2 månader sedan
2:55Do You Love Me?
Do You Love Me?visningar 31mn3 månader sedan
1:30With you, Spot can
With you, Spot canvisningar 3,6mn10 månader sedan
0:39More Parkour Atlas
More Parkour Atlasvisningar 15mnÅr sedan
2:01Spot Launch
Spot Launchvisningar 11mnÅr sedan
1:07Mush, Spot, Mush!
Mush, Spot, Mush!visningar 8mn2 år sedan
1:38Handle Robot Reimagined for Logistics
1:09UpTown Spot
UpTown Spotvisningar 8mn2 år sedan
1:57Spot Robot Testing at Construction Sites
0:30Parkour Atlas
Parkour Atlasvisningar 13mn2 år sedan
0:34Getting some air, Atlas?
Getting some air, Atlas?visningar 11mn2 år sedan
3:16Spot Autonomous Navigation
Spot Autonomous Navigationvisningar 7mn2 år sedan
1:04Testing Robustness
Testing Robustnessvisningar 27mn3 år sedan
0:46Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?
Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?visningar 118mn3 år sedan
0:55What's new, Atlas?
What's new, Atlas?visningar 19mn3 år sedan
0:25The New Spot
The New Spotvisningar 46mn3 år sedan
1:37Introducing Handle
Introducing Handlevisningar 14mn4 år sedan
2:28Introducing Spot (previously SpotMini)
2:42Atlas, The Next Generation
Atlas, The Next Generationvisningar 38mn5 år sedan
HappyHolidaysvisningar 4,7mn5 år sedan
2:16Introducing Spot Classic (previously Spot)
2:09Introducing WildCat
Introducing WildCatvisningar 38mn7 år sedan
1:49Legged Robot Testing in Desert
Legged Robot Testing in Desertvisningar 1,8mn7 år sedan
1:04Atlas Update
Atlas Updatevisningar 3,2mn7 år sedan
1:05Petman Tests Camo
Petman Tests Camovisningar 6mn8 år sedan
0:48Dynamic Robot Manipulation
Dynamic Robot Manipulationvisningar 4,8mn8 år sedan
1:30LS3 - Legged Squad Support System
LS3 - Legged Squad Support Systemvisningar 4mn8 år sedan


  • Little overkill? You don't need a robot to physically go to a place and take a picture of a thermometer or manometer needle. There are cheap digital ones that will send the data to a server. And from there send alerts via email or apps...


  • Niye 99000p

  • I think this is the best video that I have seen on SEnewss.

  • So good to watch

  • Should have sent the guy the robo dog that pisses beer as its main function

  • Imagine how fast that thing could go if it had rubber wheels with better grip

  • Quite trying to make these look cute. We know they will end up being used for nefarious reasons.

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  • you still lied to me Boston Dynamics

  • What scares me about these things dancing, is the same thing about Terry Crews doing the Robot that scares the shit outta me.

  • 1:28 sneakpeek of stretch :)

  • Ol

  • The amount of coding that went into this... unreal.. probably a year minimum

  • Ever wonder about idea of Dr Octopus's waving hands from men's back, which are having eyes and can grabbing things

  • Boy I sure hope no one makes it piss beer

  • Get pissed on.

  • Get pissed on.

  • This is absolutely terrifying

  • I want to see them do Irish step dancing.

  • Most importantly It pee beer

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  • Didn't know Berry Gordy wrote that.

  • Well this is impressive.

  • Ni BTS puede con esto :V

  • they kinda vibin tho

  • warehouse worker here OI WTF i feel attacked make some other kind of robot the fuck? dont make a robot to take a way jobs you asshole

  • It moves like a stop motion movie :O

  • What a time to be alive.

  • Should I invest in Boston dynamics? Or a few boxes of 1000, green tip AP bullets?!

  • you are the aperture sciences of real life!

  • Welcome to the future

  • Why do robots have to look human like ? Isn't it more important to priorize their functionality after all?

    • Well I do know if a robot imitates a human walk it obviously has to act and move like one. But we humans can't do everything on our own unless we invent technologies to work with... for example flying. We cannot fly but a robot can be designed to fly, just as drones.. and they do not look like humans.

    • cuz its cool

    • Designed for which function? A human form can do basically everything in our world

    • @Koa Hosoi that is how humans have solved countless problems found solutions and invented lots of things. They looked to nature. If something is in nature it’s there for a reason, if it didn’t work it would disappear quickly by natural selection.

    • @G Gg this is probably why robots look like. either humans or animals. basically (i think) robot companies are like "if it works in nature why not work with robots??" thus the robots were born

  • Official colab with Michael reeves is needed

  • guys, that thing is 80kg, you can be terrified.

    • @smart451cab sure enough, but 80kg of hard metal is worse than 80kg of soft tissue. they are indeed human sized but more like 1m50. now a 2m 150kg one would start to get creepy lol.

    • I weigh 90kg, and I hardly think I would terrify anyone. Draw their pity (or scorn) maybe, but not their fear, LOL. Only 80kg for the humanoid robots, really? I'd have guessed more. I assumed they were human sized, but that may have been a false assumption.

  • Lol I love this

  • The cylons were created by man. They evolved. They rebelled.

  • Imagine if they can pee beer

  • I do love and fully support.....but me and my female gsd could do that, and faster.


  • Robot: Yo Jimmy do the Human!!

  • Everybody gangster until the robots cha cha

  • Really hope this doesn’t pee beer into a cup...

  • Where is the beer piss attachment

    • i swear everyone here now is just like "pissbot michle reeves lol"

  • A man: Quick spot! Shut the gaz or we'll all die! Spot: 1:13

  • I just noticed it loops!!!

  • Now honestly it is pretty cool but it looks really cursed

  • It's Superb, Humans are doing Robotics dance and Robot's are doing like human dance 👌

  • Its hard to believe this is real bc its so smooth

  • i love how a bunch of people thought to watch this video the same day

    • Came straight here after watching an ARK-Invest video about automation. Research done for the day.... time for the fun side of it

  • Big deal, I can mash potatoes as well. Well kinda...

  • If this becomes a product i would have someone do my chores for me

  • YES I DO ATLAS, I ABSOLOUTELY DO!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • 3D studio max well ;)

  • Stunning! Now I love robots even more than I did before.

  • why are these comments so recent?

  • How can you not smile?

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  • It’s not just manual warehouse jobs that could be automated. I’ve heard that many white collar jobs even up to doctors as well. What will all these people do?

  • Это фантастика ставшая реальностью...

  • It looks like there is only one accessory point and spot can either have a “head” or an “arm” but not both. Maybe they should come up with “Ant”-a six legged bot where the front two legs are actually arms with hands.

  • Pissbot 9000

  • Very funny. Those programmers must have had fun with that one.

  • That’s cool and all but can it piss beat in a cup

  • Is buying a Spot to read gauges a smart move? I'd rather install wireless gauges that transmits data.

  • but is it cheaper than human labor?

  • Spot for Vice President!

  • In a world where all boxes are perfectly shaped, clean and intact...

  • I would have been in total awe if the first two robots were dirty dancing together, I'd be like , ok were officially done!

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  • The apocalypse has begun

  • One good thing about these puppies 🐶 is they are potty trained.

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  • i remember beeing a kid seeing a robot on tv that was able to walk upright. that was an insane breakthrough at the time and stuff like this just shows me how far we have come during my lifetime :O

    • You're younger than I am. I grew up with Robby the Robot.

  • Вы большие молодцы! Очень приятный отчет о проделанной работе!

  • I like this one but not the human ones

  • This is so fake!!! 🤣🤣🤣

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  • IEEE article...