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We are a blooming brand for master craftsmen and DIY home enthusiasts. Explore a range of power and hand tools as well as accessories in "Qwikcrafts ". Our top-quality, innovative product selection is only to get your job done with success. We acknowledge you need accuracy, and we are going to serve the highest quality to meet your standards at a reasonable price point.


0:16Tile Cracks Repairing  Paste Demo 2021
1:20How to Use Wireless Mini Welding Gun 2021
How to Use Wireless Mini Welding Gun 2021visningar 50322 timmar sedan
0:14Bumper Repair Test 2021
Bumper Repair Test 2021visningar 86tn22 timmar sedan
0:24Wireless Mini Welding Gun with Torch 2021
Wireless Mini Welding Gun with Torch 2021visningar 8tn22 timmar sedan
0:23How to Lay Tile like a PRO 2021
How to Lay Tile like a PRO 2021visningar 53tnDag sedan
0:26Labor Savng ARM 2021
Labor Savng ARM 2021visningar 150tnDag sedan
0:08Universal Socket Tool 2021
Universal Socket Tool 2021visningar 75tnDag sedan
0:11Firewood Drill Bit Demo 2021
Firewood Drill Bit Demo 2021visningar 50tnDag sedan
0:33Magnetic Screw Drill Bit 2021- Does it Work?
0:14Nut Splitter Tool Demo 2021- Does it Work?
0:19Universal Super Glue Test 2021- Does it Work?
0:08How to Tie Rebar Like a Pro 2021
How to Tie Rebar Like a Pro 2021visningar 28tn7 dagar sedan
0:10How To Use Broken Screw Extractor 2021
How To Use Broken Screw Extractor 2021visningar 1,8mn7 dagar sedan
0:10How to Fix Screws for Plywood 2021?
How to Fix Screws for Plywood 2021?visningar 16tn7 dagar sedan
0:09Metal Repair Paste Demo 2021
Metal Repair Paste Demo 2021visningar 9mn14 dagar sedan
0:11Magnetic Screw Drill Bit 2021
Magnetic Screw Drill Bit 2021visningar 6mn14 dagar sedan
0:11Expansion Anchor Bolts Demo 2021- Does it Work ?
0:11Tile Hole Repair Kit Demo 2021- Does it Work?
0:52How to Use Snaps Buttons Fastener Pliers 2021
0:136 In 1 Multifunction Key Tool
6 In 1 Multifunction Key Toolvisningar 74tn14 dagar sedan
0:18Deburring Tool Demo 2021- Does it work?
Deburring Tool Demo 2021- Does it work?visningar 1,6mn14 dagar sedan
0:26Metal Repair Paste Demo 2021- Wow Things
Metal Repair Paste Demo 2021- Wow Thingsvisningar 265tn14 dagar sedan
0:1690° Right Angle Clamp
90° Right Angle Clampvisningar 25tn14 dagar sedan
1:07How to Use Metal Repair Paste 2021
How to Use Metal Repair Paste 2021visningar 4,8tn14 dagar sedan
0:15Flexible Extension Drill Extension
Flexible Extension Drill Extensionvisningar 262tn21 dag sedan


  • All you gotta do is hold it like a man bro

  • Got those works grrat 👍

  • Oddly satisfying

  • tree lives matter lol

  • this song

  • Damn if only you were going the correct way for the first time

  • Wow....plastic metal finally brought to the market

  • Let natural selection do it’s thing

  • Porque le hace agujeros si de todas formas lo va a pegar

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  • What did I just see?

  • That will be pretty noticable on a bumper. I guess it can be a temporary solution but if you want it long term then it ain't gonna look pretty

  • Please share the purchase link..

  • Yep like that ..

  • How can I purchase it?

  • He nailed it for nothing... Lol

  • What’s more annoying then stupid advertising? Some without an ability to buy the thing... where is the LINK?

  • What for is the firecracker?

  • Cuando vas a apretar un tornillo y terminas montando una rave

  • I must have one of those to fix my bumper asap where can I order one from asap

  • This video is trash and you need to stop posting

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  • Why though

  • Let’s not talk about how slow that drill was moving

  • Brain.exe Has stopped working

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  • I would be been convinced if you'd actually applied some pressurevwith that drill. It tickled at best.

  • Not a screw, that’s a nipple! Totally different and much easier to remove as its HOLLOW inside. Need NO tool to remove!

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  • That music again?

  • itu lem apa nama nya

  • My question is why don't peoe building houses use this to cover the pipes in the first place too avoid this happening😑

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  • finally, I can fix my headphones 👁👄👁

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  • não entendi nada!🙄

  • Its not a broken 'screw' extractor. It's an easy out, used to get threaded nipples that are broke or damaged, out of whatever they are threaded into.

  • Its not hard for all the people asking how they work. Lay down your adhesive or thin set, put your tiles on the adhesive and bed them down, then use these to fine adjust the level and minimise lippage. They are not for adjust the level more than a few mm or you will end up with a void under the tile. After the adhesive has set they can mostly removed and reused, but the odd one might be stuck. In the case of being stuck twist and break the metal and throw away. You still need spacers. Alternatively just use a straight edge and adjust by hand.

  • Plasterboard...

  • Zooms out to show finished product. Must remember to tell my customers to stand 30ft away when inspecting my work.

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  • Why did he pierce it with nails 🙄 one more thing he applied super glue with fingers 😂

  • He stole a catalytic converter to do this

  • I never understood why every video of this ends up with them lighting a firecracker what's the point of lighting the fuse

  • This was accurate and very unlike most infomercials which exaggerate things. “Tired of trying to screw stuff and your screw keeps falling?” (Screws and drills flying everywhere. Woman shaking head. Blood splatter on walls)

  • Как называется этот гермо?

  • Amazing.i like it very usefull...

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  • Amd the drill is in reverse WHY

  • Full tutorial of how to use tools: Step one: Use it Step two: Pretend that you are the only one who could think about it

  • I realy hate these types of video s

  • And people are worried about covid-19 ? Sewer fishing for toilet paper now days ? Probably not a good idea

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  • So how old, dull and rusty is that drillbit?

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  • Husband: "Damnit! HONEY, I can't get the damn screw off the bit!"

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  • Dude you don't even know what the tool is called or what its used for.....

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  • Fire was out by the time they placed in the paste....

  • My biggest question is why is there a mortart shell?

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