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7:31:26Derek Chauvin trial | Day 11


  • More copycats, not again.

  • Republicans are always gonna loose as long as they keep latching on to the orange menace and the racism they show is also making them loose

  • every commentor, that is doing they're typical "hopes and prayers" b#llshit commentating need to actually try, to use your brains. #prayersareNOTsolutions

  • They are bussing people in from Texas and they are already busing in antifa Following the money? No id?

  • Smh

  • Alienation of the mother, but, hey, you do what you got to do. I think this woman is a hero.

  • Why they call them Protesters??? This are riots looting and terrorizing the communities for God sakes

  • Oh my God! What on earth is wrong with America? Donald Trump is the cause of so much agony.

  • they could've blurred her chest though

  • Republicans in Congress NEED TO REFORM GUN LAWS IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! This MUST STOP🥺

  • Good man!!!

  • So the government pulling out all the stops to grab ppl guns they Even committ these acts themselves then come in an play hero. The ppl are woke

  • There’s the “brainwashing” move by the media! “Another young Black man...” So, what happened? Why was he pulled over? Why was he placed under arrest? Why did he try to flee AFTER being placed under arrest? It appears there was a warrant for his arrest. Why would you make decisions that would generate a warrant for your arrest??? Then, we have video THAT HE MADE that demonstrates that he was a potential threat to any Police officer that pulls him over. I’m sure the Police weren’t aware of this video...maybe...but ‘we’ can see he had a very troubling mindset.

  • 0:17

  • I just don't understand how the elevator door stayed open. It was about to close but stop WATCH THE DOOR 0:09 A elevator door stays open for 3-5 seconds so why did it stay open for 2 min without anything keeping it open??

  • 0:36

  • He resisted and tried to drive away. Thats was his fault for doing so and should've cooperated. The officer shouldve been more responsible in distinguishing her firearm with her tazer. No one had to die, and yet this incident happened because of irrational decisions and lack of awareness.

  • The only lives that truly matter are those who respect the lives of others. I’m sure his warrant was just mistake.

  • What a mess! Now the cops are all going to a 12 hr day 7 days a week that they were going to do at end of the Chavin trail. Don't know how many people have tried that but it's not going to help cops make fewer mistakes.

  • Another one

  • Stupid cop!! That innocent man could of been killed

  • When is Kumswala Harris going to applaud the rioters and set up bail for any that are arrested?

  • You don’t know the difference between a gun and taser! And your policing communities! It’s a misfire really!! Is it really just that simple! It’s three I counted maybe more! officer why do you need a taser anyway! For this situation!

  • stop selling racisim..a tragic accident that is a good excuse for stuff

  • All I can say is, "Jesus take the wheel".

  • #ACAB


  • Blame Trumpvirus

  • Dont jack blm if he would have complied he would definitely be in HIS HOUSE WITH HIS SON his fault

  • Pourquoi les meurtres continuent de se produire aux États-Unis sans que l’on puisse voir la fin? C’est vraiment triste de voir la femme en larmes.

  • I had no idea there were different kinds of Uber: Uber & Uber Pool? How interesting...I learned something new today by watching this video.

  • how adorable..the governor is "praying"..isnt that GrEaT???? helps alot ..right?? are the churches helping?? #buildschoolsNOTchurches we require solutions..not disingenuous "prayers!" the ONLY thing that prayers do, is make the person doing the praying feel better..makes them feel like they've "done" something.

  • Marshall law coming


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  • This is a load of crap.... jus sayin...

  • that reporter should be FIRED, END OF STORY

  • Bye, I prefer online classes now!

  • The Pentagon says the USA will lose quickly to China in a war with Biden as POTUS... IMPEACH BIDEN/HARRIS....

  • Was every race.

  • The people you Stole and looted is looting you 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 I can't make this up

  • We're not even in the top 5 of nations with mass shootings. But you'd never know it with the media we have.

  • What is the demographic of this student body?

  • She is a super hero ❤️

  • Blacks and whites was 👇🏻

  • Hold your head up hunny you did it

  • Meanwhile a 10 year old gets shot every weekend in Chicago along with 30 other people

  • Oh boy here we go again, color war.......I dont care green, blue, yellow, black, white. He had a warrant, he gave up his right when he was going to run.

  • By survive the jive

  • Every race is protesting whites. And calling us a racist or white supremacy. Pass a law. This is abuse , and Discrimination. And the oldest bones in America was white. White mummies Tocharian’s an INDO of China.

  • The governor needs to something than just thoughts and prayers. But won't.

  • Yeah were in the end times. No doubt about it. Time is short

  • Ironic how as soon as Covid cases went down and Biden wanted more gun control that mass shootings suddenly spiked.

    • If that’s what your monkey brain concluded from all of this, sure

  • Democrats will be chomping at the bit to use this against us

  • Yt guy.


  • I like going to school and hearing BOOM BOOM BOOM... and the screams of my fellow classmates as we hide, yes. I quite enjoy this version of hide n seek

  • So sad! God bless those families!

  • Nothing like constantly giving ammo. to the gun hating left.

  • How fracking incompetent is the law enforcement agencies in that state? And can you all shove your prayers and whatever where the sun doesn't shine! What good does all those useless gestures do to those corpses in the morgues?😫😫😫😫

  • They will all get off!

  • Lucky baby!

  • these are the last days, the volcano eruptions confirm it

  • Floyd’s death is fully documented on video recorded from multiple angles: the onlookers cellphones, the officers body cameras, a surveillance camera across the street. All the jurors have to do is believe their own eyes and ears.

  • I predicted this I had a nightmare last night about a shooting I live in Tennessee

    • Were in the end times. Spiritual war. People have dreams. Evil is on the rise. Time is short

  • I’m pretty sure a taser and a gun haves a weight difference even if it don’t u can look down and see “aww I don’t have a taser I have my gun”

    • she's actually never pulled her taser in her entire career... Nor her gun... Is that possible?

  • Thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers and on and on and on and nothing changes

  • Miracle Resurrection, almost. If they could just loot a few more stores, maybe burn a police precinct, it would bring back to life this young man. But wait, I did not bring him back to life! But at least several hundred got the sale of the century under free flat screen TVs, Gucci handbags, and other items on their shopping list. You don't need no credit card oh, you just take it and run.

  • Every discriminates fired job so be careful whites

  • Resistance or not! It doesn't justify shooting at an unarmed black man or any individual for that matter. They need to start giving Officers the death penalty for unlawfully killings. It's just ridiculous!

  • And now Guy, vote "Yes" to recall your crappy Governor who in effect shut down your State.

  • Bro that’s it I need a break from the news for a few days.... If I went there I would drop out IMMEDIATELY if my kid went there I would never send them back💯💯💯

  • Do. Not. Resist. Arrest. Like cmon

  • Here goes the protest, the pastors, the BLM movement, officials you only see in big incidents. Then they'll die down and wait for another BIG incident. 🤫

  • Every channel needs to have this on an all over the internet!