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A computer video series focusing mainly on retro technology from the 80's, 90's and 2000's. However, once or twice a year I'll create something totally "out there." My main goal at this point is to make educational content about retro technology that is interesting and engaging. Some people will be re-living their childhood, while others will be experiencing the technology for the first time.

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15:10What Happened to America's Electronics Stores?
8:58Texas in Crisis - My house is ruined!
Texas in Crisis - My house is ruined!visningar 1,2mnMånad sedan
19:48How Machine Language Works
How Machine Language Worksvisningar 301tn2 månader sedan
23:28Pocket Computers from the 1980s
Pocket Computers from the 1980svisningar 517tn2 månader sedan
14:13Building a case for the Mini-PET
Building a case for the Mini-PETvisningar 208tn3 månader sedan
23:53Attack of the PETSCII Robots - Part 2
Attack of the PETSCII Robots - Part 2visningar 171tn3 månader sedan
15:058-Bit Guy Studio Construction - Part 2
8-Bit Guy Studio Construction - Part 2visningar 367tn4 månader sedan
19:09Rare Commodore Systems Found at Electronics Recycler
19:22Tomy Tutor - Restoration and Review
Tomy Tutor - Restoration and Reviewvisningar 250tn5 månader sedan
18:46My New Game - Attack of the PETSCII Robots - Part 1
15:16New 8-Bit Guy Studio Construction - Part 1
New 8-Bit Guy Studio Construction - Part 1visningar 434tn7 månader sedan
26:52Mini PET - Build a Commodore PET from all new parts!
9:21What does a computer mouse see?
What does a computer mouse see?visningar 1,7mn8 månader sedan
25:34Texas Nerd Road Trip - Part 3
Texas Nerd Road Trip - Part 3visningar 158tn8 månader sedan
12:24Color Maximite 2 - ARM CPU that runs BASIC!
Color Maximite 2 - ARM CPU that runs BASIC!visningar 350tn9 månader sedan
17:22Timex Sinclair 2068 - The American ZX Spectrum
Timex Sinclair 2068 - The American ZX Spectrumvisningar 402tn10 månader sedan
35:43Tech from Texas Part 2: Midway, DeLorean, Compaq, NASA
20:41Amazing Tech from Texas - Part 1: 3D Realms
Amazing Tech from Texas - Part 1: 3D Realmsvisningar 358tn10 månader sedan
16:27Vintage Hearoid Robot Restoration
Vintage Hearoid Robot Restorationvisningar 391tn11 månader sedan
37:22108 Rare and Bizarre Media Types
108 Rare and Bizarre Media Typesvisningar 1,9mn11 månader sedan
13:31Tour of Home Network 2020
Tour of Home Network 2020visningar 2,1mnÅr sedan
28:06Commodore History Part 7 - Disk Drives


  • For shame! "...cassettes and CDs..." Not ONE nod of the hat to LPs and singles!

  • Good job !

  • You watch Futurama? True man of culture

  • When I think of all the cool electronics we had, I can't think of one that does something the mobile phone doesn't do. So, the mobile phone has taken over everything.

  • Great work Dave.

  • I have seen a red cross emblem on tons of stuff not related to the organisation, what a crock.

  • No picture or recording is because, I think, to avoid plotting for terrorism, shall we say from the 80s term, communism.

  • The lack of all the Service Merchandise, Fry's, Heather's, etc. - you name it, has provided a fantastic market for the few remaining like Microcenter. I can't tell you how much I miss having a Radio Shack always nearby for components I needed or wanted. Those drawers were always chocked full of goodies, with all kinds of project boxes, breadboards, wire, etc. all around them. Brings a tear to me'eye just thinking about it. lol - These days, it is really nice to still be able to drive a bit to MicroCenter and still be able to pickup a Pi and all kinds of accessories, PC components, all kinds of stuff.

  • did you not know about it or did you just forget the difference between soft sector and hard sector floppies? that was used on both 5.25" and 8" floppies to determine what sector you were reading from. soft sectoring only had one index hole and i believe hard sectoring had 8 holes. you compare 5.25" floppies to 8" floppies. the 5.25" double sided double density disk would only hold 360kBytes, but the double sided double density 8" disk would hold a huge 800kBytes. by the time 3.5" disks came out, only soft sectoring was used, if i remember correctly. keep in mind, everything i have just commented on ONLY applies to cp/m machines that used the 8080 and z80 processor, which usually came from zilog, ibm pcs and pc clones.

  • Great video, I miss those electronic stores and arcades. Kids these days can’t even go to a Toys R Us... fun fact if you go to Japan or Philippines you will see all kinds of electronic stores...

  • The Apple GS version looks great. Who made the graphics?

  • Best Buy seems to be doing okay. But, that might be attributable to Fry's going out of business.

  • Oh boy it's such fun to see there my first computer and its softwares. Thank you so much !

  • I like this type of episode

  • Glad to see you back man!

  • 9:13 mm, fresh deep fried snes controller adapters

  • We lost our Frys in Burbank, Ca which was great. They all had a theme. This was an alien invasion flying saucer kind of thing and it just added to the whole experience of being in the store. Their gone. _Sadness_ RadioShack was awesome! I was a Tandy computer nerd. I had a commodore Vic-20 but my Tandy computers were awesome! Nothing better then loading cassette programs onto my Color Computer 3. <CLoad> <Enter> Pure heaven!

  • Make it on nes

  • nerd tip. you can use the floppy disc to look directly at the sun light to see the sun light shape

  • that IRS is a record label. see what is on there! could be lost band footage!

  • This is a great explainer - wish this video was available a few years earlier! If anyone is interested to see footage from this camera within a feature film, we used the PXL-2000 to film all the recreations intercut throughout the 2014 PBS documentary 'Broken Heart Land'. ( ) You can see it in the trailer, without having to purchase the film.

  • I'm from the South West, and we didnt have all of these, only a few, but the most renowned was Hastings. Oh I miss Hastings so much.

  • Great

  • I use an old ASUS (about 10 years old) to run excel to create a work schedule for my job, and a few other things. It works great for being older I even installed windows 10 on it lol! Of course it’s a little slow but it gets the job done so I don’t have to use my home computers for work!

  • 35:02 I still work on/fix Plasmon UDO cabinets, they always remind me of the beginning of Hackers. :) here's a video I made of a cabinet doing a self test (with a limited amount of disks)

  • I remember buying warcraft 3 and diablo at Fry's. I remember the aisle, the strange box shapes (trapezoids). I can't wait to show my kids the boxes in a couple of years. I even bought some games to be delivered from amazon for their new switch. ~DVD sized container with a tiny chip inside, sad.

  • _"What Does Computer Mouse See?"_ Me: this is not nude anime girl i can told it's Minecraft 100% really! Other: *I SEE MINECRAFT COBBLESTONE TEXTURE PACK!*


  • Love the 80s felling nostalgic seen those catalogs ..🥲

  • I’m Sad for frys stores 😪that was my electronic store to go to ...

  • David, long time viewer. Just a quick acknowledgement of your work on this channel thus far, the amazing theme that always brings a smile and wanted to give a little moral support while you recover from a tough winter. Keep up the great work sir!

  • The next step is creating VR experiences of online shopping that mimics the displays of the 80s/90s. That'd be fun.

  • the hi res monohrome mode is almost macintosh quality! this may be the best looking game you and your boys have made!

  • software etc.?

  • One problem at Frys was they did not pay us workers. One time the company did not pay all three hundred people in the store. It was almost a riot. I got the government to look into this and the began to get pay after I left. I wondered how long Frys would last after they had to pay. I was also a manager for radio sheik. I had an order for 4400 TRS 16K computer. This was legit and I called Radio Shack HQ in Fort Worth and talked to a RS vice president and he had no idea what I was talking about. The VP could not believe I was a Radio Shack manager and thought we sold computers. There would not be cell phones if not for Charles Tandy he took the modular jack to the supreme court. If he had not passed early Tandy would have made the cell a natural extension from the CB radio.

  • As an autistic person, I have to agree the background is distracting. I hope the replacement is more in the "background". Great channel! interesting stuff! WHERE do you find 5.25" floppies? I thought they stopped making them. Maybe they make them again. How cool. Great video. Looks like a supremely fun game. All good wishes!

  • When you cut the package of floppys open, it got me kind of worked up. I found myself suddenly yelling "NOOOO" as you removed the film. I let it go and went on with watching, after taking a deep breath. Then you go and rip out the floppy and the hard sectored floppy's poor insides out. Nobobo in their right mind should ever do that, you crazy bastard. You're a monster! I mean all of that ironically, of course. You're a bold man, sir. I just subscribed, and look forward to the rest of your content!

  • “DON’T YOU KNOW THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM?!?!?!” Love the shirt, man!!😁

  • Woah, you're shipping Planet X3 boxes again?! Didn't know that. Paused that video, placed the order, resuming video now :-) !

  • I like your content, but isn't putting a live fish in a letterbox slightly cruel?

  • Seen you do that a few times, ignore good advice vis-a-vis the Red Cross matter, often times it has nothing to do with what's logical or reasonable but nonetheless real. YT comments are NOT just rude cries of ignorance. ;) That was pretty neat about the PET music, new things for the platform even now. Said it before but it's a golden age for retro adapters, cool to see it built and nice shell. Only so much you can do for worse AV connection setups, the worse it gets the better lower resolutions like the VIC-20 look compared to the C64, just the nature of the CRT and analog video ports. Speak of the Devil, the Apple II is a very weird analog video color standard that was tricky for emulators. Regardless some nice elegant solutions. ;) Wow didn't know there was a soundcard solution for the A2, certainly beats having nothing at all. What you can't write software for a nonexistent unfinished platform, I thought you were talented? ^_^ Looks like everything turned out great, kudos to you and everyone else. :D

  • Since the code is 6502 code, couldn't this game be ported to NES and/or SNES ?

  • Some kind of ape. Only the most famous computer picture is all.

  • I still enjoying browsing in Jaycar Electronics here in regional Victoria, Australia which is pretty much the classic electronics store. I also fondly remember the Computer Markets in the '80's, every Sunday at local town halls and schools. I think it was the selling of pirated floppy disks at those markets which ended up killing them off. The upshot is that now it's rare for youngsters to have skill in solving electronics problems. If it's broken you throw it away and buy a new one. Community radio stations, for instance, have trouble finding technicians to repair and redesign gear.

  • Great show as always. Thank you for all your hard work on all of these passion projects. Glad to see them coming to fruition. Definite kudos to the Apple ][ port team on what looks like an amazing success. I did want to point out a few Apple graphics details that may be helpful, or at least interesting. Not just the 8 bits for 7 pixels nonsense, but the entire video memory memory map is a very odd beast, probably worthy of it’s own show: (The high res mode is basically 8 consecutive text modes shifted down a pixel and superimposed. Each text mode consists of 8 128 byte buffers, corresponding to 8 consecutive lines of 40 characters from the top, middle and bottom of the screen. With 8 bytes unused at the end of each triple line.) The C64 text mode appears to be 40x25 chars, next to Apple’s 40x24, so you may possibly be able to do a more direct port by treating the 40x24 char grid as indivisible units, which greatly simplifies the pixel math.(Also XORing every odd byte with 0x7F can often simplify things.) HGR1/2 page flipping was usually important for smooth animation as well. If instead you wanted a more Apple way of doing things, it might be worth looking at “shape tables” which were Apple’s alternative to sprites. They were certainly not the same things, but I remember reading that they were (relatively) very fast, but I don’t have a basis for comparison. You make very good points about Apple’s lack of hardware interrupts. I do recommend reading “Beneath Apple DOS” (Don D. Worth and Pieter Lechner - 1981) for an appreciation of how time sensitive code for the Apple worked. I hope you find some of this useful.

  • noelle aman, kinda on the nose isnt it.

  • I love that you’re back in business

  • Regarding the background: I will say this: I actually like it, but would probably experiment with colors/tweaks, but more importantly, it definitely seems way too noisy for the sake of a video. But yeah. I'm curious to see what you do with it! Also, I LOVE the shirt haha. Also, is there any way we can get to play these games on modern systems? Any emulators you could suggest?

  • Look at some of the prices of VCRs on Amazon. Its ridiculous

  • Great observation

  • I love the t-shirt. Do you remember where you got it?

  • You can add an on/off switch on the DC reversal pins.

  • This video is the first I ever heard of a store called "Fry's".

  • With all do respect and love to your videos and content, the current wallpaper - studio background walls is UNACCEPTABLE! It is pain in my eyes to look at you Sir even trying not to see those crazy shales behind you! Who had that CRAZY idea to paint those shapes back there... please please please change that! Show viewers some respect! Cheers from Poland!

  • youtube must pay to you extra money! you are making a great content! thank you!

  • Nice. Cant wait to get a copy for my Apple IIc

  • retro tech youtuber "this is a glock 19"

  • 8-bit guy puts CDPR to shame.

  • chagne background!!!!

  • I just came here to say FIREFLIES BY OWL CITY MUSIC VIDEO

  • I actually like the background.

  • Interesting vidéo. A transformation of the 8-Bit Guy in a 16-Bit Guy should be fantastic ! New Games for Atari 520ST or AMIGA 500 ! Oh yes.

  • I remember Robie... "OK! I'll WAIT!!"

  • WOW! Great job!!

  • I don't know why people really hate David's background? I thought it a awesome pick.

  • In love with the conan the librarian t shirt.

  • ... I need that shirt.

  • Love the techmoan nod at the end 😂

  • So much nostalgia hit seeing those old photos

  • I want Tim Follin on the next 8-bit guy game, that would be amazing.

  • All sad but true. I begged my parents to buy me a TI-99/4A for Christmas (what we used at high school), but we had to drive 100 miles to a mall to buy it. The Zenith color monitor for it (made in Missouri) was also bought at a Sears in a mall. Later on, expansion box - bought at a computer store. Then an Atari 1040ST, same computer store. Although before Ebay and Amazon - I think Computer Shopper mail-order really started the end of the local store mall or otherwise computer hookup. For years, every month we'd wait for it to show up and then spend hours looking though it for the best deals.

  • All the stores you mentioned I remember going to as a kid. I remember us “renting” our phone at the AT&T store. I lived in Terrell and we had a Radio Shack that Ray Pinson managed. I loved how I could go in there not knowing exactly what I needed and the staff always knew the part you needed. Now I know how my grandfather felt when he talked about the “good old days”. 😂

  • What's putting all these stores out of business is one thing.its called walk in these stores they treat you like crap and it's way over priced.

  • I remember the forum and 6 flags malls. I lived more to the east side so Big Town (the first mall in DFW) and Town East were the malls we went to in the 80’s.

  • TexElec Reflow oven looks very nice and very DIY. Is this oven documented somewhere or is it a TexElec homebrew solution?

  • amazon .

  • Randi Rain did a video on casting copies of cracked gears: If the missing gear is identical to the ones next to it, that might work here.

  • As someone who ise to do retail, theres many liability reasons why they use to not allow cameras, prices changeing on a whim was 1, but like u said its not hard, but other reasons wer pretty simple, no documentation of companies breaking the laws of the area they reside. Today companies got bit more entitlements from uncle sam, n they can break a law n get fine n claim it as expense, u as a tax payer do not have all the privlages they enjoyed or enjoy

  • Is that a vidiot from UHF t-shirt?

  • Are the retro computers ok