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8:46Jonesboro Open Course Preview
Jonesboro Open Course Previewvisningar 8tnDag sedan
4:06Jonesboro Drone Preview
Jonesboro Drone Previewvisningar 4,7tnDag sedan
17:422021 Vintage Open Highlights
2021 Vintage Open Highlightsvisningar 7tnDag sedan
2:46Vintage Open Drone Preview
Vintage Open Drone Previewvisningar 7tn7 dagar sedan
2:16Lone Star Classic Drone Showcase
Lone Star Classic Drone Showcasevisningar 6tn14 dagar sedan


  • On the 3rd hole, when Kona or Cat was doing their 2nd throws, I could see another basket behind them in the trees. Anybody know what that basket might be for?

  • Honk

  • Yeah, great commentary by 2HG, you guys are getting so good at this..

  • biogi never heard of that one. Sounds like you two are celebrating 420 early luv it #stonediscgolfchicksrule

  • Wow paige is way behind. Thought lesbians win all the time.

  • more great stuff from Erika & Madison!

  • Is it me, or does there seem to be way more SEnewss ads?

  • Thanks for the great coverage. Loved the commentary when the storm blew through!

  • Honk!

  • Thanks for the coverage!!

  • These hot geese know how to cover a round! Well done.

  • 0:24 vor.today

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  • Thanks for the coverage, keep up the great work!

  • Look out Cat on Fire!

  • Great work, GK Pro! 👍

  • HULK MAD. Honk.

  • I say birdogey all the time

  • : )

  • : )

  • Great to see MW back

  • What happened to Kristen Tattar? She not doing the American scene anymore?

  • 7:06 What is a "shool"? It's not in the dictionary. She can't mean "shul" - a synagogue?

  • Catrina paddling the field even with the bog puddle on 11. It's a Catrina birdie buddle paddle battle.

  • Please put Macie Walker back on the lead card instead of Kona for round 3.

  • What happened to Paige & Missy duo?

  • Catrina-freaking-Allen, my absolute favourite player, tearing up the course. What a joy to watch! And I just want to note that Paige, who by hole 18 was no doubt very frustrated at her own (by her standards) sub-standard play, still gave Cat a fist bump to congratulate her. That's a true competitor's attitude and conduct, and I have huge respect for Paige for it. Thanks GK Pro for the coverage!

  • Madison may not be the best M. Walker on the course today but she's still my favourite M. Walker on the mic.

  • I know the birdogie all too well.

  • Birdogeys are for amateurs. I'm a master of the Birdouble.

  • I'm enjoying the Two Hot Geese commentary. Great chemistry here.

  • Erika Stinchcomb is one of my favourite disc golf personalities.

  • Wow one of the all time great rounds from Catrina. Smoothest player on tour for me and if she keeps putting like that she's unstoppable this year.

  • Shapely shots, I'm dying!

  • HONK

  • Was really looking forward to watching this 2nd round by Cat -- thanks GK Pro for filming it!

  • In the bag? He has 80 discs in his bag lol?

  • Macie looks super solid! I would be utterly losing my mind playing on a card full of legends, the nerves must have been intense.

  • Madison. 😍

  • That quad bogey was really unlucky!

  • tee box is slippery brick? that's freeking garbage..someone needs to donate some astro turf or grip tape

  • great commentary!

  • Sweet Dee!!!! Heck yeah girl!

  • Wow. So fun to watch Cat this round.

  • Birdogey will getcha. Definite word. I'm an expert in performing the sacred birdogey so I would know

  • Nice work ladies! Honk! Love the coverage, appreciate it.

  • How can a sloping ground pull a disc? I need help.

  • I perfected the birdogey.

  • Great coverage, really enjoyed the commentary. Going to start looking for more MVP plastic after seeing Sarah’s drives.

  • Amazing round Kat

  • Thank you for showcasing this competition

  • Great coverage and great round to all the ladies!

  • is that conor o reily caddying for paige?

  • Also Holkom’s pants are 🔥🔥🔥

  • I will be using Birdogie in all my rounds from now on!

  • Thank you again for the great insight on the course. The Hot Geese are the best!

  • I always love seeing a new face on a lead card, congrats to Macie!

  • I am new to seeing Macie and happy to see new contenders! I watched the back nine first and spoiler she had a brutal double roll away the spoiled an otherwise decent round

    • Discgolf is a cruel mistress

  • Thank you everyone

  • If cat keeps making putts like that. She is really hard to beat. Not sure if paige could touch her even. Her putting was always her downfall I think.

  • Yeah, I've heard it said on commentary many times.

  • Pretty awesome to see Hokom throwing the backhand more often in competition. Having that versatility and confidence should be helpful as the FPO continues to have more women competing at the top level. Great commentary on this coverage.

  • I think they mentioned in the live coverage that Macie was a softball player...that's certainly a sport which can translate to disc golf.

  • I really love the Madison and Erika coverage. Thank you very much ladies and GK. Please keep it up. I love getting to see Madison play. HONK!

  • Great camera work.

  • Those of us who drive better than we putt are quite familiar with the Birdogie

  • How long has MadWalk been playing disc golf? She's never heard the term "birdogie"?

  • How has Madison not herd Birdogie before

  • Macie Walker...is she new to the tour??

    • 2nd year on tour, I think

    • Always great to see new players with great skill.

  • Always a pleasure to get Two Hot Geese commentary, great insight and incredibly entertaining. When are we getting THG GK Pro merch?

  • Macie has some power, over 320 feet on a pure hyzer. Sexton mentioned her forehand looked pretty good too.

  • These ladies are so good! The new walker on the block has skills. Nice forehand on 6. Cat dropping putts. Look out! So much talent here.

  • Seriously, thanks for the FPO coverage. That M. Walker is good! 😁

  • What is Paige putting with?

    • @Adam L Haha, I asked quite a few players if I could caddie too. I don't think Paige reads her Instagram messages

    • @Adam L I’m pretty sure it’s Connor O’Reilly.

    • More importantly, who’s carrying her bag.... I thought I was going to be the chosen one...

    • A Fierce, it’s her signature disc.

  • It’s definitely a thing Maddy

  • Unbelievable round by Cat. Good fight and some great moments by everyone else. Appreciate the coverage and the commentary!

  • This is why Hailey doesn't show emotion! She was happy early in the round and then went on mega tilt. Better to just be a robot!

  • 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • I love the 2 Hot Geese commentary

  • It's great to see Cat not just making putts, but putting with confidence and good form. Noticed the difference in the first couple holes even on misses on F9, they were good looking putts that missed

    • Couldn't agree more. I've never seen her putt this well. We're used to watching her miss 15 footers