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23:3910 Fidget Toys With Alternative Features!
24:30Buying \u0026 Trying 5 Random eBay Mystery Boxes!
33:1310 Products To Use When You’re ANGRY!
21:3810 Knives You Don't Want To Hand To People!
23:476 Wish Products That Are Totally OVERKILL!
6 Wish Products That Are Totally OVERKILL!visningar 725tn2 månader sedan
21:3910 of the Tiniest Weapons We Found on Wish!
10 of the Tiniest Weapons We Found on Wish!visningar 907tn2 månader sedan
19:09We Bought EVERYTHING Store Roulette Chose For Us!
30:0810 Mandalorian Products That Are "The Way"!
10 Mandalorian Products That Are "The Way"!visningar 1,3mn2 månader sedan
18:18The Biggest Mystery Box We Have Ever Opened!
The Biggest Mystery Box We Have Ever Opened!visningar 709tn4 månader sedan
33:34I Built The Smallest Gaming PC Desk In The World!
26:246 Products With Hidden Features You Wouldn’t Expect!
36:04Solving An Escape Room In A Box!
Solving An Escape Room In A Box!visningar 862tn5 månader sedan
16:225 Illusion Products That Will Trick Your Brain!
17:46Mystery Shot Battleship Challenge!!
Mystery Shot Battleship Challenge!!visningar 520tn5 månader sedan
21:51YouTuber Guess Who Challenge!
YouTuber Guess Who Challenge!visningar 1mn6 månader sedan
14:21We Bought A Customized Mystery Box!
We Bought A Customized Mystery Box!visningar 542tn6 månader sedan
31:47Who’s The Impostor?! | Custom Dope or Nope Clue!
19:13Someone Made Us Into Custom Plush Dolls!
Someone Made Us Into Custom Plush Dolls!visningar 718tn6 månader sedan
22:544 Prank Products That Will SCARE Your Friends!
4 Prank Products That Will SCARE Your Friends!visningar 674tn6 månader sedan
30:59Who Bought The Spookiest Halloween Mystery Box?!
16:45Reviewing Scary Subreddits!
Reviewing Scary Subreddits!visningar 958tn6 månader sedan
16:44Unboxing A Custom Mystery Coffin!
Unboxing A Custom Mystery Coffin!visningar 660tn6 månader sedan
30:43Who Bought The Best Mystery Box From 5 Below?!
Who Bought The Best Mystery Box From 5 Below?!visningar 926tn6 månader sedan
21:22Who Bought The Best Target Haul?!
Who Bought The Best Target Haul?!visningar 741tn6 månader sedan


  • “I just love touching Woods” Tanner-2021

  • I would love to see tanner do a cover last kiss by pearl jam (song he sang off camera)

  • I mean woods looks good every day so

  • VET 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Who else is surprised this is mathiases

  • Matt my orchestra teachers made me use the hand grip thing for the cello so I can make the noise on the strings louder

  • *you shouldve put donald trump's face on the punching bag*

  • gentle matt

  • Tanner that was a Trumpet. Lol

  • Hello, I was wondering if I join and become a member, will I have to pay for it?

  • Someone needs to make a Matthias, Tanner, and Woods Quote Book.

  • Tanner: Comment down below if Woods looks cute today. Woods: you don't have to. Tanner: YOU HAVE TO!

  • 14:27 This is so f*cki*g awesome i cant stop laughing and rewinding it xd

  • 9:35 Matt literally is not paying attention to them as they were acting like 5 year olds😂🤣

  • Best Most Premium Content Here On Dope Or Nope! !!TRUST ME!! I Have The Card Game.

  • 9:44 He literally said “tee hee” when he was being tickled.

  • 4:43 tanner scream like baby.

  • i’m just gonna ignore the fact a fidget spinner got mega dope...

  • 6:50 fkwsjmengkj

  • this is the funniest dp ive ever seen and im lovin this new set up !!

  • 12:17 excellent english Tanner

  • is anyone going to talk about wood's giggle when he was tickled?

  • Woods is cute always 😂

  • just like Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Ave. I think the Dope and Nope team is trying to make worse and worse videos just to prove their followers we follow them no matter how bad they get

  • I am watching this after a long night of drinking super drunk on my birthday while nomming on some nutella toast I am so happy please let me live in this moment forever

  • Woods: “we’ll see ya later” Matt: “really? Don’t go” Lol

  • tanner wearing jeans without rips. whattttt😱

  • Pause it at 15:06 And look at those veins 🔥🔥

  • Thank you tanner

  • Tanner try getting a double French Horn and just press the buttons!! That’s what I do!!

  • I identify with Matt with the whole "my desk is perfect" thing... As the desk I let people see is pristine and beautiful, but the actual desk at home is covered in garbage and random things.

  • My jazz band just played “smoke on the water” actually!! Quite the coincidence!!!

  • next product

  • The handgrip exerciser isn't too worthless, it also trains your underarm muscles, just look how they contract when you close your fist.

  • Anyone remember the old Matthias fidget spinner videos?

  • Does anyone know what site they where on like Amazon or wish bc I want that UFO spinner thing lmao 😂

  • no no pls dont scare me i just watch annable

  • 11:58 Tanner is seemingly not used to turning something on ;P

  • Matthias: It's a 100° outside. Also Matthias: "wearing tight black jeans"

  • 10:06 me at when should be a sleep

  • Dope or nope is the iquvlint of if me and my friends had a yt channel

  • i clicked in because i love how funny you guys are

  • Commenting down below because I’m depressed

  • These two together in a video is actually the best.

  • Woods is so dam adorable. Love you guys so much.

  • dope or nope dark mode

  • When you come back 4 years later just to see once again how Matt used to look.

  • 5:52 sure he dropped an f bomb lol

  • Someone tell me how Matt’s vase works, I’m so confused...

  • There’ Michael?

  • Woods looks cute erryday 👉👈

  • funny as fook lol

  • i just love how everything they say cracks me up 😂

  • I just see a toothbrush

  • HUMAN TRASH i got some junk food for ya

  • My face went 😳 when he tried to rhyme with snickers

  • Loved today's one more just because you all were so happy today ... Laughed a lot ... 😂😂😂

  • your mom's house is a good podcast I believe

  • Woods would be an amazing boyfriend. He is handy,his smile makes you warm, his personality is amazing, and strong hands;).

  • You guys are giving me the vibe that just bunch of dudes got bored and spend their money on weird stuff hoping to be entertained

  • When we get to episode 863 u need to do something special

  • I always watch the episode to the end love to support the group I'm involved with

  • Scwelsh

  • me yesterday: *watches old fidget toys videos hoping they upload a new one* me today: WAIT A MINUTE👁👄👁 DID YALL READ MY MIND OR SOMETHING

  • This is absolutely one of my most favorite episodes so far lol

  • "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?" /several people, none of whom were Albert Einstein

  • @ 4:24...That’s like the third video where I heard an alarm go off in the background? @16:58...AGAIN!

  • Nope Woods is the same as always

  • This video gave me the chills. Tanner was creepier than usual.

  • I am happy that matt got his product back

  • When tanner said the strangest video on dope or nope me thinking to when tanner peed in a golf thingy product 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Woods looks really cute today

  • I thought Matt was gunna say (at 20:49) "People arent complicated they are just STUPID" he made it real

  • Tanner at 13:28 :DDD sry if i made you laugh hard that you died

  • If it wasn’t for the Adsense I’m pretty sure this would’ve been a true DOPE or nope.

  • Bring back get good gaming...

  • woods you look really cute today

  • When mat make his indenk finger and said one inch punch

  • I thought tanner was actually talking about your mom's house podcast lol

  • Ya what happened to overkill mine craft series?