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Ratarossa is my channel all about Supercars. From Daily Driven Ferrari's to Epic Full on grease junkie Ferrari restoration builds on barn find Ferraris or creating the worlds only Rat Rod Ferrari "ratarossa" a genuine 87 Testarossa Spider.
Owners guides and reviews on supercars. Common problems and how you can fix them or simply just have fun and using a Ferrari as it should be driven (daily and hard) its all about having fun and enjoying my passion for cars. So join me on our Supercar journey here at channel Ratarossa.



19:54Here's Why My Ferrari Keeps Breaking Down !
Here's Why My Ferrari Keeps Breaking Down !visningar 171tn3 månader sedan
13:48Back to the 80s: New Custom Build Retro BMX
Back to the 80s: New Custom Build Retro BMXvisningar 19tn5 månader sedan
13:53Ferrari Breakdown Roulette  - Win BIG !
Ferrari Breakdown Roulette - Win BIG !visningar 16tn7 månader sedan
19:53Ferrari 308 - I Got Stung Rebuilding this Project !!


  • Whatever happened to this car? You didn’t post another update since this one 7 months ago... it definitely wasn’t finished...

  • never seen so many ads in youtubers video....

  • Poor #27

  • What steam cleaner do you have? It looks like the karcher but not sure which model (SC2,3,4,5)?

  • Thank you so much for this series! Really takes the anxiety out of wrenching on a Ferrari yourself. Did we ever get the Part 3 to this series with the filters and other fluids? Specifically would love to see your process for flushing the cooling system completely and the importance of flushing as it relates to preventing heat exchanger failures.

  • In germany the police will kill you if you wash a car on a private ground with chemical cleaners.....witch owner let a ferrari rotten like this? OMG

  • If this is sponsored by Ammo, you need to select that box when you upload the video.

  • What a nice job cleaning the Ferrari

  • turn/lights is a Jaeger like on Alfa 105 GTs, only one plastic end is different

  • what the hell of barn you have there?? i only find pigeon stools overhere!

  • Where is the new update? It feels almost like if I am part of your restoration. Can't wait to see the BB back in its former glory

    • It’s coming, I’m just waiting on one part to finish the video

  • way not use dry ice?

  • Sorry. You did have it listed in your video.

  • Where can I get that small timing tool. I did not see it in your inventory. Great video!

  • I do not understand how someone can leave a beautiful car so neglected and dirty for 12 years, shame such an owner does not respect a beautiful car

  • once you get this running, i highly suggest you considering getting the classiche certification, mate... wow!! thanks for sharing this awesome video!

  • That is bad ass! Well done mate!

  • Wonderful machine!

  • Leave it as is but Perhaps painting it all Flat Black might look sick. It would also hide a lot of gaps and such. fun times!

  • Had to laugh when you did all that work swapping out the yellow french fog light back to clear euro fog light and then said "I rather like the yellow ones on there"

    • @peter to rare 349 built 😬

    • @Ratarossa that would be awesome if you can get an F40, good luck. Your videos have made me a new fan of ferraris. I really like the 288 GTO. Have you ever wanted to track one down or are they way too rare ?

    • I’ve kept them in boxes ... ready for when I get an F40 one day (they are the same)

  • Hey Scott I’m thinking of doing my own oil change on my 456. Any advice? Just 2 filters and sump plug and oil container washers replaced right?

  • Another cleaning possibility is CO2-Blasting. Not cheap by all means but you should definitely look into the topic!

  • Rust cleaning is best done by laser. Much more mild to the parts than sandblasting. I don't know if you have a company in the UK that can do this though.

  • felt so good to watch that job come together...lad to have found this channel and it's a really great collab with ammo nyc!

  • Looks good

  • Huge mistake painting it, you are literally paying to de value your car.

    • Let’s see about that shall we at the end of the build

  • Love the project, but what's with the white trainers?

  • I took my 996 to the Radwood event, what a great day out and remember seeing the ‘Rosa. Hope they bring that event back again

  • bravooo

  • The little girl was just too cute when she said it’s would take forever😆❤️❤️❤️

  • It's a boxer engine so it's like working on a Subaru

  • Crazy engineering. Great vlog

  • great job.

  • This is literally a one of a kind car. Why would a person let it get to this condition. Shame on the previous owner.

  • I would say you are the main suspect.

  • Do you plan on coating the frame to prevent future rust? For a full restoration, it would probably be worthwhile.

  • I’m really surprised at the lack of rust. Especially given its history. Refurb it as best and as originally as u can as u have a very rare car there. I’m not even sure of a value as this RHD in white which is the only one in the world plus there are only a small handful of the usual red still on the road & probably no where as good a quality as this will be. Also u have the added bonus of showing any buyer ur SEnewss channel. They will buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Quality rebuild 👍😎

  • Yeah you gotta give that beefy engine the makeover of its life. Scrub, polish n new paint where needed, not sure if the headers came flat metallic from the factory as painting the Ferrari red or black with the Ferrari name on each would REALLY a make it pop & im sure give it at least 100bhp extra lol 😆 Great work n thx for being able to watch the journey.

  • WHAT AN AWESOME GUY @REDBAY our over the water German friends. Thanks Fritz.

  • So , with his expected cost he is in it for a MINIMUM of £94k n that’s just stage numero I think if that engine needs a rebuild he had better start getting sponsors & many more subscribers, I do think though that as a one of a kind vehicle that probably doubled the usual value. Also it saves a much much part of British Ferrari history. I hope he does well.

  • I’m sure he will have to send it off if a rebuild is required, also I think although he isn’t that prepared who really can be when getting a car u know zero about. It will be interesting to see how he gets on. I just hope he doesn’t ruin it, make cheap decisions and keeps it as original as possible.

  • Full restoration plz. It’s 1 of a kind. Nothing else will do n u should get a decent ROI

  • All this could have been avoided for the cost of a simple car cover... oh well

  • Looking good! Keep it up, I can’t wait to see this through 😁

  • What are the building next to the Ferrari?

  • My grandpa buy a 308 quattrovalvole from factory back in the day.. she was california blue ( pretty rare ). He sold it in 2015 to an scotish collector. Oh i forgot to say it but the car was in Switzerland (my country) and has 23’099km. ;)

  • It's almost a shame to cover all that beautiful metalwork with paint.

  • i just dont understand the mentality, you have a unique car and you just leave it to rot for 12 years, you cant even be bothered to put it under a cover. i have a 16 year old astra and i treat it with more respect

  • Love that sound

  • Does anybody resto-mod these older Ferraris? Probs not the done thing but if I had the cash that is probably the route I would take. Cue the trolls...... 😂😅🤣

  • Come si fa a ridurre così una Ferrari?!?!😔

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  • It got a good idea if u sell all your cars u could buy a small factory with a small hoist good idea a

  • I can't understand why the owner prefered to let it rot away than selling it

  • Begging for comments...very cunning.

  • I would love to no how much u paid for the car in u must be loaded to buy a ferrari in Australia that car will cost u $ 500 000

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  • You should really protect those windshields and windows. Don’t underestimate sparks from grinding!

  • A thousand times better than it was ... Great job ...

  • I have a friend with a 512 Boxer and a 246 Dino have been sitting in a garage since about 35 years. Look great but have mechanically been sitting.

  • great job! but i CANNOT believe you just yanked off the original factory Ferrari sticker, oh my days

  • imagine if someone reproducd all those panels in naked carbon fibre tho

  • Quem for do Brasil: achei a peça no ML com o nome de Dimmer Controlador Velocidade P/ Motor 2000w 50-220v 25a Pwm 🙏🙏 thanks for the video, it works!

  • I want to see a full detail and deep cleaning of this car

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  • We need some 911 updates!

  • finaly real ferrari... but oh f*** rh drive ...

  • Wow!! Great job.

  • Rust under glass.....

  • dude! u naughty tease! i see your title and think all kinds of frame damage and all you need to do is refab a tray and shore up some braces? you are so over lucky on this project by now this will be a fanatic original resto! when complete an original resto low miles could go for over 200k easy.

  • I'm sorry but I never comment normally on the tube , but if you are a big fan of the ferrari why the hell are you riding around in a butchered testarosa , I'm sorry but I wouldn't let you near an f40 and turn it in to obination , even the so called professionals all be it yanks ( gas monkey ) ruined an icon thinking they know better, , and that comes from a country with no corners lol

  • ..it looks like a station wagon.

  • also ps,....removed without permission...so the cops had the car stolen?

  • ..in it's current condition,...what did you pay for that car? ps,..who in their right mind would let it get into that condition in the first place...mio dio in paradiso, ... cosa c'è di sbagliato in queste persone?

  • Hey Scott do you know the weight saving the fibreglass version has?

    • The fibreglass cars around around 300 lbs lighter than the steel cars.. that was the reason that they started getting more popular.. Ferrari Club racers wanted the light weight bodies.. unfortunately, that means that a lot got Turned into race cars and damaged,

  • Years back I got was looking at kit cars and this came up. I knew someone would pick it up for internet fame.

  • you should cover the windscreen whilst welding and grinding, its surprising what a weld splash can do