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1:49Brett Ritchie Drops The Gloves With Josh Brown
1:27Erik Cernak Elbows Marty Necas
Erik Cernak Elbows Marty Necasvisningar 4,5tn8 timmar sedan
1:43Sean Kuraly Hit By Tom Wilson As He's Falling
9:02NHL: Awkward Hits/Collisions
NHL: Awkward Hits/Collisionsvisningar 26tn8 timmar sedan
3:14Nathan Gerbe Abuse Of Officials Penalty
1:50Max Domi Ragdolls Connor Murphy
Max Domi Ragdolls Connor Murphyvisningar 144tn7 dagar sedan
5:29Seattle Kraken's Influence On Trade Deadline
0:54Nikita Scherbak's Injury(Skate To The Face)
1:01Sidney Crosby Goaltender Interference Penalty
1:25Ryan Hartman Slow To Get Up
Ryan Hartman Slow To Get Upvisningar 19tn7 dagar sedan
6:10NHL: Shooters In Disbelief Part 3
NHL: Shooters In Disbelief Part 3visningar 19tn7 dagar sedan
1:36Luke Glendening Makes Jeremy Davies Turtle
1:31Brad Marchand Flexes At Oskar Lindblom
Brad Marchand Flexes At Oskar Lindblomvisningar 115tn7 dagar sedan
1:12Nazem Kadri Goaltender Interference Penalty


  • pretty sure this the sure thats the same guy that lost his mind when thornton punched mrazek in scrum after the whistle.

  • It's a miracle Marty escaped this game without an injury. This plus the Killorn hit?

  • Elbow for sure and i hate both teams

  • Dude are you really that worried about a little fucn old lady or Kid seeing somebody getting hit with a hockey stick in the face or Punched Jesus Fuckin Christ Grow a Pair

  • Killlorn is in a fit of rage

  • Yeah definitely elbow. Intentional too. That's not the first time Knacky has done that. Seems pretty dirty to protect yourself from others with a chicken wing elbow. The league will definitely look into this.

  • Fighting with a visor is top tier pussy shit

  • Necas with a tough night

  • Killorn is a big tough guy. Always liked him and that was a perfect hit. Then turned around and handed his Gardiner his head in a scrap

  • Gardiner deserved an ass-kicking for that pass.

  • The one announcer was like a second early🤣

  • Borderline head hit. Maybe the league will look into it.

    • Clean hit. This is hockey, not soccer

    • Clean hit. Will lose all respect for the NHL if they suspend him. Hockey hit. Borderline head hit? Killer turned his back and didn’t lead or aim high. He’s just taller and necas wasn’t looking. Suspend the teammate for the suicide pass.

  • I hate Tampa so much. Killorn is a bum

  • lol necas just gettin str8 dummied tonight

  • Clean hit. I can't stand the fact that every hit warrants a dive and a fight.

  • I’m sure the NHLPA will give him a few nights off cause he left his feet and hit the head.

    • I think they’ll leave it. Especially cause he played the rest of the game. Maybe I’m wrong but would you have to receive game misconduct for a sit down with the NHLPA

  • It sounded louder in person

  • Good googly moogly you are QUICK. I think this video was up before Killorn made it to the box

  • Fellas, is it illegal for another player to hurt themselves on you?

  • That was pretty clean, the ones that initiated the after fight should get penalized on top of the original calls

    • Agreed

    • That’s a suicide pass by definition, should be Carolina in the box for even more

  • Probably the only highlight for the flames from this game...

  • yes he's a really good and smart player spitting on people

  • As a canes fan. We wanted Gardiner traded away as well. Don’t worry we don’t like him either

  • Nice celebration beating Jake Gardiner who has 2 career fights, let's go boys!🙄 LOL WTF?

    • It’s more to engage the crowd and get the team fired up. Killer barely has any fights too lol so 😂

  • Tampa got the big hit, Killorn won the fight, won the game...but the canes came back to tie. This would be a helluva series.

  • you guys see how stoked maroon was on the bench? haha love it

  • That.Was.Beautiful

  • I used to cringe so hard at these.

  • Playoff hockey

  • god bless gardiner but that fight was over before it began

  • Gardiner fights harder to get outta the zone lol

  • Hospital pass

  • 42.1 Charging - A minor or major penalty shall be imposed on a player who skates, jumps into or charges an opponent in any manner.. The refs in the NHL are just so inconsistent with their calls it's hilarious. Has nothing to do with how hard or where he checks him, wasn't that hard or high but he clearly JUMPS into him. I love good clean hits but If you jump it's a penalty. Except if your the lightning apparently. And if you really think he doesn't jump you need to get your eyes checked.

    • Thank you, these other morons in the comment section don’t know anything. Canes got screwed all the way around tonight.

  • Wow Killorn can't fight worth shit

  • What you can't hit a guy? Bullshit

  • Clean hit, open ice. Buddy pass

  • Did killorn even land a decent punch? That was one of the most awkward fights by both guys ever....

  • Richie won the belt

  • Necas is definitely having a bad day

  • He left the ice before contact. I mean i love the hit but he was clearly leaping before contact.

    • No way buddy. Watch it in slow motion if you can’t keep up. Clean clean clean hit as the day is long

  • Jake doesn't regret fighting; yeah, he got beaten by Kilorn, a big guy who hit the youngster Necas cleanly, but he stood up for his teammate and earned respect in his locker room. That's hockey.

    • It was his fault that his teammate got blown up in the first place. No respect gained from setting him up.

  • It looked like one of Ritchie’s punches may have broken Brown’s visor.

  • Could you also post the hit on cirelli from the panthers game?

  • Another pointless fight. This is what happens when this generation doesn't hit anymore. Waste of fuckin time

  • Lightning getting mad because they suck

  • With the hunt height advantage I'm not liking that he came off his skates, that easily could've been a lot worse

    • He barely came off and was in the air after the hit. Get out of here. Clean hit.

  • Murphy gave a nice sneaky elbow to the face of Domi, maybe that's why he's upset haha

  • Can’t make a clean hit nowadays without someone coming after you🙄

    • @roxanne dubeau Nah its just modern babies cant handle a good hit

    • No it’s not hockey. It’s only a thing the last 5 years.

    • That's hockey baby

  • Worst challenges #request

  • Buddy got flattened. Cleanly.

  • this color commentator is one of the worst homers in the league

  • Did Necas come back and score a goal that he then didn’t remember scoring? (Kariya?)

    • He did come back, didn't score unfortunately.

  • I’ll have to go back and watch old school hockey, bc it seems like every legal hit results in a fight these days

    • @Brendan Fox not really

    • @Brendan Fox Negative

    • There have always been fights after clean hits. Nothing has changed.

  • Announcers are sounding pretty homer here I really don’t think that was intentional

  • Wish teams let a hit happen and continue play and not need to jump the guy. But this was a beauty

  • You know the pucks had enough when it starts attacking the players.

  • Is it just me or have hockey players just giving up on the tough issue. Everyday I see a guy get cranked and then lie on the ice but then get up and skate away as soon the trainer gets there. This isn't fucking soccer man...It's Hockey!!!

    • They've definitely gotten a lot weaker. It's also part of the European influence in the game that Don Cherry warned us about years ago.

  • 2 minute minor for elbowing..

    • 60 min major for crying like a baby. Watch soccer. Necas skated into the elbow. Go home

  • You just got Kronwalled!

  • the kessel one was hilarious omg

  • Fighting in 2021 Harvard grad looks like total badass

  • Ritchie stopped because he didn't wanna ko another player

    • Man Khaira’s still feelin that one

  • Just get fighting out of the game if some guy is going to shrug off the fight because he can't land punches. None of the "fighters" behave like fighters in 2021.

    • @Toasted Doritos I think he did but sadly doesn't know what he's talking about

    • Did you even watch the fight?

    • That's not why he stopped fighting 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • *Necas skates into Elbow*

    • Thank you. Finally someone logical

  • That pass was the real problem here.

  • That was not an elbow, he stuck his arm straight out like every player does throughout the game. The only thing worse than Necas diving like a bitch from it is the commentators crying like bitches about it.

    • This comment.... love you C

  • "cLeAr InTeNt" I know Cernak isn't the cleanest player in the league but the only way Cernak could have seen Necas coming is with eyes in the back of his head

    • Of course he saw him... he was just turning with the puck as Necas was already coming his way

  • this is why I hate the NHL.....clean hit always leads to a fight....why not just check him back at some point...

    • I feel like if it ends up with a teammate being injured whether it's clean or not you have to go after the person who did it.

    • "clean hit always leads to a fight" Not true at all, big hits usually do though, because it's hard to tell at the time if it's clean or not.

  • You are so clutch w these clips my man

  • Clean hit. Unless you want to bicker that he came off his skates.