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The Flagrant 2 podcast is a comedy and sports show hosted by stand up comedians Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh. Only these two would give you the analysis by assholes that is usually limited to the barbershop and the locker room.

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  • I believe Elon Musk want to change for the better but he made Tesla just because he it's the worst electric car for the environment

  • China destroyed their own seas where they have to illegally fish in other countries water. They are currently destroying huge Galapagos with their overfishing too. Communist greed will destroy the earth.

  • The worst part about loosing a species is that we might like to eat it? F.o.h.

  • Damn bro Akaash looks different in this one! Been working out!?

  • You guys are talking about football just for clicks.... did an oligarch buy man United.... 4 people silence.... how do you guys decide what to talk about

  • Been anti science after 2 weeks did nothing


  • Here in ontario. Citizen can't leave the province but immigrants and international workers are allowed to.come.in and become citizens asap.. fucked... fuck a vaccine we don't need it to get passed this World’s Most Vaccinated Nation Reintroduces Curbs As Cases Surge www.bloombergquint.com/politics/world-s-most-vaccinated-nation-reintroduces-curbs-as-cases-surge

  • Where can I get Andrew's shirt ?

  • I'm pissed they called it 'Seaspiracy' and not 'Conspirasea'. Like C'mon man.

  • most docs are not neutral.

  • The apple car 2 year shelf life before the battery dies from updates.

  • Schulz is so pressed trying to find everything wrong with liberal positions like Rogan 🥱

  • Wrong title 😆

  • Ye ......ye ......ye

  • I honestly think this wouldn't be too much of an issue if money wasn't involved that could affect an individuals future. Any way you slice it there is money involved, especially in the US. Whether it be scholarships or advertisements or literally getting paid professionally.

  • He was “goofy” when he posted a picture threatening the cop with a caption of “your next”? Yeah it’s only a little threat right? Because lebron is hunted every time he leaves the house I’m sure by cops.

  • Oh shit, I didn't even know the oscars happened.... Finally

  • Our rights are being tested, they want to implement censorship of the internet. We have gone full authoritarian and everyday people here in Canada support it AND want even more restrictions on people expressing their freedom of speech and choice! It’s retarded.. this isn’t about being liberal or conservative, it’s about standing up for our rights! Also in Ontario (south) we get summer from June to September with temperatures in the 75-80 F range or 20-26 C range.

  • 0:47 wtf Andrew let the man speak

  • Elon is taking us into the future.

  • Akash looking really weird rn

  • meanwhile every fat positive girl wearing yoga pants and sports bra

  • If you talk about football have aome Europeans that know football tell how it is.Dont talk nonsense. The protest bc from the start the owners only withdrew money from the team. Never invested a penny only took the profits and left almost nothing for the betterment of the club.

  • The sad thing it is blood money. Because of them, the Brazilian but lift become very popular plastic surgery, and it's very dangerous and people actually died after receiving it.

  • this dude needs the red pill

  • 3rd

  • I’m gay.

  • Life always comes down to simply being the dude.

  • I’ve watched ben for a while now. It’s interesting to see this side of him.

  • i thin it's a BRILLIANT idea only haters who will say: "if ain't broke don't fix it" like duhh...the old system is outdated and broken, that's why teams lose on purpose and tanking for draft picks that's a real proof that what system NBA have right now is not great and they really need a new, revamp solution

  • Biggest fan of Andrew from Pakistan 😍

  • Billionaire beefs are wild

  • it's a documentary that's the problem... 2 seconds instead of 20 minutes

  • 2nd

  • It's just a matter of time

  • Who spell checks In their comments... that guy....

  • Ayo go vegan

    • @Alpha Centauri Ethics and environmental reasons. Eating a plant-based is more sustainable and would reduce pollution. It is one of the easiest things a person can do to make the world a better place. Also eating meat is unjustified if it isn't needed.

    • Why?

  • cool but it would cost an arm n a leg 🙃

  • You realize the oldest millenials are 40 right?

    • You realize your missing the context of what he's saying right?

    • 94 and I knew what fuji was. I had to develop film wtf

  • too much ankle for me

  • Tesla phone 😏😏👍👍

  • First

  • Yo Andrew

  • Too much telling you what to think instead of telling you the facts

  • AI will replace everything, given enough time

    • Will it allow AI to replace itself?

  • Gay bit

  • And only

  • Bernie hated millionaires until he became one and he’ll hate billionaires until he becomes one.

  • I'm not giving up on fish

  • First

  • "Ben is half Japanese, so he's mostly made out of fish"

  • What's wrong with Eric Weinstein? Is it because his last name happens to be notoriously unpopular at the present time?

  • akash white these days

  • Elon?

  • Nice one, please correct the spelling of the title to 'Egos'

  • It's not called "Conspirasea"

  • Bowen Yang is horribly unfunny

  • first

  • Bezos jealous

  • Egos already got us to space! See: USA vs Russia space programs.

  • not sure how i got here this early but aight

  • They sound severely uninformed

  • Influencers

  • "are people upset about this?" no, people are obsessed.

  • I hope they name names.

  • Rap Music is so gay and female friendly.

  • Never turn a ho into a [long term girlfriend]!

  • Schulz and aakash are corny period

  • i like this Akaash guy

  • What about John wick, the equalizer

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  • Andrew's wardrobe is so random.....cute sometimes:) P.S Hey Akash, DIVERSITY in America, is NOT for Native Americans, East Indians and even some Asians, it's EXCLUSIVELY for 'Deceived' Black people and some Latinos, that's it, and that is WHY people of ALL backgrounds voted for Trump!

  • Just found out Izzy is gay.

  • Ex feminist here- oh no girls really aren’t body positive. Girls don’t like you if you look better then than. We are at the point that if a girl loses weight and gets fit........ her fat friends will feel offended. It’s bs.

  • I don’t think your right about the chess point. Men and woman have different brains (men have more white matter that connects different parts of the brain) and it leads to drastic differences at the extreme ends of the spectrum. In other words, From what I understand women have more ppl w above average IQ but they are really closely clumped together, but men have a wider range of IQ, which might explain almost all super genius level ppl are men and the top chess players are all men. They also have separate women and men chess tournaments.

  • Lebron gives off single black mother energy!

  • we need to just go ahead and say it out loud. fat is not attractive. sorry, it just isnt.

  • As f'd as we are, you guys elected Biden as president, enough said

  • 6:00 The way to discern between greatness and power for power-sake is the presence/absence of generosity. Those that share in their power are great, those that hoard it, are not.