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My name is Jonna Jinton, I'm a Swedish artist, musician and filmmaker and I live in the beautiful woods in the North of Sweden. Here on my SEnewss channel I share a mix of everything that I feel passionate about.
From stories and glimpses of my everyday life to music, kulning (nordic herdingcalls), painting, ice baths, nature and inspirational films and much more.

You are very welcome to my channel! I hope you will enjoy my videos! ♥


24:03A time of change | Ep. 52
A time of change | Ep. 52visningar 865tn7 dagar sedan
1:25How Nordic people do the laundry
How Nordic people do the laundryvisningar 16mnMånad sedan
27:48Loving to be alone | Ep. 51
Loving to be alone | Ep. 51visningar 1,8mn2 månader sedan
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18:16Paralyzed by the mountains - Ep. 44
Paralyzed by the mountains - Ep. 44visningar 696tn9 månader sedan
23:33Midsummer magic \u0026 some struggles | Ep. 43
Midsummer magic \u0026 some struggles | Ep. 43visningar 934tn10 månader sedan
29:13A new time | Ep. 42
A new time | Ep. 42visningar 1,5mn11 månader sedan
1:49NORDIC HERDINGCALL  - Welcoming spring with kulning
23:13The dance of spring | Ep. 41
The dance of spring | Ep. 41visningar 989tnÅr sedan
29:51It was all worth it  | Ep. 40
It was all worth it | Ep. 40visningar 3,3mnÅr sedan
24:00The circle of life | Ep. 39
The circle of life | Ep. 39visningar 704tnÅr sedan
9:52Life in the winter woods | Story 37
Life in the winter woods | Story 37visningar 953tnÅr sedan
22:58Not knowing what to do | - Story 36
Not knowing what to do | - Story 36visningar 748tnÅr sedan
4:00THE FROZEN CALL - Ancient Nordic Chant
20:46Behind the scenes of Lucia | Ep. 35
Behind the scenes of Lucia | Ep. 35visningar 501tnÅr sedan
22:02The contrasts in life | Ep. 34
The contrasts in life | Ep. 34visningar 1,5mnÅr sedan
20:41First winter in our new house | Ep. 33


  • Can we pleaseeee make Jonna's style an aesthetic like dark academia, cottagecore etc... Like... Scandinavian forestcore aesthetic????

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  • I adored this video.. Congratulations on your continuous growth through this very transformative time.

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  • Não há ursos, linces ou outro bicho perigoso por aí?

  • We need more of these types of songs!!!!

  • nordic people are amazing

  • Awesome Photography and editing--beauty of Nature exposed! Love from India, Assam!

  • I have gone through this also for years. I felt at the time there is nothing else in my life. I was at the end of caring. Even if my family was around me. I finally went to a doctor and explained how i feel. He referred me to therapy. With a lot of deprivation I put it off many times. Finally, it was the best thing I ever did for myself with a little help from medication, I love my life now. The sun shines and the rain falls and there are cloudy sky's, but I am in love with life again.

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  • You are such a talented person Jonna... You took me totally to another world until the end of this video... Keep up your good work... And thank u so much for making my time worthwhile watching your content... Love from India

  • Afganistan is the vänaste land uppÅ jord!

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  • Hi Jonna, I'm a fan! You have an inspiring outlook to life and ifor one truly enjoy the breath of fresh air you share with us. Always looking forward to your next uploads, thanks! 😉

  • Eu não conseguiria entrar em água gelada assim...parece que se sentem mais felizes e mais a vontade no inverno...não aguentariam vuver num lugar onde não há neve...

  • Thank you

  • Com o sucesso que alcançou, consegue ainda ter sossego de uma pessoa sem assédio excessivo. ...tempo para faxer tudo que gosta? Entre Tamas, Haja e Satva, há momentos que acho que é hajazica, em outros momentos parece que está mais em influência de satva

  • It was as if she has just walked out of Middle Earth!

  • Played it too loud and now I have a yard full of cows

  • It doesn't matter what sound she makes it move towards her too

  • Passa uma solidão , as cores frias...o frio, o silêncio...realmente. Ela é muito identificada com o lugar e cultura nórdica. ....os vídeos são de profissional...

  • É uma mulher realmente carismática...

  • É uma natureza lindíssima, sem dúvida. As vezes me parece perigosa a vida nesse clima tão extremo, mas vc faz parecer a mim que é fácil...

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  • O dol vai ficando mais fraco aqui na serra da Mantiqueira. Fico feliz de pensar que ele vai chegando mais forte para aquecer voces aí no hemisfério norte!

  • Lindo vídeo, parabéns.

  • Jonna! Don't eva stop making these vids! Snälla! Your channel inspires me to learn Swedish. Tack så mycket!

  • I'm Italian, 2 month ago I started to study Viking culture, just for passion, it's like I knew all this sounds and culture but I forget it. I have visions and dreams about a Viking funeral, in the dream I was a Viking, I cried, and when I was young, an old woman that I don't know said me "the path will be long" totally random. I started to believe in past lives.

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  • Love from INDIA, The moment when you said that you are getting view from INDIA, ""was about to shout loud that Yes I exist ".He he Your videos are so inspirational and soothing that I cannot express it in words. Living a life like you is not easy at all but you make it sooooo beautiful that now I can't wait to visit Sweden. I really want to experience the ice signing, the warmth of the Sun after days, spending 24hrs in daylight or in darkness, want to experience the most beautiful Northern lights with my naked eyes.

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  • Was ein Lied, aus meiner Jugend, bewegen kann, ich selbst hab es nicht erkannt. Ronja war mein Jahrhundert 80er, danke das du uns wieder erinnerst wer wir einmal waren:) leider sind wir alt, aber gebe es weiter vielleicht gibt es Sporen die es weiter tragen.

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  • Hey everyone!! Hear Harry Potter's Ressurection Stone music, from Deathly Hollows Part II