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35:25I bought a 1950 Unit Dragline!!
I bought a 1950 Unit Dragline!!visningar 458tnDag sedan
34:24Searching for Deals at the Equipment Auction!!!
15:35Truck Hood + Excavator = Extreme Winter Fun!!!
37:26$200 Jeep Cherokee gets Undercoating and a U-Joint
31:19Jeep Cherokee for $200!! How bad could it be!???
24:01Loading BIG Brush Fires with an Excavator!!
Loading BIG Brush Fires with an Excavator!!visningar 80tn4 månader sedan


  • coveralls and gloves and maybe safety glasses sometimes?

  • I ran one of these cranes in the early 80's but it was a rubber tire unit worked like a champ.

  • Cool video. Sold my skidsteer after 4 years years. Ill never buy another one again. There just not built heavy enough and there always under powered. I worked mine so hard I broke the loader boom in half. Constant repairs. Skidsteers give me headaches

  • $1500....lol....yeah, you cut a fat hog on that deal. I was thinking $5000 for a running machine.

  • no such thing as a good deal from auction.

  • Pintle is where it's at man. Always preferred a pintle over a ball for obvious reasons. Way stronger, easier to hook up to, and more versatile than the ball hitch. I've always used them on everything I've towed. Nice trailer indeed. Meatball is a great pup. Hes hilarious to watch 👍😎

  • Not gonna lie the girl friend broke up with me a recently about 5 years down the whole and I’m only 18 keep in mind but your videos are fucking awesome and always put a smile on my face no matter what kinda day I’m having you keep doing you my man

    • Been there done that. Greener pastures ahead my friend....

  • Are you divorced yet?

  • Funny story, what looks to be one of those M35’s is for sale in NJ now for $6500

  • Honestly you make me wanna get into heavy machinery repair. My dad taught me heaps of handy things when I was younger.

  • I would have no use or place too put a skid loader. But god damn if this doesn't bring back memories of my dad who used to do landscaping teaching me all about the machinery. Bobcat loaders and Caterpillar loaders was something he worked on a regular. Learned how to operate loaders when I was still in 3rd grade. Love your channel keep it up bud.

  • Old timer who lets me wrench on my car in his shop, when he´s not using the space, says things like: "When you need a hammer, don´t use your hands, kid. Use a hammer." Guy is awesome. And the shop is full of cool gear.

  • A couple of drums of diesel poured over those drive chains a week before you move it would of helped , a lot of work for a pile of scrap metal but fun to watch.

  • why is all heavy equipment painted yellow ?

  • C'mon Mr. Eagle Scout. Stick by stick? Are you serious. You've got a job to do. The skid steer with the grapple bucket is the way to go for gathering brush to burn. As for cleaning up the forest, I think you need to work a little more on that merit badge.

  • Lol. Why? 😂😂 The parts to fix that will cost more than at work when it’s done. Lol. Then with all the dead body parts in there, you’re probably gonna end up in prison now. 😂😂 Sometimes I think you guys are nuts. But this confirms it. ;) 😂😂 I’m sure you can make it run, I’m just not sure why you would want to bother 😂

  • I can tell you from personal experience, that in about 10 years, you will have a 3 foot deep sinkhole there as the wood rots away to nothing. I figured that hole was about twice as big as you needed.

  • For the record, I come here for what you do regardless of what it is. Yes the autocar is what attracted me, but I stay because I enjoy the work you do. I will often either watch it in full or use it as background noise for whatever I'm doing. Came for the Autocar, Stayed for the great content.

  • this car is very famous here in Brazil, popularly with 1.8 or 1.6 petrol and ethanol engines and also in the diesel version that was not so popular. here it was baptized as a VW sloop, and had some changes in the bodywork.

  • 17:39. Boomhower

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • I'm sure you've mentioned it before and i just didn't catch it but, where in PA do you live? I'm in Lewistown, Mifflin County.

  • Looks muddy as hell

  • I was frustrated with watching you try to create the "perfect" fire - picking out just the right brush to burn. Get it going, pile on the brush and get it done. While the excavator holds the log in position, cut it off into shorter logs and burn it all at once. I think the skid steer with a grapple bucket would have been a better choice for much of this job.

  • Love the LIUNA t-shirt, I'm with Local 527. Just came across your channel, good stuff!

  • So what happened to this?

  • I still like the crane. And the flatbed. I still think the truck's lost cause and I'm a Ford guy I drive a 2003 Ford F350 super duty turbo 6.0 l 203,000 MI. Those old f800s remind me too much of the Scottsdale Chevy 1500 exact same body style plenty of room underneath the hood but it's like they copied it I can't stand it bench seat giant steering wheel giant gauges everything's analog. Oh my truck it's got a flatbed I built it last summer I'm going to do all front and rear 5,000 lb airbag suspension system the front ends got a 5 1/2 in left I don't know what I'm going to do with the back yet I might give it a 2 inch lift just to eat it out a little bit I'd really like to extend the frame I'd like to cut it extended about 6 to 8 ft later down the road project I've also got the ultramount Western plow with the wings of the truck hate the fact that the previous two owners beat ever live in crap out of it and now I have to fix it including the injectors not looking forward to buying those outright and then doing it myself also this summer second gear slips cut or remove transmission pan and change the shift solenoid it's not going to be fun

  • Look up JONATHAN W on SEnewss he just rescued one out of the woods. Just like this one. Thanks Nashville, Tennessee

  • Interesting video for sure! I work at a CAT dealer and I have to rebuild blown lines like those every day, price is semi accurate we charge $20 labor and usually a single line with new crimp ends and orings will be about 70-80 bucks

  • Need to raise the idle up on your fork lift.. I'm sure that can get dangerous having to keep pedaling it like that...

  • i think they were isuzu engines nosiy as well when idling.

  • And my respect for you just grows and grows. I always look forward to your next video, I feel like I am visiting a close friend. Art

  • i like your 3 point jack.

  • those things run forever i used to work with a guy who had 300,000 miles on his and it was almost completely rusted apart but that little engine still ran.

  • Your wife will not kill you she know that all that equipment is very usefull

  • All your excuses are pathetic. Jeeps are SHIT. The transmissions aren't strong. The engines are not worth their weight. Their electronics are shit. I've had 5 Jeeps and they all had trans and ABS problems. Don't waste your money, dump it on a sucker as a guy did to you.

  • No dont oil anything... itll be fine... lube is optional

  • I would love the tractor

  • Should have moved the stinking trailer

  • You act like a p**** LOL

  • A truck crane that you don't use on a regular basis the truck tends to be a boat anchor that is a pain to get running when you need it if you could mount it on a tandem axle 20 ton trailer and then get a oh electric hydraulic pump which either goes to a battery bank or have a 220 plug in. Run it off of generator or maybe even a 22-horsepowered hydraulic pump on the trailer I don't know if you have a harbor freight near you but the predator at about 1400 bucks of the hydraulic pump attached to it it's still a small engine requires 30 minutes of maintenance even if you don't use it for 5 years wouldn't be very useful to have her own and any truck can pull it well any one ton truck can pull it and you might think that'll never work because the crane uses the truck as a counterweight well that's partially right but still simple the height difference between a 2010 tandem axle trailer and the flatbed deck on that different so the difference is you make a box that gets mounted underneath the flatbed of the deck that's on that truck and you fill a full concrete and I have 10 tons of concrete that basically gets moaned underneath the body of that flatbed and crane and sits on top of the the tandem axle 20 ton trailer if you need the trailer and not the crane then you start up the motor put the stabilizer rims down and you pulled the trailer out now you don't lose the use of the trailer

  • it's already a beater. I'll bet everything you look at needs to be replaced. That seller may have found a sucker when you bought it. Find a better truck that runs.

  • Good save man love old iron

  • Milwaukee fastback knife is a god send. Love the razor knifes like that.

  • It's funny how you say anybody want to buy a crane I'd give you two grand for the crane I live in northern Wisconsin and I can't find a construction dealer like that up here except for Green Bay and I'm on the other side of Green Bay I haven't tried to cities because I can't stand Minnesota even though I'm an hour away from that I would love the crane and the bed just don't want the truck I think that truck is probably lost cause the bad and the crank could be mounted to something else maybe a trailer

  • Time to buy some stock in oil and greaser up and Let it soak in🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Looks like it could be bars leak, creating that clay crap

  • That seems like a fair price but it will take a lot to get it running good. Good luck.

  • Is there any oil in it?

  • When you up the rpms, it sound normal.

  • You hear a standard diesel 4 cyl eng.

  • This is a challenge for you isn't it? That's what I would do and think. Fun

  • i need me a 429 for my Torino

  • I like the music.

  • It is amazing that the engine ran at all. I guess that proves how tough it is. Also proves the value of 7 main bearings in an I6 vs 5 like many others. That piston may have failed due to heat. That cylinder is usually the first to go in heat related failures as it is the farthest from airflow and nestled back against the firewall. Thanks for the autopsy.

  • I don't know why I like watching shows like this.... but I like watching shows like this....

  • I would go with Morocco welding they make very strong and long lasting beds. And they are located up in summerset pa.

  • If it wasn't for bad luck, you'd have no bad luck at all!

  • I really do enjoy your homemade music- whomever produces it 👍🏻 It reminds me of a cross between Lynyrd Skynyrd and Aerosmith, with a tiny bit of David Gilmore. Very soothing.

  • More than likely- that water pouring out near the RF wheel is the evaporator box severely plugged. OEM on most cars is a small tube to drain. It gets plugged, then fills up & seeps out- till the whole mess just falls out, box & all.

  • If it's a knocking sound likley bolts on flexplate / flywheel habe come lose or even broken off

  • you should make more of this playlist. like building house or shop.etc

  • here we are before the Muffler, and here we are after the muffler... so much quieter! Me - ummm if you say so....

  • Like how you explain things clearly nicely

  • I like when you tighten the binders, you are pulling them tight. Too many truckers get hurt by pushing the binders. Same thing with ratchet straps..

  • The chrome stack sure looks good for sitting outdoors for 20 years.

  • The reason they punched holes in the air cleaner WAS...THEY were STUPID!

  • From past experance I can tell you that you will ALWAYS have issues with BOBCATS the only way to fix it for good is to SELL IT LIKE I DID WITH MINE

  • The best IMO "undercoating" is a formula I made, years ago. It's not really pretty, and smells funky for a while. Outside. Electric hotplate (no flame). Bucket to siphon from. In a large +10 pot, mix *conventional* ATF, Toilet ring wax, and Bar & Chain oil. 1 qt of the fluids, 4 of the rings make about a quart. The "average" vehicle should use about 1 gallon for total coverage, inside plugs, etc. It must be very HOT when sprayed, so it can be hazardous, don't get it on you. 220℉-250℉ works fine. Mix it with a drill paint mixer while heating.

  • As far as I'm concerned you could do an entire half hour video of nothing but your dogs being dogs and I'd watch it over and over.

  • Please clean it and put some oil in its joints ASAP. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hey Matt- any 2 year update? Next time you or anyone else uses this- My friend bought the whole "Shop" system, and sprayed a few vehicles a couple years back. Get a container, and microwave what you're going to use, or I'd guess an electric/propane hotplate would work, too. Get it to about 180℉ or 200℉ and spray it HOT. It flows better, sticks better, and goes further (covers more). Don't worry, it's not flammable or explosive. The formula in the bucket is not what's in the spray can. (No SD Alcohol or propellant).

  • Karnak Dampproofing. Much better than what you used

  • I think they ARE NOISY if I remember right...a friend had one...got rearended...I said I could pull it out...nope...it was crunched...bast thing he did was sell it and get a Saturn Gas SUV...110,000 (or so miles on it...) almost new...got a smoking deal on it too...fixed 1 item...ran like a deer...

  • Oh heck yes! It ain’t a race car. Hone and run!

  • Just use long dummy bolts with the heads cut off for guides.

  • You and Andrew need to do a collaboration video. That would be really cool!