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2:35:14Arsenal vs Fulham | Watch Along Live
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32:19Arsenal vs Fulham | Starting XI Live
Arsenal vs Fulham | Starting XI Livevisningar 66tn2 dagar sedan


  • All clubs involved should be relegated to conference. Arsenal are dead to me.

  • All fans protest at the house of commons

  • Mari should be first team. Gabriel isn't as good as everyone makes out. I faith in the lad and I'm sure he'll shine next year

  • Sell out 💰💰😡😡

  • I’m not gonna watch

  • What can supporters expect when foreign billionaire's come in and buy up clubs with no loyalty to fans or the home country? History means nothing to them, only $ € £. Only German clubs say no, fair play to the Germans putting fans first

  • You start afc arsenal afc chelsea turn up and support the alternative...never give up,never surrender!

  • Arsenal died when this channel was created

  • You say Smith works hard what the hell what about cebalos he is the best player in the match and Lacazette is the bad won don't blame on the injury before the injury he is playing bad as hell you are not rating the players by their performance you are rating them that you love and don't love..

  • Robbie says, "My club is Arsenal". But what is Arsenal now? What does it represent now? What has it represented since Kroenke's arrival? Arsenal died the day stupid board members (Bradwell-Smith et al) sold out to American ownership. Very sad.

  • Arsenal fans need to hit the streets and occupy Emirates stadium!

  • Do you think it’s so eventually they can start inserting American teams as football is gettin bigger in the u.s

  • Is this why arteta kept saying “trust the process” does he already know and agree with this????

  • 2 words: CONTROL & GREED

  • Who’s here when Arteta is the manager of Arsenal

  • No offense but Arsenal joining the ranks of these big clubs is complete joke anyway, given how they perform this season and the overall quality of the team.

  • Start ur own league boys get together with other clubs n restart at local level n boom 💥 it will pick up I said it first lol

  • Start ur own league boys get together with other clubs n restart at local level n boom 💥 it will pick up

  • Jose Mourinho is finished

  • As a Liverpool fan this is devastating

  • Aren't they under UEFA rules and restrictions? How can they get away with this? Outrageous

  • I agree with DT Eddie got us the goal but that doesn't mean he's good Enough to lead us in be honest he need some loan time

  • We need to unite and stand against this bullshit, regardless who you support.

  • 9:04 Turns out DT was right as Mourinho has just been sacked.

  • Bring Mourinho please! Please please!!!!!!!!

  • The day we play our first game in the super league is the day I stop going and showing any interest in the club.

  • The demand the fans have created for big games plays a huge part in this super league formation. I’ve seen prices of £1,000 a seat to watch Arsenal at home to Barca and they sell out. And yet against Burnley or Newcastle the Emirates is just about at capacity. Of course the club are going to capitalise on bringing increased Category A fixtures because it’s what the fans want and expect.

  • Welp football has died, now it's just sOcCeR!

  • What's the point of trying to get top 4 in the premier league when you are assured of "champions league" football every year with this super league. This a devaluation of the domestic competitions. So why bother buying a season ticket to watch a meaningless competition!?

  • Greedy sports

  • These AFTV guys must be jumping with joy. Will give them a lot more opportunity to rant and hate as we aren't going to win a game in the new super league.

  • Arsenal in a super league!? All our fans know we are no super league team, we are the same standard as Burnley! More L’s on the way! Most importantly is not to turn up at games and buy merch! Only fans can kill this momentum and hurt these dirty yanks!

  • Liverpool fan here. All the big6 players should protest about this super league then the owners have no choice. Players should walk out the club if the super league is confirmed

  • Always on the cards. Just wait until they modify the game. Wider goal posts, three point per goal outside the box and penalties taken like an Ice Hockey game. Watch.

  • If they sold their soul to the devil they can’t take my soul with them! Seems like I have to support Wolverhampton or Everton in the next time sadly my room is fool of ReD White stuff

  • “Thoughts go out to all the soldiers that lost there lives in Vietnam”

  • Arsenal shouldn’t be anywhere near a super league. They’re a mid table epl team. When was the last time arsenal won a European trophy???

    • @Darren Gayle you gotta earn it and arsenal are nowhere near a top elite club. Anyway I don’t think the esl will happen. Chelsea have pulled out apperently

    • Nothing to do with European Trophies. Have City, Spurs, Inter, AC, Juve recently won them ? We are the 3rd most successful team in the country, not to mention the valuation of us - pretty obvious we would be included. I'm against all of it personally anyway

  • Hilarious how PSG has become one of the good guys now.

  • Every team that has signed up to this, relegate them into league 2. Even as an arsenal fan I would welcome that. Maybe then we’d get rid of the cancer that is Stan Kroenke

  • After hearing more this is a good thing for arsenal. We will b getting £400mil a year. N other clubs won’t we will be one of the top 15 teams in the world. For years to come. The prem will become like the Spanish league but the super league will be the biggest n most watch competition in the world

  • I don’t think that Arsenal can’t compare in a Superleague but I don’t wana see it even if they would win it every year It feels like my lovely club became a supermodel

  • Read the website. These teams will continue in the Premier league

  • R.I.P football

  • Obviously this is dead in the water if it means no premiership (etc). Big changes afoot. The application is important here though - a euro super league has been talked about for decades and isn't a bad idea, it is all in how it is rolled out.

  • Don’t worry the Arsenal invite was clearly an accident

  • Arsenal was ruined the day Stan kreonke got 100% ownership and now the true motives are coming out , it's too late, they all have to much power. Welcome to American football .. i feel sick

  • Gunna have to change this to a Fulham fan TV

  • The pandemic was a setup so the elites can take control of everything. Trump stood tall and against these people. Our nation's and institutions are run by elites.

  • To be honest this team died many years ago! This will be the final nail in the coffin ! RIP u sell-outs!

  • It's gonna be dark

  • If this doesn’t go ahead then Spurs have jumped the gun and sacked Jose for no reason. But with actions like this it shows that it’s looking more promising as seconds go by.

  • Arsenal finishing bottom every season from now on 😆

  • My done robbie always putting it on others and thinking he can see and predict all

  • The subtitles say it was eddie kentucky lol 🤣

  • Only One way to stop this , cancel Sky etc subscription NOW and cut off funding

  • When auba was out Martineli stepped up last season.. Its no brainner

  • I could of scored that goal with my Johnson come on rob

  • Maybe this might cause folks that would not normally consider such things to question the nature of the economic model that has taken over the world...

  • I don't care what bozo thinks. He's an advocate of greed so his words are so so hollow.

  • Kroenke, Levy and Abramovich don't care about English fans, clubs or even England itself. Their loyalties lie elsewhere

  • Eddie simply not good enough....Why don't we play Martinelli as CF Smith Rowe LF Pepe RF AMF Ødegaard

  • How I miss the Wenger days with Fergi days....👊🏽

  • So unless your well off how do you suppose fans to travel all over Europe to watch the games I can’t even get a ticket to an arsenal game now let alone if this happens joke! Stan kronke is a disgrace to this club!

  • Apparently Mourinho has been sacked by Spurs and rather than laugh my head off I'm actually with Mourinho on this. He got sacked because he refused to take the players onto the training ground out of protest about the Super league

  • Even the title is at the wind up.

  • Football OR soccer


  • Death of football not just Afc

  • Goodbye arsenal. Hello west ham!

  • The most deluded narrow minded byist supporter I've ever seen. Get rid

  • The fact that Arsenal is in the mix is the funniest thing ever 😂😂😂

  • As a Chelsea fan this is to much now, I’m with all the Arsenal, Man U, Man City, Tottenham and Liverpool fans standing against this crap, who do they think they are to come to England and take our game away from us I’m f-c-king fuming

  • Tottenham have sacked José Mourinho

  • What a shitshow

  • Little surprise given the prevalence of American club owners in the PL. They want an NFL franchise model across European football. This is an immediate unmitigated disaster for football across Europe and sets a dangerous precedent for global football moving forward. I've been sick following Arsenal for at least 8 years now. I might start supporting Fulham. I've lived there for 4 years and at least their performances and results meet my expectations. Arsenal are kidding themselves if they think they're still 'Big Six' in the PL. Shameful, barefaced greed.

  • This hurts so much. Ten plus years of the club being destroyed by the yanks and now we are going to be just a franchise. Disgusting. I started supporting The Arsenal age 5 in 1968. This club has been my first love. I have seen glory and failure, experienced joy, hope and also despair. My Arsenal, my first love will die when "the business" joins the ESL. All us loyal Gooners need to turn our backs on this yankee franchise and pull together as supporters and establish a new, supporter-trust run club to start at the bottom tier in the mould of AFC Wimbledon and FC United. Names in my head include Dial Square and Highbury FC. We need to stop buying merchandise, stop paying top dollar (oh the irony) for matchday and season tickets and stop filling kroenke's boots. Let's have a supporters club. I have a couple of grand to invest as an initial shareholders and I am more than prepared to put my shoulder to the wheel and help make this happen. C'mon fellow Gooners: let's reject the franchise and start our own club with it's and our own destiny

    • Oh, and if we can do this let's ask Arsene to help us get it rolling. He loves Arsenal and he doesn't approve of the ESL. I am certain that he would help.

  • Disgusting

  • I hope the ring leaders f this ESL are kicked out of the Premier League before the end of the season, all relegated to the Championship. With the top six in the Championship promoted. Then say Premier League is reduced to 18 clubs in season 22/23. Which means only two up. That will get the big six sweating. It could them three seasons to get back. That’s the way to nip this in the bud now. When Stan realises he could be out of the Premier League

  • RIP Arsenal , RIP Premier League, If this goes through, I'm Done!!

  • Pippa Monique with her transparent shameful skullduggery. The “narrative” point in arguments is usually total bullshit and a distraction. (My sister tries the same tactic and Jesus it’s annoying). Sometimes there’s no “narrative” as the person is merely ‘spitting facts’. Her loyalty to Robbie means instinctively covering for the Don when he’s on the wind up. While I get why Lee was at the wind up here, playing dumb, in his interview he continued to claim to not be bothered by Nketiah. That’s unlike his standard “not good enough” vibes. He’s an enigma. Does he accept dropping standards?