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  • First Of all saying if ur rich or poor school treats u the same( except kids) u have to eat the same lunch or just bring your own

  • Loser

  • Is it me or was there read um pee- in the toilet and why did Vicky say girlfriend to her friend

  • How much should I go I like your videos I'm more Appleton horror Maryland

  • What day did it go I'm on Appleton and my name is Arianna I like your videos

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  • Eww When he sneezed on her it was gross! Eww so yuck! 🤮

  • 4:00 Lily was helping her in a competition

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  • Guys actually Vicky, Lana, and Kevin they Russian!

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  • I can make ruber band braislets in 1 min in a half😕

  • Ok when Vicky was taking her shoes off why and the hell were her feet yellow

  • But I like the black one

  • Lol totally love your video

  • I really hate math subject so bored 🤔🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🤮🤮😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

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  • That's what happend what u get a dress

  • nahh you didn't open a portal your just running out of air under that bed sheet!! :/

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  • My channel has animal videos, I hope you like it 💖

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  • This is the off branded vid of jian hao tan.the original one is better

  • Kidergarten you is just love at first site.Its cute but the comes teen you.... LETS MAKE OUT IN SCHOOL

  • oh dont mind me imma just stuff some pillows in my butt!! and my stomach NOONEs gonna know!!.. :/

  • I love you videos 123 go👍👍👍👏👏

  • Kevin:no one messes with these a guns! Me:wait in one video you where lazy that you had to use a toy car just to tell Lily to get you more chips how did younsuddley go to the gym in moths who pushes you to do it,did Lilly pushed you yo the gym?

    • That edit was because I made a mistake on spelling

    • That's all people wanna sneak into the cinema candy really where's the pizza pizza can look like a big book where the sushi it can look like my dairy,where's the rice it can look like it's just your rice it can just look like it's your rice from yesterday

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  • whenever i opens my youtube and think of something to watch. my way goes to 123 go always.

  • oH DonT MInD mE ImmA JuST tAke A REALLY SMalL(KiD) Pad OuT mY BaG..

  • Uh Kevin what are you going to do with that Bubble gum you know that gum if you put your gum will be Nasty

  • I don't like copy cater I have unsubscribed you Jian hao tan they are the best youtubers you can't be like them

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  • Please show us hypnosis hacks

  • oh dont mind me imma just put a dirty balloon on my cup..WITHOUT washing it!! ill be fine!!

  • i seriously don't know how to get out of the pool like emily i struggle to get out like olivia. ;-;

  • Next video you will make prank video.

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  • oh dont mind me imma just put these eye contacts in..WITH my nails and OHGSO GOSH.. hOw wILl I TAkE ThEm OUT???

  • Please make prank video.

  • Have a happy Halloween 💀😈... everyone......

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  • Dude they do let u bring outside food every time me and my family go so this makes no sense

  • I am popular kid in school everybody dies to see me and they ask me to give my sign

  • senewss.info/slow/j6mXm5N7a7KyabI/video this is right

  • I love you guys I love to watch your videos😍🥰😘😇😊❤️💕👇

  • You 3 are the Beautiful girl I Have ever seen

  • Love you guys 😘♥️

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  • I miss the old person who talks :( By the way I’m still a kid ... Read more

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  • Mam please make prank video please

  • #123GO #funny and #relatable 🥳

  • 3:26 You know you could have just walked on the grass instead of jumping in a puddle

  • Thank you for gives us nice hacks there are really I love 123 go so much