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0:47Biscuit really wants to pet the bunny.
0:10Kid says mom has spikes on her legs!
1:00Guy pranks mom with fake lizard!
Guy pranks mom with fake lizard!visningar 3,6tnDag sedan
1:00Lady freaks out on her first flight.


  • I'm not sure if biscuit knows Charlie can fight. Bunnies box it out.

  • Awww, precious little thing 💖

  • *better have some german in it*

  • whyd he bend down lmao

  • _I'M A STAR WARS!_

  • Yessss 🙌 lmaoooo

  • They are faking it to gain followers on tiktok....

  • Feminists are lickin their lips real hard rn🤣

  • Lmfao

  • Don't be confused guys, that DVD's was made out of cake..

  • From the looks of his selection, the "cheese" is being kept above the drawer.

  • Dog: "What the hell are you doing here fred?" Statue:.

  • cats are horrendous

  • Thats normal where im from dude.

  • I hope you safety wiped after those

  • Waste of time

  • That “hes behind you” scared me haha

  • Whew that hurt MY pockets when he reacted. I hope that $400 won't break him💸

  • Well he doesn't realises he tastes great with good marinating.

  • BRO WHERE DA GATE AT?! lol jk

  • Good dog... She’s like I don’t think 🤔 your fine, Let’s take & water break & chill for a moment so we can reevaluate the situation.

  • Anakin I have the high ground don't try it

  • The fake tourette's thing has gone far enough

  • Goose: peace was never an option.... except when it’s a piece of _you!_

  • Yes I do and I’m just gonna ignore the blu ray disc above

  • Hahahahahaha oh my god the grammar haha

  • Hello of everyone this is YOUR daily dose of internet

  • He put da drink in wit da pizza tf bruh

  • And dvds?

  • only white folks 7

  • It's a weapon!! Use it wisely.

  • plot twist, the boss is the camera man. the spongebob shirt guy was fired shortly after

  • Well it depends on what time of day it is. If it's day time, put it in the fridge. If it's night time, you put it in your wife.

  • I died when the cameraman slipped

  • Aww precious little cutie pie, got stuck in all that Tall Grass.

  • That suppose to stop a bear

  • I'm coyote peterson, and I'm going into the bite zone......with a goose

  • Its a 5lb bag i dont get it? He doesn't know how to buy groceries.

  • Pound of corrot.. not plural

  • Girls going together to the bathroom be like:

  • me as an only child trying to find new ways to entertain myself

  • that's a nasty ass car

  • Well this was NOT click bait at all... ok

  • I didn't notice the dog in the background, but the elephant family shortly before the video ends

  • JESUS loves you! Turn away from your sins and repent! Confess with your mouth and actions that JESUS CHRIST is LORD and SAVIOR today! I do not mean to force anyone but just to help everyone be free from sin! Yes we will still sin but we can repent and JESUS can wash away our sins. You are never to far from JESUS! 🥰🙏🏾✝️🤍 👑👑👑JESUS HIMSELF👑👑👑 SAID THIS🗣‼️: "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me." John 14:6

  • i guess they just got out of the hospital 😂

  • This happened to me but the opposite. Asked for a single beet and got a bag of 5lbs of beets 😩

  • When your pizza delivery guy treats his customers like family & close friends!! I Love It!!

  • That is a nice cat. Unlike other cats, they will jump on you and that is dangerous.

  • Theres a myth about the people with tourette's syndrome and say that they have a special word which triggers the tics or make them worst, is that real??

  • Stupid joke of having the dvds there. Did not find this funny at all 😒 People trying to seek so much attention nowadays

  • even after he gets his seat back, he is still aggrieved that that guy took his seat

  • Feels like a breakdance battle is about to start. This video is too cute no lie😁

  • Lol

  • Am I going to be dada

  • I never thought that the tourettes tics can be so gorgeous

  • Swamped his reel

  • That accent :o

  • My bunnies name is Biscuit. 🙂

  • The timing, acting, and everything was spot on 😂 a genuine genius

  • The thumbnail looked like a crab delivering cheese

  • Why does his face remind ne of the mr.bubz meme

  • Ooh actually a tiny bit smart you can grab a movie while you go to grab some ice cream and popcorn!

  • No we don't, you creep!! 🤢🤮 *"ah yes, let me have a drawer to hold my 'rotten milk fermented in a baby cows stomach full of vomit' blocks"* Honestly the fact people still eat real cheese is disgusting, considering that is pretty much how cheese is made

  • Navi!!! ^_^

  • Well at least now we know who's the alpha of the house and who's the pet.

  • She ain't down for no bullshit stale breadsticks

  • Put in inside............ LMAO

  • Is that necessary?

  • “No no no no no. You’re going to take someone’s eye out. Besides your saying it wrong.”

  • He must really pinch

  • That pup deserves it's freedom 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Straight old-school vine vibes I love it

  • the birds aren't well trained. They just realize that great Britain sucks and there's nowhere good to fly to so they might as well go back.

  • Watch this video try not to laugh, I swear its impossible

  • My comment had 25k likes and deleted it by accident. “DaMn!”

  • Hes that mad his bark was lagging

  • they're so cuute when they say I lysm 😭😭😭😭💜💜💜 iswear

  • I hope this poor woman doesn’t do his laundry

  • I knew I would see a lot of people only asking about the DVDs. He obviously put them in there to get people talking about them.