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10:04I Tried The Glowing Apple Logo Mod....
I Tried The Glowing Apple Logo Mod....visningar 436tn7 dagar sedan
6:52iPhone 7 Plus Found On Road 100% Legit
iPhone 7 Plus Found On Road 100% Legitvisningar 245tn7 dagar sedan
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How Many Mods Is too Many Mods? #Shortsvisningar 964tn7 dagar sedan
0:58The Rice Did Not Help... #Shorts
The Rice Did Not Help... #Shortsvisningar 994tn21 dag sedan
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1:17Epic Face Reveal
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1:00She Broke It Right After I fixed it... #Shorts
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It's So Bright! #Shortsvisningar 902tn21 dag sedan
10:55Who Hurt You iPad Mini 5?..... Restored
Who Hurt You iPad Mini 5?..... Restoredvisningar 471tnMånad sedan
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  • It’s a weird thing that people do, regardless of their profession, electronic repair, mechanic, etc…, to have something broken or damaged but still use it like that even if you have the knowledge to fix it. I do the same thing with my computers.

  • Where did you get the red iPhone charger it looks like a legit Apple cable but as a (PRODUCT)RED cable.

  • can you fix my phone ti Vivo

  • This also work on samsung j2 or not?

  • Bro, cmon use common sense before takin ur phone to a shop

  • Literally found out that my charging port was dirty and I had to get a new battery, new charging port, and more stuff for over 200 dolllars

  • Uff screen cast hi na krlu

  • I know the exact reason why this photo makes your phone crashed. It is not because of a hacker infested malware inside of a PNG file. It is simply due to your phone not supporting a special thing. I do not know exactly but there is a SEnewss or who explained why this does this. You are safe if you screenshot the picture and said the screenshot as your wallpaper but you are not safe if you have a Samsung device and said your phones wallpaper as that

  • How and where to send you my smartphone for repair??

  • Gimmie that phone 😂🤣🤣

  • Is someone really that lazy to clean their phones they’d rather send it thru the mail , wait a few days to a week just so someone else can clean it ?😂 what kind of world do we live in

  • Míos. Míos

  • That’s just sad..

  • Your fingers are so cute. 🔰

  • This guy is cute

  • Android: 💪😎

  • Hey the phone im using now has a dirty charging port and a busted sound board if you could give me a way i can contact you i will tell my dad to send you the phone and maybe you can fix it

  • Oh yeah I forgot to tell you but someone has been coping your vids...😖

  • Yeah it looks better with the lights off bro lol

  • I need my phone fixed can u pls help me

  • I like when he says ‘unscrew’ and ‘ open it up’

  • Yo umm... can you plz hire and train me?🥺I’ll work for free if you frfr train me❤️

  • Can I get that otter box case for $30

  • Bro still waiting for full tutorial

  • I downloaded that wallpaper and put it as my homescreen on my 12 pro max and I wasn’t affected by it 😅

  • I need this

  • Imagine saying Android is trash to a person that has a Samsung s21 ultra

  • *Sad android noises increasify😭*

  • How can i send to you my ipod to fix??😅😅

  • Can you do how to fix the broken screen of a tablet

  • I had the same crack but I fix mine

  • Which aftermarket battery do you recommend for an iPhone 8 Plus? Do you recommend a battery that haves more capacity than an OEM one? Which brand is good?

  • Did you say b.c? British Columbia? Canada?

  • 7:54

  • Neighbors - I think we have a airport nearby 😒

  • Nice transition tho 🙃

  • Wow this guy really lives in the same city as me

  • The only guy I want give the virgin of my iPhone

  • Enjoy watching every time even tho i don't have a broken phone. For future reference i guess

  • "Yeah I'd like to order 1 large phone, with extra phones please" "Cell phone. No no no no, rotary. And payphone on half."

  • Can you take in my phone to fix it’s and iPhone 8 with a cracked screen like bad and the home button doesn’t work

  • *After playing fortnight*

  • Did anyone else catch the sd card slot? Is that all it takes to get an ad card in an I phone? I just buy an off brand one

  • Can you give me iphone

  • Depends on how much the replacement screen costed

  • Congratulations

  • On an iphone 7 the screws holding the backplate in are a phillips head. Wtf are you on about “tri head”

  • Both companies copy each other lmao

  • I am Using Samsung A Series Phone And This Is My Wallpaper 🤨

  • Poor man got scammed 😢

  • It’s bent

  • I need you to fix my iPad

  • Why did i get anxiety just because im watching this on a s20

  • Why do I feel like this only happens on iPhones... I've never seen an android user suffer something like this with their phone. I have an iPhone X.

  • Why are these phones sooooo destroyed and I have an iPhone 6 just hoping that I get enough money to upgrade to something new why would someone treat such an amazing phone like that so bad :( I wish I had a phone like that

  • Hey man which state you at I got an iPhone I would like to repair

  • What is you address so I can ship it to you because my revile 2 is really damaged

  • What is the hardest part in repairing a phone?