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0:26Van Helsing 5x02 Promo "Old Friends" (HD)
Van Helsing 5x02 Promo "Old Friends" (HD)visningar 8tn20 timmar sedan
0:16Manifest 3x04 Promo "Tailspin" (HD)
Manifest 3x04 Promo "Tailspin" (HD)visningar 24tn20 timmar sedan
0:17Chicago PD 8x12 Promo "Due Process" (HD)
Chicago PD 8x12 Promo "Due Process" (HD)visningar 81tn20 timmar sedan
0:22S.W.A.T. 4x14 Promo "Reckoning" (HD)
S.W.A.T. 4x14 Promo "Reckoning" (HD)visningar 40tn20 timmar sedan


  • Anyone know who the main bad guy of this season is supposed to be or any idea's?

  • I've probably watched this promo like 30 times.

  • And why the never make next season of this show😣

  • God damn this is bad :D

  • this must end

  • Been waiting for so long ❤️❤️

  • Can’t lie- I need another dose of Evan Mariana- it’s been too long writers...

  • Don’t interrupt me. Yes Callie!

  • When is it coming out

  • the 1st episode was actually really good

  • Fantastic show

  • to be honest black lighting is kind of like batman but

  • *me wondering what happend to the bangs just after supergirl got into the phantom zone

  • "A strong man that has known power all of his life may lose respect for that power."

  • This show is becoming my favorite at this point.

  • Освещение реальной проблемы через якобы фантастические фильмы, не ново...

  • the mental health aspect of this looks so incredible, i really really hope they do it justice

  • Bring back Sebastian plse🥺🥺♥️

  • I hate jack’s character. She’s impulsive and a muscle head

  • I missed Mr Kaplan but her voice gave me goosebumps 😬

  • "Save Supergirl" how oddly appropriate considering it's ratings/amount of viewers

  • Where Gravedigger at i wanna see more of him because we know he is alive.

  • I'm 99% sure that this Dark josie is just another Malivore Monster.

  • isso vai ser incrível!

  • hey look at that another show about bad white people and where black people can call white people insults but not the other way round cus thats racists, at least they changed gender right, to this semi obese chick in a actton role...makes sense.

  • Does Spring Finale mean that there will be more to the season?

  • I just saw Melissa Benoist

  • This means Elizabeth is coming back

  • Honestly,when I was watching The Originals season 5, I really had high expectations from Legacies..but unfortunately this show is really dull..I don't know what happened to the's no match for tvd n to

  • This so raw asl I hope it gets renewed ♥️🙏🏾

  • if they play the merder theme song next episode i’ll sob 😩

  • This was the song that they used during the post it wedding 🥺

  • these producers have destroyed whats was good about JULETT, its just a matter of timed till she gone

  • ethan, you can do better then JULETT, SHE NOT OVER RICHARD she was with him often. run from her fast;


  • I really think it would be sad to end up this show while being under Covid19.. I mean, after almost two decades of stories, it would be very depressing...

  • Let's hope this promo isn't a wind up. We need Liz back, if only for some truths, which is what I believe she was seeking while Townsend was keeping Red busy...

    • She is back, the promo picture shows that we might get to see a bit as to where she was the whole season, including the 809 episode

  • Great, another 2-week break. -_-

  • Jamie is so annoying, he literally has no purpose other than to annoy callie

  • SWAT has a similar storyline going on in their current season. I'd love to see a crossover between The Rookie and SWAT!!

  • another break 😫 yall make me sick

  • @0:19 Callie's little hair move and walk 😍😍😍

  • Maybe it's because I'm tired, but the previous episode had me chuckling like 4 or 5 times. Maybe this upcoming episode will do the same.

  • this show reminds of ARROW LMAO !!!!!!!!!

  • ugh🥺all the pain

  • oh please god don't cancel this show The only one So Good show in a year

  • China my Dogg, but I'm glad to see they giving another person of color a chance out here.

  • I miss China being Jen lol it feels different without her but love the new Jen already

  • I love this🥺I want her to be with her kids and just be with Derek but I can’t have both😭....

  • cant wait

  • I believe either josie or Lizzie mostly mg and Landon need a spin-off series of they own

  • Coco out here moving like juice he's going to end up dead The last two episodes were bonkers This next episode 🔥🔥

  • mr kaplan is alive?

  • Lemar is literally dead because he wanted to rush in when sam was actually getting through to Karli🤦🏽‍♀️

  • I'm still mad that they broke up Will and Natalie.

  • Another break, seriously? Why can't they just give us one episode each week?

  • Tuesday 4 May is my birthsday

  • I got flashbacks to when Derek was standing behind her in the elevator in either season 2 or 3 after he got back with Addison. Gave me the chills to see them in that same position. Omg, can’t wait for next week! Merder for life!!😩🥺😍

  • Since it's posted on 1 April it's hard to believe anything

  • Are Winn and Sheldon Cooper brothers?

  • Tired of tobias

  • OMG

  • The series is good it's like wake up sun shine thing nd jared is doing his job 💯 nd I thought it was ending I saw in google that it only had 9 episodes but as they are adding up episodes I'm so very excited

  • I just hope that ANNE isn't being used by Liz to set up Reddington


  • Josie evil again? xd

  • Aww Georgie is being protective older brother