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2:37Pittsburgh Steelers Sign QB Dwayne Haskins
Pittsburgh Steelers Sign QB Dwayne Haskinsvisningar 283tn2 dagar sedan
6:30DeShaun Watson Dream Trade Scenarios
DeShaun Watson Dream Trade Scenariosvisningar 101tn3 dagar sedan
1:04:22Conference Championships NFL Power Rankings Show
57:1210 Takeaways from the Divisional Round
10 Takeaways from the Divisional Roundvisningar 30tn5 dagar sedan
1:25Tip Drill! Bucs Defense Forces 4th Takeaway
1:17Jameis Winston Slings It 56 Yds on Trick Play TD
1:42Sean Murphy-Bunting Sets Up Bucs TD w/ Big INT
0:15Karl Joseph Grabs an End Zone INT Off Henne
0:35Cleveland Has Life w/ TD to Landry!
Cleveland Has Life w/ TD to Landry!visningar 161tn6 dagar sedan
0:56Honey Badger Snatches Up an 18-Yd INT
Honey Badger Snatches Up an 18-Yd INTvisningar 72tn6 dagar sedan
0:43Mecole Hardman's Got Travis Kelce's Back
Mecole Hardman's Got Travis Kelce's Backvisningar 130tn6 dagar sedan
22:28Divisional Round Game Day View | NFL 2021
0:42Mecole Hardman Takes Off Like a Rocket!
Mecole Hardman Takes Off Like a Rocket!visningar 67tn6 dagar sedan
3:26Aaron Donald Full Season Highlights | NFL 2020
0:32What a MEAN Stiff Arm by Cam Akers!
What a MEAN Stiff Arm by Cam Akers!visningar 52tn7 dagar sedan
0:33Cam Akers & the Rams Are Getting Tricky!
Cam Akers & the Rams Are Getting Tricky!visningar 68tn7 dagar sedan
0:45Aaron Rodgers A.K.A. The Wizard
Aaron Rodgers A.K.A. The Wizardvisningar 97tn7 dagar sedan
0:48Aaron Jones Making Moves on Huge 60-Yd Rush!
0:32Goff Fires Back w/ Quick TD to Van Jefferson!
0:39Round 1 Goes to Davante Adams!
Round 1 Goes to Davante Adams!visningar 93tn7 dagar sedan
6:36Divisional Round Game Picks! | NFL 2020
Divisional Round Game Picks! | NFL 2020visningar 180tn8 dagar sedan
43:47Divisional Round NFL Power Rankings Show
Divisional Round NFL Power Rankings Showvisningar 81tn11 dagar sedan
1:10Divisional Round NFL Power Rankings Show
Divisional Round NFL Power Rankings Showvisningar 46tn12 dagar sedan
1:01:3310 Takeaways from Super Wild Card Weekend
10 Takeaways from Super Wild Card Weekendvisningar 17tn12 dagar sedan
6:20Breaking Down Browns' Big Win over Steelers
4:36T.J. Watt Full Season Highlights | NFL 2020


  • Chiefs all the way!

  • This team will be elite in the next year or 2 when Trevor Lawrence gets drafted

  • Jalen got owned.


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  • Where’s the cam Newton fumble???

  • this is greate video

  • Would love to see Aaron Rodgers do this

  • Once the eagles realize that hurts is the future we will see another championship in Philadelphia mark my word! #2

  • The nappy colt proximally flower because north electrophoretically memorise per a craven sunday. silent, diligent rowboat

  • Madden nerds happy about this lol

  • This video made John Johnson look soft, lol.

  • Me at 7:46 while watching in 2021, "Huh, they've been doing 'I love GOOOOLLLD!' for longer than I remember."

  • Nice

  • Who came here and is waiting for Sunday 😎

  • This was the best super bowl halftime show ever in my life! Really want to see this year’s super bowl halftime show!! Can’t wait for The Weeknd to perform on the most iconic stage ever!

  • I would love to see a team go off on refs who who get in the way or make bonehead calls. If they had "skin" in the game, maybe they would take play calling with the seriousness it deserves. What is the punishment for an entire team pummeling a ref? I think it is worth it.

  • 2:20 what was the point ? 😂

  • What quarterback you know did that he fumbled and instead of just falling on it picked it up ran and delivered a strike and I mean a strike to the tight end while it was accurate

  • As long as Pgh has a coach that wants to be one of the boyz, nothing will change in Pgh. ''Oh, Tomlin is a PLAYERS coach"......... in other words, no discipline, players filming meetings/releasing on social media, out of control drama, players trying to build THEIR brand, not the teams brand on social media. Pgh needs a 'business coach' for their product to get results they want. Trophies.

  • Browns is the browns

  • Great bills defense and hats off the the defense coordinator! Lamar hates to throw the ball and is uncomfortable in the pocket, so let’s break him !

  • Was this a home game for the Steelers

  • Every team has cheated before, 95/100 times it isn’t a big deal. Patriots have not cheated the most and this was not a case when they did cheat

  • 1:10 I like the way David fell over onto Bell lol

  • My dad wanted the bears

  • best halftime show!!

  • Nobody get credit to Buffalo Bills they're going to see..Bill going to the SUPERBOWL

  • I swear I heard Mahomes say hellen Keller

  • I miss coop his route running was crazy

  • If Tomlin had a son

  • I think santonio Holmes touchdown should have been the steelers best


  • 1 minute: Chiefs big Mahomes Hill play. And everyother minute, Kansas City!!!!!!!

  • OJ was as good on the mic as he was with a knife! (Just a joke. RIP Ron & Nicole)

  • When the world was corona free

  • Whos here after Doug was fired?

  • Green Bay Gopackgo

  • Who’s here after he retired? Goodbye Vance, thanks for the seasons. Go Steelers!

  • I've watched it a million times and never gave up

  • Run OJ run!

  • baldy speaking facts like always

  • Browns future: A. They have a losing season again and go back to irrelevance B. They are in for years of heartbreak and playoff futility

  • I am going to watch this game over and over till the day I die.

  • He had so many more that got left out

  • im a bills fan,i wish kansas the best of luck but on sunday were enemies

  • The saints should had won and tom brady should had lost

  • 5:49 Dante Fowler broke the OT ankles

  • I guess we'll see if "the standard" is still "the standard" with Haskins. I hope he does well and they can teach him to read defenses.

  • Big Trusssss