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12:58How to STOP PUPPY BITING! (Cesar911 Shorts)
How to STOP PUPPY BITING! (Cesar911 Shorts)visningar 314tn23 timmar sedan
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10:09HOW TO TEACH A DOG ANYTHING! With Cesar Millan!
2:58History of Dog Breeds: THE FRENCH BULLDOG!
History of Dog Breeds: THE FRENCH BULLDOG!visningar 143tn4 månader sedan
18:08Cesar Millan's Animal Paradise in LA | Ranch Tour!
2:46Watch Junior go diving!
Watch Junior go diving!visningar 92tn5 månader sedan
4:10Watch me make a Mexican Hot Dog!
Watch me make a Mexican Hot Dog!visningar 62tn5 månader sedan
4:31I make a DIY backpack with Junior!
I make a DIY backpack with Junior!visningar 58tn5 månader sedan
8:11My Dog Whispers Sweet Nothings To Me | Dog ASMR


  • The pups seem to be asking themselves who Cesar is talking to.

  • 💗

  • 💜

  • Hi Cesar.... thanks so much for all your tips and hels with certain troubled dogs.... BUT... what if there is a strange dog on the street ... loose.. coming towards you and you see the tail tail signs he is coming to attach you..... what to do then in that situation.... It happened once to me and it was a larger sized German Sheppard.. who got loose from his yard... If you have any tips on how to deal with this type of situation ... Thanks as always for that you do , in being the voicee for misunderstood dogs .

  • Now do a reaction about his children watching this reaction.

  • Cesar I think your place would be amazing to rehab young people.

  • I love your work, but your training courses are absurdly priced. Your training isn’t for the dogs that desperately need it anymore, because the people that have those dogs can’t get your attention. You came into this as small, but now you are so big that you only train celebrity dogs and high paying clients.

  • You are full of LOVE Cesar. May God bless you many years. You are changing peoples lives.

  • So even sienfelds dogs think hes creepy? Hilarious


  • Evan's witless irresponsibility caused this problem, which he ignored over & over again. He doesn't deserve his dog or his friends. Who wants to bet he keeps up with the training- anybody?

  • Hahahah, I love how at 0:59 while they are normally talking... the dog randomly appears and jump, then gone 😂😂

  • It's human's IGNORANCE that causes the chaos. If you don't know what you're doing with animals, for God's sake, LEARN before you adopt a pet whose life you're going to ruin. This isn't a bad lady, but her foolishness is causing suffering that could have been avoided.

  • The owners need to be trained , that’s when the puppy will be trained

  • It's NEVER the dog. Never.

  • Cesar you’re a legend

  • Evan is an irresponsible jerk. I can't believe he has any friends. What an idiot! That poor dog is lucky he hasn't already been put down by the police.

  • Caesar, you rock and I have learned SO much from you! I have a black lab puppy that I am training right now. So being a puppy and loving to chew, when she bites my fingers, in a soft, calm voice I say, "Gently, gently" and she just puts her mouth on my fingers and stops nibbling. ☺

  • How many other people checked the comments mid video when they noticed him on his phone in the back.

  • A Vizsla is not an aggressive dog. A Vizsla needs space and attention. We have had Vizslas for almost 15 years and if you don't have a big garden, or don't go for a minimum of 5 km walk with them every day then this breed is not for you. Find him another home where he has space and the attention he deserves. You don't need a dog whisperer if you would have done your research about this beautiful breed.

  • I love your trining. Amazing teacher

  • I have a old tyme bulldog, this stuff would not work 😕 😐 😑 😒 🙄 😫. And I really want it to work big time....his a lovely 13 week old puppy. Any advice appreciated.

  • Gio became Cesar

  • People love to say “Cesar may have finally met his match” and then Cesar gets the dog into a calm submissive state in 5 minutes 😂😂

  • Omgg, the Guy is Tougher to Train then the Dog !! I Love your passion Cesar !!

  • She still doesn’t understand. She said that she had to get the dog from an excited state to a calm state. She should be saying she had to get herself from an excited state to a calm state.

  • This is brilliant and helpful. Thank you

  • Hola César buen video 😎 y entretenido saludos desde México

  • I would like to see his work with the dog not just the background.

  • Love the art and the meaning of it. So proud of you and our culture.

  • Can you do History on Newfoundland’s please??

  • Yes..love the live demonstrations! That's how I got my Alabi to walk nice and her movement is according to me...even the slight movements. LOVE that Dane...how beautiful! I am such a lgd lover. ..for life! Thank you for the video ♡

  • Man what a nightmare that guy was on camera, what he would be off camera is beyond comprehension.. 🙄

  • i wonder what the leash is? Is it a slip knot???

  • Goodness,Cesar are You ‘taken.. ♥️ what a Leader You are, Blessings.

  • Tha chancla fixes everything 🤣🤣jk

  • As a Pug owner I couldn’t imagine my Pugs acting like this 😟 awwww Jr and Gio BFF 💙

  • What a brilliant human. I don’t even have a dog but I get so much from watching him!

  • Thank God he used those props. I would not have understood at all without the dog and human stuffed animal

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Love you my friend.... from day 1. You saved my German shepherd by training me!

  • Now I see what I'm doing wrong. I need to wait for him to be calm. Thanks Cesar!!

  • Funny that people are so much dumber than dogs.

  • Omg I didn’t know how much I needed “Cesar reacts” to be a thing 😂

  • i cant see the neckpoke without thinking about southpark 😂😂

  • more of this 🙏❤️

  • It's ok the dog will be have 😊☹️

  • Everything Cesar teachers I try on my puppy and nothing works I’m getting so overwhelmed I don’t know what to do😩 I am not welcome at anyone’s house anymore because she bites she growls she barks rips up everything in her sight she just doesn’t listen and the people closest to me or acting so different with me because of her my roommate even moved out because he could not handle her😭

  • Where do these people come from? How do they have so much wealth? I don’t get it... seems these upper class people are so self absorbed they just make the dumbest decisions. That is a working dog, can see that a mile away, it needs a job. Exercise that animal and treat it right. They are not toys to play with and then ignore. WTF?

    • Wrong... the damage YOU can do to your kids. And they cast it away. Worst dog owner ever. Ohhh boo hoo . Put that wretch out on the porch. I’m not gonna give up on him.., VOMIT! The only good thing about this is learning a tip or two from your stupid decisions.

  • Cesar ficar Felix na vida e vai com dues sempre

  • My dad said that after we are after our dogs die that we are getting a chihuahua and I don't like them at all I am so scared of them a wiener dog bit me once and I'm even scared of than a chihuahua I do not like them 😨😱😳😭☹️😰

  • I hope she gets rid of that guy. He's literally showing no interest and he seems kinda toxic- just from his energy

  • He scratches my kid, I beat the crap out of him in no time, he would be healed at the same instant, guaranteed

  • I think feeding the dog with treats regularly with this love will speed up the process. even without treats Cesar guru was able to achieve this was awesome.

  • I think he beat the shet out of the dog in the past. look at that dog it is scared.

  • the moment he sat down, she got up. what a connection. ha ha. lol. that poor guy.

  • Wow, That is Amazing. I think dogs respond so well to you becuz of your confidence Cesar. They truly can smell fear on people & every other emotion as well. Great excercise

  • I had a mini pit bull latch on to the neck of my dog once. I punted him and fucked that dog up. I am willing to go to the emergency room or jail for my dog. I have health insurance- my dog doesn’t.

  • Cesar was really training her wanna be ROBCOP boyfriend. He has all the bad energy. Can't blame the dog for not liking this dude.

  • I am a big fan, coz I love dogs.

  • I absolutely LOVE this video. Well done! ❤️🐾

  • They should find this baby a better home and get a golden or other family dog

  • Do you have any paid training online videos that I can sign up for that are slower and step by step with basic dog trading info?

  • RESPECT man👊❤️you help peoples!

  • so cool!!!

  • You could tell when ceaser was showing the boyfriend up he was so jealous like his body language was saying “why you showing me up Infront of my girl” he definitely always wants to be the best at everything

  • How to get over the fear of dogs ?

  • Anybody getting a dog should go through someone like Cesar first. People can cause a lot of damage due to a lack of knowledge

  • Dog can smell a classic A H hence she's protecting her owner. I doubt he would change. He has to change not the dog!

  • У собаки нет границ и правил, хозяива не авторитет. Никакой реакции на недопустимые поступки собаки...



  • @ebulljet

  • Beautiful yet simple reminders about life and leadership. Thanks :)

  • I admire Cesar Millan ,The Dog Whisperer ,The Pack ! You are the role model ❤️🥰 Love Your show so much ! Watching Greetings From Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 🇲🇾 Stay Safe

  • This woman is so lovely.

  • Hey Cesar I am watching you all way from Pakistan huge respect to your brother ❤️

  • Cesar: look at how crazy you were buddy Pug: ugh, dad I told you I've changed😂