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Good morning internet! :)

My name is Noraly and I’m passionate about motorbikes and solo adventures around the world. I quit my job, sold my stuff and now I'm traveling the world fulltime by motorcycle. First on a Royal Enfield Himalayan, which I purchased in India, and when I had to abandon my motorcycle in Peru in March 2020 because of lockdowns, I bought a second hand Honda CB500x from 2015.

New lockdowns forced me to park my Honda CB500x in a storage place in The Netherlands and relocate to South Africa. Here I bought a secondhand Honda CRF250L from 2013, which I named Savannah. With this new companion, I am exploring South Africa and share my adventures here on SEnewss every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!



18:47This day turned out differently... [S5 - Eps. 20]
16:14The long way round SWAZILAND [S5 - Eps. 10]
15:34I woke up to this.. 🇿🇦[S5 - Eps. 6]
22:03I CAN'T continue... 🇿🇦 [S5 - Eps. 5]
9:36I AM BACK!! [S5 - Eps. 1]
I AM BACK!! [S5 - Eps. 1]visningar 374tnMånad sedan
26:35I joined the POLICE ACADEMY [S4 - Eps. 8]
I joined the POLICE ACADEMY [S4 - Eps. 8]visningar 1,1mn3 månader sedan
Itchy Boots CHRISTMAS SPECIALvisningar 176tn3 månader sedan
19:17Dutch Flattrack: the race is ON! [S4 - Eps. 6]
Dutch Flattrack: the race is ON! [S4 - Eps. 6]visningar 160tn4 månader sedan
25:58I learned how to motocross!! [S4 - Eps. 5]
I learned how to motocross!! [S4 - Eps. 5]visningar 262tn4 månader sedan
1:01:52Itchy Boots LIVE - What is happening?!
Itchy Boots LIVE - What is happening?!visningar 178tn4 månader sedan


  • Love Royal Enfield. Closest thing to an original British Triumph/BSA. Probably better, but never looks as good.

  • You do need to meet up with Bret Tkacs, he´s in South Africa from May 1st, in Johannesburg. This would be a great opportunity for both of you! I would REALLY love to se you meet!

  • Keeping your chain clean must be a daily chore. Amazing video.

  • The sound of that starter doesn't sound like it belongs to that motor.

  • Your bike is holding up really good,. I enjoy your videos. You are a gutsy woman. Stay safe out there.

  • Ahhh im suffering an Anxiety attack watching you running out of petrol - so glad you made it

  • So glad you passed through Port Elizabeth, Noraly. My friend from school (in the UK) moved there nearly 50 years ago and I still haven't been out there to visit. So wonderful to see her adopted home through your eyes. Thank you. Stay safe, ride safe and big hugs from South Staffordshire, UK. 😷👍👍😷 Geoff

  • Wow. Worn out.

  • Preferred the journey's on the bike, but each to their own. keep up the good work on your bike journeys.

  • 21:20 who is playing a drone anyway?

  • The little boy in the house in the village looks like he has 'Rickets'. which is normally caused by a lack of Vitamin D, calcium or phosphate. I hope I'm wrong, but it looks that way to me.

  • Thank you yet again for the exact video that I needed. You are an inspiration and a large part of why I now own a Himalayan.

  • Again a very nice video

  • ...except you didn't actually run out of petrol :-/

  • I discovered your channel a couple of months ago and subscribed. I love the way you film and describe your travels and make everything so interesting. Your drone photography is amazing. I shall continue following you adventures with interest. Stay safe.

  • Drive off while u drive down over than u save petrol as u can reach a gass station

  • As always, positive and more cheerful than anyone I know when riding in such awful weather

  • Visited the Plitvitci lakes 4 years ago and it is stunning.

  • hi idol , can you sponsor me a helmet :)

  • Que lindooo...!!! Saludos desde la patagonia argentinaa..

  • I know Most woman like chocolate and flowers 🌹, i didn’t know they like motobike exhaust , nice video .

  • Enjoy your break from your fantastic video’s and travels 💖

  • sorry to hear about your family getting caught in that terrible flood , think my grandfather on my mothers side has Dutch ancestors

  • I really loved your bike ride all country and your so beautiful god bless you

  • Love your Basanti 🏍️🏍️🏍️🏍️ and dhanoo

  • I would have liked to see you in the Himalayan... but well... always nice to see your videos... Well done

  • Super tof! Kan nog steeds niet wennen aan dat oerhollandse Engels🙈

  • What computer, and software do you use to edit your videos?

  • Well Done

  • Good day!!)))) I started watching you last year, I watched you for hours,it was a pleasure to watch your journey!!!)))) I wish you great health and all the best ❤️ thank you!))

  • О ты еще жива, а я думала тебя уже съели

  • Funny, cool and a nice landscape!! And a good sound of the bikes!! Well done!!

  • You got all my respect Noraly, what an achievement! You can be proud of yourself👏👍

  • Does anyone know the name of the song starts from 18:08? Shazam gave 6 (six!) different results, none of them is what I'm looking for.

  • Enjoy the time off.

  • But when I saw your U tub video i found RE is more comfortable for you

  • I absolutely love your videos and am totally envious of your travels. Keep it up.

  • How do you not fall in love with this woman

  • Love your new bike. I have the same one

  • What happened to your CB500X?

  • Jij Ben echt sterek vrow

  • To think road builders made those roads! Awesome!

  • Glad he knows his way around.

  • Plateau is huge!

  • 2021, impressed that you road this well. S4 riding with motor cops was a great learning experience, adding to your skill levels. Your coach in Oman was very helpful! Thanks for showing a part of Oman I did not know! Fun to ride!


  • 😃😍❤🧡💛💚💙 12:57

  • V good

  • Love from india 🔥

  • ചേച്ചി പൊളിയ 🔥

  • Damnn the people here is so friendly. So different from what the media portray They even invited you for lunch or dinner! Its such a rare moment to witness so much heartwarming welcome at once. Really change my perspective on Iran!! I know im way late...but enjoy your trip Noraly especially now you’re in Africa! Love from Malaysia! Conclusion: Never trust the media, see for yourself.

  • when things open up, and if you find yourself in BC Canada, say hi if you want a riding buddy to the northern US boarder. 😄 And thanks for the vidoe on the Himalayan. I'm test riding one this weekend.

  • did the turtle make it?

  • I miss bassanti ;/

  • 👍 👍

  • You should join Bret Tkacs on May 1 in Johannesburg.

  • The magnificent power of water

  • You should also have a GoPro endorsement.

  • Wowwwww

  • 非常喜欢你的视频,会一直持续关注你!❤️

  • amazing views.....

  • mooie rit Noraly, je hebt alle tijd dus goede beslissing om het rustig te doen, Baviaanskloof gaat niet lopen ;)

  • Translate indonesia

  • Any plan to travel to India again?

  • most amazing, itchy boots. like the name too..:-)

  • Thx for showing the gate for hell

  • Amazing, inspiring, informative big fan of yours... Go girl

  • Noraly with you be connecting up with Brett Tkacs when he is where you are

  • Have a great break

  • What a Breakdance. Your living on your Route 66 like "god in France".👍😉

  • Hi and congratulations to your reports with Jones an informazion. You habe a cute voice and sounds melody inside. I (*1960) am amazed because the top roads you drive on in further Russian. Even better than much of them in my homearea around Kassel in central Germany. Like to See more Videos of you. 😁Better than TV. 👍Bye

  • Hello what model of bike you used here?

    • Please check her homepage (website). And read her post from 16th March 2021. Destination Unknown: The first 2500km with Savannah. (Honda CRF250L)

  • HI RICH GIRL.....

  • Possibly the best video you've done 👍

  • "World took uncertainty to a next level"



  • Peter looks a lil like Bradley Cooper. XD

  • At 19.37 two guys on a scooter with no helmets? Dont you need helmets on scooters in the Nederlands?

    • Answered my own question by searching "Moped" and "Light moped". So 50cc scooters are Light Mopeds and dont need helmets.

  • Thank you for doing this for those of us who aren't brave enough yet! Which fo you prefer? The royal enfield or the current honda you're on?