Loosh Loosh

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0:34Cat watches mopping from on top of furniture stack.
0:15Cat Yells from Crate during Road Trip
Cat Yells from Crate during Road Tripvisningar 1,6tn23 timmar sedan
0:13POV: Sleepy cat lies on your legs
POV: Sleepy cat lies on your legsvisningar 6tn7 dagar sedan
0:09Cat Smells Raspberry Jam Then Smells Camera
Cat Smells Raspberry Jam Then Smells Cameravisningar 4,1tn14 dagar sedan
0:23Cat enjoys aggressive face rubs, then sneezes.
0:33Cat Politely Declines Having Beans Touched
0:14Cat Watches Marching Band Prequel
Cat Watches Marching Band Prequelvisningar 5tnMånad sedan
0:37Cat watches marching band out window
Cat watches marching band out windowvisningar 10tnMånad sedan
0:35Relaxing POV Cat Petting
Relaxing POV Cat Pettingvisningar 7tn2 månader sedan
0:10Cat greets you as you come home from work
Cat greets you as you come home from workvisningar 9tn2 månader sedan
0:14Cat stretches feet, human assists
Cat stretches feet, human assistsvisningar 1,2mn2 månader sedan
0:15Cat thinks he is trapped, when he is not
Cat thinks he is trapped, when he is notvisningar 890tn2 månader sedan
0:23Cat slowly closes eyes
Cat slowly closes eyesvisningar 45tn3 månader sedan
0:11Cat Bites Fork, Fork Hits Cat
Cat Bites Fork, Fork Hits Catvisningar 4,2mn3 månader sedan
0:34Cat and Human Rub Heads Affectionately
Cat and Human Rub Heads Affectionatelyvisningar 38tn3 månader sedan


  • Promises made, promises kept.

  • ur door stinks

  • The fork could have blinded your cat and youre laughing, wow.

  • 10/10

  • Hell yeah dude.

  • Me: sneezes Cat: sneezes 🐈

  • i don't know what i was expecting...

  • Loaf 🍞

  • *what a gentleman.*

  • bless you

  • Cat: *sneeze* 4.2Million People: hmmmm interesting

  • My cat HATES having blankets cover her even a little. My other cat doesn’t care, but his sister throws a fit

  • My cat started purring as soon as this played

  • to this day some say you can still see the kitty in the blanket

  • This video: Cat politely asks to be put under the blanket, then sneezes.

  • This is the content I came for

  • This cat is making the best biscuits in the world and I'm very proud.

  • I like the part where he sneezed

  • That’s some quality content

  • bless you

  • 4.2 million people have been pleased

  • The cat is the embodiment of "I see no god up here other than me"

  • Why am I watching stuff like this at 2am?

  • why does your cat look IDENTICAL to mine?? I’ve never seen another tan cat!

  • I can now die in peace...

  • We get a bonus that the cat was breathing

  • "Everyone liked that"

  • Nobody: SEnewss: lets recommend this 5 years later

  • this is like reseting the ai of an npc lol

  • *I am pleased.*

  • The subtitles lmfaoo

  • The blankie tickled its lil nose 🥺

  • He doesn't want us to see his suffering💔

  • Bless you

  • Adorable😭

  • My grandmothers tiny dog does this He will hide in any dark place, in pillow cases, behind the couch, in blankets Hell there’s one pillow he has torn open that he likes to climb inside, he just loves small dark places

  • For some reason I literally almost never like SEnewss videos, I guess I'm just too lazy or something but something in my brain immediately decided I had to like this polite little kitty

  • Sounds like a fly swatter

  • He can just jump over it tho

  • I m 10 years early

  • What's the opposite of clickbait?

  • came for the sneeze got two of them

  • Blanket burrito squawks

  • ......

  • "I would like to sneeze under my blanket, good sir"

  • i know i will see this 6 years later

  • 10/10 would watch again

  • so polite

  • *Bless you*

  • Hey, what did you use to record this clip?

  • this IS a polite boy

  • Think this might be a British Shorthair cat - I have two and the features are similar. Shorter noses therefore more watery eyes typical of the breed. I'd love to know if I'm right or wrong?

    • we don't know, he was adopted.

  • If Grogu (baby Yoda) was a wookie.

  • Spoiler... . . . . There are also biscuits.

  • Since nobody’s gonna say it bless you mr cat

  • -Serotonin levels stabilized-

  • My cat does the exact same thing. Only in the morning he wakes me up by shoving his way under my blanket. Then he sneezes in my face before going to sleep under the blanket. Much less considerate than your cat.

  • Well well well, this is interesting.


  • "whatcha doin'in there?" Owner of cat asks. Cat replies "jus chillin'." Owner says " want pets-" "NO" Cat🐈 interrupts.

  • Cat: I'm tryin ta sleep here😴

  • bless you

  • They making biscuits!!

  • I guess SEnewss is going back to cat videos on our recommend Pages

  • I love cats

  • "That's a great cat right there"

  • Ok

  • I think it’s cute how he bit the fork so delicately

  • Yes

  • He's probably ticklish

  • This cat didnt have any way to cover his sneeze so he politely asked to be covered with a blanket. What a gentleman

  • Ey thats me every monday i get a snezze streek my highest is like 20 in like 2 minute

  • That catnip be hitting different

  • Cat: I say GOOD DAY, madam...

  • Mmmmm Cat sneeze

  • Bless you Catto

  • I don't know what "beans" are, but if you touch them, you'll be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the "claw."

  • Bruhhhh

  • If all ytube vid titles were like this...

  • Dis cat loves blankets- and I love that