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Bikes and Beards is the vlog of SRK Cycles. The ups and downs of a few Christian guys who left the jobs they dreaded to enjoy work and love life. Trying to juggle the demands of work and family all while trying to change the motorcycle industry and the way people buy motorcycles.

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13:22I Got a New Motorcycle Shop
I Got a New Motorcycle Shopvisningar 49tnDag sedan
16:48I Bought the Fastest Harley Davidson Ever Made
16:19I Bought a $700 Barn Find
I Bought a $700 Barn Findvisningar 283tn14 dagar sedan
14:22I Bought the Fastest Pocket Rocket on Amazon
14:39I Bought the Cheapest T-Rex on the Internet...
12:58I Built the Cheapest Sherp on the PLANET
I Built the Cheapest Sherp on the PLANETvisningar 352tnMånad sedan
9:02How a Motorcycle Can Power your House
How a Motorcycle Can Power your Housevisningar 117tnMånad sedan
12:32I PUT Jet Fuel in my Orange County Chopper Motorcycle
14:17Testing out the cheapest RZR in the snow
Testing out the cheapest RZR in the snowvisningar 124tn2 månader sedan
13:31The Ultimate Drift Trike CHALLENGE!
The Ultimate Drift Trike CHALLENGE!visningar 383tn3 månader sedan
13:02I Bought the Cheapest Side by Side on the Planet
13:25I Bought the Cheapest ELECTRIC ATV on the Internet
6:03We Surprised Him with the Motorcycle of his DREAMS.
4:00:06LIVE Motorcycle Unboxing + HUGE GIVEAWAYS
LIVE Motorcycle Unboxing + HUGE GIVEAWAYSvisningar 90tn5 månader sedan
11:51I got to drive the world's LARGEST motorcycle
I got to drive the world's LARGEST motorcyclevisningar 737tn6 månader sedan
19:25I BOUGHT the CHEAPEST ELECTRIC dirt bike on Amazon
16:32Why YOU Need to Buy a V8 Motorcycle: BOSS HOSS
Why YOU Need to Buy a V8 Motorcycle: BOSS HOSSvisningar 1,1mn6 månader sedan
11:51is a $2,000 Amazon DirtBike better than a used Honda?


  • the cycle needs a jet engine! great channel.. all that crap!

  • i would love to put the small engine in my 81 virago

  • Toilet entertainment 🤣🤣. Congrats on the new location.

  • Isn't it strang how the people who have the money to buy things seem to get them for free when the poor people can only window shope

  • i have had keeway speed 150cc, and it is tough little guy, payed 550$, i abuse it little less than you, only thing i tried different is riding three persons on it, was on lake with 2 friends and since road was like for offroad they have expensive bikes so they didn't want to drive it try that road. that bike was also economic only 2.25 Liter per 100 kilometers. Nice channel you have, cheers

  • FYI The X160 is a 48 volt system, the X260 is 60 volts. You can replace the controller with an upgraded one, but performance increase will be minimal. In order to achieve higher voltage-related performance, you'd have to replace both controller and battery..

  • I could live there 🤤

  • where does one get extended cables for the 1996 vulcan 1500

  • Sean unboxing stuff…bull in a China cabinet.

  • those chicken biscuits are DA BOMB!

  • Talk about overanalyzing how it was loaded and how to unload it.

  • One word suron! & anything over 750w is illegal on anything besides private property & OHV trails.

  • I didn't see a fridge! And it wasn't full of cold drinks! Nor a microwave!!

  • I remember listening to a sermon where the preacher answered the question as to whether to tithe on net or gross? He said "do you want net or gross blessings?". looks like you been tithing on the gross!

  • The skit where u throw the money at Craig is classic.

  • Well they got that review that they wanted😂😂

  • Where’s Caleb been lately ?

  • We are not worthy ! You are the man

  • worst joke of all time in the beginning holy shit

  • Happy for you, but didn't you just film your last pocket bike video in that new garage? The inside looks exactly the same.

  • Congrats man

  • Doesn't know how to use reverse. Tears into the carbs when there are drains in the bowls. Isn't used to running small displacement motorcycles. Calls waterlogging engine a defect? What year was the bike? It was not a 2020. It was at least a 2013 maybe older ,with carburetors. The new bikes are fuel injected and have many many improvements to the bike.

  • I wonder what the total value is?

  • I need a Reese’s drawer in my tool box... great idea

  • "So I can watch youtube on the toilet like you guys" 👀

  • pushing a god in just lost you me!

  • WOW great tool treasure chest

  • No, you did a terrible job unboxing! First you uses a freaking saw to open a box?

  • do you need a drivers license for ride it ?

  • I would like to have that Pulse Auto Cycle...... Or more content on it :)

  • I plan on getting my m1 license in June. 😁 What cheap bike would you recommend for someone just learning?

  • you can give it to me for free if you want lol

  • This guy seems so calm & cool. I love it, what an awesome guy to show us his house & share a bit about what he does.

  • can i have a chicken biscuit

  • God bless!!

  • Honestly this was way to boring

  • Congrats on your new digs!!

  • Why on gods great earth did he call what looks like a chicken burger a chicken biscuit? Am I missing something? Those were chicken burgers weren’t they?

  • where saw

  • You deserve my subscription bro 😎

  • Jump the snake river canyon on that thing , you can put a dummy in if your not "crazy " love ya I wish I loved my job

  • Next socket to go guaranteed is your 10 mm

  • Sock drawer killed me

  • Sure, it's a beautiful bike, but to me, having a bike I can't ride every day would be like having a beautiful wife I can't, umm, well you know what I'm saying. Hahaha.

  • Please move you shop to Las Vegas, Rideitnow sucks!

  • its awesome to see you guys grow bigger and bigger over the years. its a true blessing to watch!!! god bless man!!! keep up the good work!!! Hebrews 10:24-25

  • My wife wants to ride but she said she would only ride a grom haha, theres not too many lady riders out there so i understood, *starts gofundme due to never EVER gonna buy a grom*

  • More plane bikee

  • i find it funny how us true fans don't care what u talk about, u can tell us the story of a shirt and we would love to watch it jajajaja, thanks for your content sean

  • Too much denoise for the sounds, please change the mic or the camera, anyway good luck with ur new place

  • I will take the bike Dino 🦖

  • "I'm gonna paint them clear." LOL!

  • Nice to see you succeeding in life, you deserve it, level ups are always great

  • Drag bike. Starting from scratch and learning AA you go would make for great content. Cycle Drag would love that as well. We need to support cycle drag racing.

  • Awesomely addictive and fun and addicting but it really is an ugly old bird. Buy y’all mad me laugh. Blessing bro

  • insults collector gets new shop?

  • "its like a brand new motorcycle" - craigslist posting

  • Time to build a drag bike

  • Heck you guys. Now you can really do some fun stuff. God Bless

  • That hud could have been way better

  • "We got some doritos " hahahaha

  • So awesome! Cant wait to see more of this shop. With that said damn good thing I didnt smoke the devils lettuce, you knowing exactly where I'm at would have messed me up! Had me looking out the window 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I would just sit at look at those tools everyday!! That stuff is awesome. Every man cave needs a tool set up like that 👍👍👎

  • Caleb looked a little to experienced in smashing over that "Bike"! And comfortable doing it! Had me fooled:( lol That vans perfect for the task and the resale good no doubt. Good call

  • .

  • Shops already looking better 🔥

  • Nice new digs guys, enjoy. I look forword to the Seanoscapy you'll perform on this place!?

  • Destroyer has a flat yo?

  • Greatest unboxing video evah!

  • I didn't find it on amazon

  • Time to tape up the front facing camera...

  • Lol wtf I won’t recommend a r1 but the 1200 is good starter

  • I want to see you get the autocycle going

  • Im glad to see how far you have come keep up the great videos and you will get even further in life i bet you never thought youtube would help get you this far the only thing i think you should do more in videos is maybe do some crazy stuff like the crazy builds maybe go a little more mad scientist with them and you need a chart like you do in the videos whether its for beginners or expert skill level but a chart for custom parts and how customizable the bike is like the c50 theres not much out there or a honda vtx From 1 to 10 id say a 5 yes there are parts but they are pricey i should have looked into that a little more but I bought the bike and now after everything I'm out an arm and a leg on aftermarket stuff that I probably won't get back now a harley sportster would be 10 because you can get anything and everything for that bike knock off or oem cheap tons of aftermarket i think it will help guys figure out what they want to get just throwing out ideas id love to see you go further keep it up love the channel