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5:20The Biggest Neck in Bodybuilding
The Biggest Neck in Bodybuildingvisningar 208tn2 dagar sedan
11:38Here we go again..
Here we go again..visningar 109tnMånad sedan
8:10Men's Open Bodybuilders With a Vacuum Pose?
6:06Russian Synthol Kid Has Oil Removal Surgery


  • don't hype patrick he didn't gain any size..he is same as he was in 2019

  • Cedric looks like elder brother of Larry Wheels.

  • So nick is bias towads blessing ?

  • Also eddie's was more impressive. At least to me

  • Thor didnt break the record in competition 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Not in a million years Sergio in that showed video has 306lb! 🤭

  • I doubt anyone will pull 505. That's huge and there isnt many people making noise saying they are going for big deadlifts

  • Big lenny is how I'm looking rn

  • Bless you for the time stamps, not that I used them this time. But sometimes you just want a certain story.

    • Also just commenting for algorithm, you make awesome videos 👌

  • Even if Phil thinks of coming back , it's not going to to be a cakewalk at all now onwards. Ramy has found the formula, Brandon did edge past him but the greatest of all threats is Hadi . Imagine if he comes in a week early minus the visa pressure . That makes a hell lot of a difference to a physique.

  • Cedrick looking like Larry wheels older brother on the thumbnail

  • Wtf cuomos weight doesn't matter, he moved the dumbell around way too fast and easy. Joe should just play it off as a joke he just made his case worse

  • Wishing Cedric an amazing prep Don't get hurt 🙏

  • They are all 300 Pounds until they step on Stage next to RAMY 🤣

  • The Giants LIve is in England...Eddie is from England and a Natl. Hero. Several times England's Strongest Man....Not much love for Thor...It makes sense to have Eddie on the poster.

  • Thor infamously burnt his bridges with Giants Live, whether they recognise his record or not he'll never be on their poster

  • He is the man...!

  • Only 50000k for that deadlift, to little money

  • 50،000$ for the new record? That's 1 week grocery shopping for strongmen

  • 0:59 Cedric ugly asf LMAO

  • Experts? Just go to the gym and try to pick one up lmao.

  • Unlucky Cedric don't know how to shredd so what's the point of talking about him when he will. Not. Do anything

  • Now every woman is going to be coming to this video saying they want some neck or a man that has a neck like that

  • Oliva will bring a good package i think

  • We all can see that blesssings legs are not big enough...

  • Give Ronnie Coleman a shoutout, the legend is running out of money

  • Patrick is a beast!

  • You are biased towards Nick You are biased towards Chris Bumstead You are always picking and choosing sides

  • Blessing got legs like brandon curry i think

  • Damn even in 2009 no bodybuilder including Jay Cutler was 300 in the offseason maybe Kai Greene got up to 290-300ish I recall so many now are 300 plus lbs now it’s just ridiculous.

  • The thing is 300 lbs off season now compared when ronnie coleman was 300 lbs off season is like night and day

  • Blessing has no quad separation lmao

  • Who wins in what order out of patrick, sergio, Cedric

  • That up and down thing, no thank u man

  • Patrick Moore shouldn't even be pro. He looks awful!

  • Giants Live has Eddie on the poster for a couple reasons, he pulled the 500kg at a Giants Live competition, and he pulled in competition unlike Thor Generally records are agreed upon no matter the federation in strongman, you can pull 505kg in WUS, Giants Live, the Arnold Classic, etc, it's still the world record if it's done in competition

  • 505 KG? Heck I can do it. And I only weigh 155 pounds

  • DO A VIDEO ON FLEX WHEELER AND HIS NEVER BEFORE SEEN “muscle striations” HE WAS AN OIL LABRAT (Zero muscle fibres)

  • Hello Nick, it seems other channels have already covered these news yesterday. i already saw these posts on other youtube channels.

  • I just phil would be what he was. Phil at his best is RIDICULOUS and i want to be excited over body building like i was then

  • 50K?? should be at least double that

  • There grocery shopping bills will be much higher than $50,000.

  • That guy can drink peanut butter

  • Nick Walkers wheels blow blessings legs out of the water. No comparison at any angle.