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4:32Worst Movie Director Ever | Anwar Jibawi
3:59New Best Friend | Anwar Jibawi
New Best Friend | Anwar Jibawivisningar 1,1mn7 dagar sedan
3:00"I Have a Boyfriend" | Anwar Jibawi
"I Have a Boyfriend" | Anwar Jibawivisningar 1,2mn14 dagar sedan
4:11Showing Your Friend a Movie | Anwar Jibawi
30:42Why I'm a Bad Boyfriend... | Anwar Jibawi
4:51The Worst Neighbor Ever | Anwar Jibawi
The Worst Neighbor Ever | Anwar Jibawivisningar 2,8mnMånad sedan
5:47The Friend Who Won't Leave | Anwar Jibawi
The Friend Who Won't Leave | Anwar Jibawivisningar 1,9mn2 månader sedan
2:07Money in My Pocket | Anwar Jibawi
Money in My Pocket | Anwar Jibawivisningar 1,9mn2 månader sedan
5:43The Person Who Always Comments First | Anwar Jibawi
3:46My Girlfriend's Best Friend | Anwar Jibawi
My Girlfriend's Best Friend | Anwar Jibawivisningar 2,3mn2 månader sedan
15:24Short Boyfriend Problems | Anwar Jibawi
Short Boyfriend Problems | Anwar Jibawivisningar 4,8mn3 månader sedan
2:46You're So Cute! | Anwar Jibawi
You're So Cute! | Anwar Jibawivisningar 1,9mn3 månader sedan
6:17If Classic Movies Were Made in 2020 | Anwar Jibawi
SANTA DOESN'T PAY HIS ELVES?! (CAUGHT ON TAPE)visningar 689tn3 månader sedan
WORLD'S GREATEST SECURITY GUARD!visningar 1,6mn4 månader sedan
I OPENED A RESTAURANT!visningar 1,3mn4 månader sedan
TAKING ORDERS AT THE WRONG RESTAURANTS!!visningar 781tn5 månader sedan
5:56STAR WARS IN REAL LIFE!! | Anwar Jibawi
STAR WARS IN REAL LIFE!! | Anwar Jibawivisningar 1,3mn5 månader sedan
4:38Greatest Shopper in the World | Anwar Jibawi
Greatest Shopper in the World | Anwar Jibawivisningar 1,7mn6 månader sedan
TOWING MY FRIENDS CARS!!visningar 1,3mn6 månader sedan
5:41I Regret Doing This...
I Regret Doing This...visningar 1,3mn6 månader sedan
ROAD TRIP TO VEGAS (INSANE BIRTHDAY TRIP!!)visningar 1,1mn7 månader sedan
9:21What Just Happened...?! | Anwar Jibawi
What Just Happened...?! | Anwar Jibawivisningar 1,8mn8 månader sedan
9:13How Famous People Fly | Anwar Jibawi
How Famous People Fly | Anwar Jibawivisningar 2,2mn8 månader sedan
7:47Is She Stalking Me? | Anwar Jibawi
Is She Stalking Me? | Anwar Jibawivisningar 2,1mn9 månader sedan


  • Smell's like garbage 🤣🤣

  • Lol

  • Lord

  • Oh god this is the best I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Your videos are always the best🤣 i spend my whole day watching your videos

  • There’s something wrong cause the girl said her name is Jessica but then when the sister called she said Amanda :/

  • Cool teachers is rare.mostly, our male teachers in our school are mostly gay or something but cool too since they gave high grades and treat us gender equality.

  • Ye kya tha😂

  • This is what I will do if I met Anwar 😂🥰😂

  • Useless friends thats y i dont consider my friends as a friends

  • can’t even stop laughing at this video

  • Damn the quote on the last few second from michial

  • HCMC stock

  • That is so me

  • I have been watching their videos for over an hour and I have been laughing what every video that I've seen

  • Incredible actors that adapt to a very good story line is the best I ever seen

  • I have a boyfriend

  • I cried from this 😭 😢

  • favorite part is when the other guy who has the same kind of phone call came so funny

  • First, wait im 2 months late.

  • This is so good they need to put this on TV

  • chad is from dhar mann?!

  • Please pt 2

  • 1:56 I'm chillin bro, I'm good 😗😂

  • in India it's like your sister my sister

  • One of the most funny video on utub

  • that slap killed me

  • I love her voice

  • “My name is pancho” I have nothing else

  • I was born on june. What does that say about me?

  • LEGEND 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 YOU ARE A GREAT YTR 👍 😀 I love you 😍

  • 98% in every country

  • He learnt a lesson. He will not advertise while talking.

  • Is it me or do their moms look exactly the same, expect one is wearing hijab and the other is not.

  • Dop

  • I think everything makes sense now 😎😎😎

  • Phone number 😳

  • Been watching his videos for weeks and sharing to my friends. Loving it so much. Anwar it's my birthday please heart my comment it would be best gift ever.

  • Its yes. I like it so 100%.

  • This is how dumb tictokers think....nice job bro

  • Actually, she is kind of cute

  • Lol

  • U talk to much

  • Hahaha shit so funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nice video

  • Hahaha best video ever brother anwar🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dwl

  • Stop being weird bro😂

  • Wait who was that girl she was beautiful

  • I laughed when he said grab my bananas were hard

  • These dudes videos will teach you how to off the cuff lie like none other. Date Later On😂😂👏😎

  • Wer to buy that kind of jeans??😅

  • First 😏😏

  • W WwowOwowW O WwowOwowW W

  • I died of laughter when he slapped that guy STRAAAAAAIGHT up

  • Long live BRO CODE!!

  • btw the merch is with arabic alnguage so do u talk arabic bec im from مصر waiting for your replay

  • btw the merch is with arabic alnguage so do u talk arabic bec im from مصر wait

  • I think anwar is the best barber

  • Very well done. But how about a credit for the gorgeous dame in the skit? I guess everyone else knows her name. She did a good job.

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  • This is soooooo relatable!!!

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