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15:54Minecraft, But Villages Are OP...
Minecraft, But Villages Are OP...visningar 1,4mnDag sedan
19:19Minecraft, But I Can Craft Any Item...
Minecraft, But I Can Craft Any Item...visningar 3,1mn8 dagar sedan
18:45Minecraft, But Every Structure Is Super...
Minecraft, But Every Structure Is Super...visningar 2,3mn8 dagar sedan
16:37Minecraft, But Netherite Is OP...
Minecraft, But Netherite Is OP...visningar 1,4mn8 dagar sedan
18:07Minecraft, But Crafting Is Reversed...
Minecraft, But Crafting Is Reversed...visningar 2,7mn8 dagar sedan
17:26Minecraft, But Every Ore is Lucky...
Minecraft, But Every Ore is Lucky...visningar 1,3mn15 dagar sedan
18:14Minecraft, But If You Think Any Item, You Get It...
16:36Minecraft, But Every Mob Is Lucky...
Minecraft, But Every Mob Is Lucky...visningar 3,1mn22 dagar sedan
17:47Minecraft, But It's Only One Block...
Minecraft, But It's Only One Block...visningar 1,6mn22 dagar sedan
14:30Minecraft, But Crafts Are Random And Multiplied...
12:16Minecraft UHC but you can craft a "Bow UFO"..
15:06Minecraft, But I Craft An Infinity Gauntlet...
10:57Minecraft UHC but you can craft a "Multi Sword"..
10:44Minecraft UHC but you can craft a "Netherite Army"..
10:26Minecraft UHC but you can craft a "Bow Donut"..
11:20Minecraft UHC but you can craft a "Diamond Army"..
10:51Minecraft Manhunt but i downloaded 4000+ mods..
10:15Minecraft UHC but you can craft a "Sword Snake"..
10:03Minecraft Manhunt, But if i DIE my Friends LOSE..


  • I am youtuber so when I get mincraft I will beat you


  • Quickest win in a uhh that I have ever seen. Also such a big fan of you xnestio. Keep up the good work.

  • How are you so good at this

  • how bout an emerald sword sword?

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  • pickles


  • you missed a emareld

  • Wut

  • 5:20 β€œAt one point in your life you should probably eat rocks” - xNestorio What amazing words let me do that now


  • its 11:53pm oh wait 11:54pm im soo tired but i need to watch this wait im only at 6% ouch lol same that sunflower is sus whats it doing underground theres no sun there 2:59

  • Can you not kill the bunnies and rabbits because it is my favorite.

  • nice video man

  • 8:10 Villagers are so dumb. 9 emeralds for 18 emerald BLOCKS. 🀭

  • 6:46 that is a respawn anchor

  • COOL 😎

  • πŸ™‹ hidootan

  • Love You So Much Bro❀️

  • holy crap his vids gets crazier everytime

  • how about the elytra x36

  • You say apple 226 times in the video

  • Seed plis this worlddddd plis xNestorio

  • I found you in 2021 April when you randomly popped up on my recommended. I'm pretty new.

  • did nobody notice that there was no eyes in potle before it cuts to him putting the eyes in

  • 6:48 that’s a respawn ancor

  • dream luck seed

  • Its the modern world lol

  • who else is triggered he didnt keep one randomiser and one multipleir furnace

  • tunstong

  • Raves the lodestone to get netherrite

  • boo

  • "Ooo.. actually not too bad of a cave" The revine: Am I a joke to you?

  • Ok I’m new to his fan list but can we just appreciate that he has an amazing voice

  • Stick and 2 Paper :/

  • awesome

  • 7:13 you miss a emrald

  • Brain Ugly

  • overpowered



  • Oh, so u like cooking? Name every sort of meat

  • Stick and 2 paper

  • Seed please

  • that block is respawn use glowstone and right click and then die see magic but in overworld it takes 2 glowestone in nether 1 for 1 time respawn

  • Hmu for plugins? O:

  • Him: bad apple Bad apple starts playing:

  • waw

  • Who else started watching him randomly and started watching his all videos! Because they are op! πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

  • *whispering* we better get him that 1 mil likes

  • sea pickle

  • What is the seed

  • From XNestorio ,XN looks same like XD wow πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • The emerald apple is better because emeralds are more rare than diamonds. Minecraft logic #1

  • 220 times you said apple

  • Why is he so dum. He could craft only multi furnace and then multiply it.

    • and he could multiply god apples

  • U sound so gay i dont watch you onky because your voice

  • That is respawn anchor

  • When he said balls of ....

  • I dare you to count how many times he says holy...

  • How do u make a iron house?

  • The tittle is i secretly use the inf gauntlet and he just showing it to the hunters from the start

  • when the chest loot is blurred : EA Games 2.0

  • Did anyone else see the woodlandmansion

  • Nestorio said UHC AND IS IT A UHC

  • I'm not subscribing to our channel so I don't get any notifications cuz I don't like notifications from my tablet it always annoys me

  • you should do 100 days in hardcore minecraft with this mod

  • Flash back with techno he says he’s one shot 7 times until the person dies LOL

  • Them

  • piezz e merd

  • noob boy

  • Me: sees mansion Reaction: This is insane already

  • Lets see whos watching in 2021

  • I got a mod idea, Minecraft but all the hostile mobs are mutant

  • 11:18 dude u could've made a multiplier chest and made multiple enchanted golden apple

  • Brain is the best thing ever

  • HOLA

  • Welcome to d red team

  • Respawn anchor