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Welcome to the Roland-Garros official SEnewss channel. Here, you will find all the videos of the tournament including interviews, best of, highlights and many more featuring the best tennis players in the world such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Dominic Thiem, Simona Halep...
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The 2020 Roland Garros tournament will run from 21 September - 11 October.


3:56Rafael Nadal - Interview I Roland-Garros 2020
2:47Iga Swiatek - Interview I Roland-Garros 2020
16:13Live at Roland-Garros Final Preview Show
Live at Roland-Garros Final Preview Showvisningar 132tn19 dagar sedan
1:08Lacoste - Art Live Crocodile I Roland-Garros 2020
1:00Novak Djokovic at RG | Roland-Garros 2020
0:56Zapping - Day 13 | Roland-Garros 2020
Zapping - Day 13 | Roland-Garros 2020visningar 6tn21 dag sedan
2:09BANDE-ANNONCE 5ème Set
BANDE-ANNONCE 5ème Setvisningar 3,7tn21 dag sedan
1:04Sofia Kenin at RG | Roland-Garros 2020
Sofia Kenin at RG | Roland-Garros 2020visningar 11tn22 dagar sedan
1:02Zapping - Day 12 | Roland-Garros 2020
Zapping - Day 12 | Roland-Garros 2020visningar 9tn22 dagar sedan
1:35Stefanos Tsitsipas at RG I Roland-Garros 2020
0:40Close Up - Sofia Kenin | Roland-Garros 2020
Close Up - Sofia Kenin | Roland-Garros 2020visningar 3,1tn23 dagar sedan
1:58Nadia Podoroska at RG | Roland-Garros 2020
Nadia Podoroska at RG | Roland-Garros 2020visningar 16tn23 dagar sedan
0:57Zapping - Day 11 | Roland-Garros 2020
Zapping - Day 11 | Roland-Garros 2020visningar 3tn23 dagar sedan
1:42Beauty Shots #10 - Juniors | Roland-Garros 2020
0:59Nada Podoroska at RG | Roland-Garros 2020
1:31Andrey Rublev at RG | Roland-Garros 2020
Andrey Rublev at RG | Roland-Garros 2020visningar 20tn24 dagar sedan
1:05Zapping - Day 10 | Roland-Garros 2020
Zapping - Day 10 | Roland-Garros 2020visningar 9tn24 dagar sedan
0:42Petra at RG | Roland-Garros 2020
Petra at RG | Roland-Garros 2020visningar 7tn25 dagar sedan
1:32Beauty Shots #9 - Stringers | Roland-Garros 2020


  • Questo è stato l'ultimo volo del cigno (Cecc)..poi eclissi totale, fino a tutt'oggi, purtroppo :(

  • That had to be SO satisfying. The lead-up: "Oh, it's cooler, and the conditions favor Djokovic. Rafa's run is over." And Rafa produced one of his best Roland Garros tournaments ever. Here's a stat for you: Roger Federer has won 20 Grand Slam Men's Singles tournaments in 79 tries. Nadal has done the same ... in 60 tries. Who's the GOAT? That would be Rafa.

  • Sometimes I had feeling that McEnroe played against himself.

  • Das war quasi die Retourkutsche für die AO19.

  • Me watching this at 12 am in bed wanting to go to practice

  • Serena would be a Top 50 player AT BEST if she would not have her « manly » serve.

  • Je ne partage pas ces torrents d'admiration pour un joueur qui ressemble à un robot, manque de vomir à chaque frappe ( c'est à quoi me fait penser son horrible cri), est probablement bien "soutenu" par un cocktail de vitamines dont il a le secret. Même s'il gagnait 15 RG, il lui manquerait toujours quelque chose qu'il n'aura jamais: la classe et l'élégance d'un Bjorn Borg.

  • Imagine playing all 4 GS in a year on clay .......... Nobody would have known Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic.

  • Though sounds impossible and bizzare, how many people think that rafa can win 20 French open titles ?? I won't say it's impossible if he plays till 45

  • Wawrinka played solid tennis from 2013-2016. Picked up 3 Grand Slam titles. That is really impressive when you think that he took those titles in presence of big 3. Technically, Nadal and Federer were dealing with injuries and possibly Nadal's worst years of his tennis career (especially 2015, 2016). Even though Juan Martín del Potro, Marin Čilić and now Dominic Thiem won single grand slam but only Stanislas Wawrinka and Andy Murray have the honors of capturing multiple Grad Slam in the dominating era of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. History will always appreciate the amazing achievements by these fierce competitors. There is still a slim chance if he can win one Wimbledon title, complete his Career Grand Slam and go in history books alongside five other men.

  • ACTUALLY Tennis has 3 surfaces, HARD, FEDERER AND NADAL

  • Vamos Christian garín 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  • Steffi is the most athletic female tennis player I have ever seen on the tour, I followed her from 1988 till she retired, I enjoyed every time watching her playing, she is just amazing... no one ever came close to her beautiful strokes, love her playing always...

  • Bravoooo Rafa💪💪💪

  • Martina is a yet another annoyingly yelling Italian player but gosh she's making up for it with the most beautiful smile on the tour.

  • Drugapova was too much for Halep here

  • is this player still alive? how he thinks about rafa nadal the king of clay of all time.

  • Nadal Nadal Nadal

  • Nadominance

  • まるで大人と子供の試合、ケニンの必死もこれだけ実力差があれば遊ばれている哀れさ。下剋上の世界の厳しさ!

  • The King Rafa Nadal 🎾🇪🇸

  • Roses are red violets means your FINE if only this could be meaning i wish you were mine???sexy you roll my socks of my feet

  • She's a pokemon.

  • Nadal got lucky. Djokovic is the King of Clay.

    • Of coiurse 13 times being so Lucky.....the King of luck. And the same luck shown in Montecarlo, Rome, Madrid and Barcelona

  • Does anybody knows where i can find this video subtitled in spanish?

  • Donde puedo encontrar esto sub español?

  • Yeah, yeah! After fifteen years, at this level, if you don't know how to beat Nadal, you're a really tail. Or...

  • Can't believe 3 years ago this was a semi between 1 vs 4 rankings In French open rgs now it's a round 1 Match between 269 and 111

  • These French umpires where the dark age of tennis referring

  • Roland Garros? More like Rafael Nadal.

  • How many more can Rafa win? I say 2 more if he stays healthy. Maybe 3. Maybe 4

  • When Nadal came into the tour he was the most athletic tennis player we had ever seen, he was powerful, raw and had stamina for days. At the time in the early 2000’s Federer was far more skilled. But Nadal kept getting better and as the years have gone on he has become one of the most skilled tennis players in history with his althetism still hanging in there. I can’t believe there was a time Pete Sampras had the most grand slams at 14. Now both Nadal and Feddy have 20!!! Djokovic not far behind. This is the greatest era in history. Insane.

  • Niestety tegoroczny Garros był po prostu nudny a to zapewne spowodowane było brakiem publiczności. W mojej subiektywnej ocenie najlepszy w tym roku mecz z udziałem Pani Igi to ten z Karoliną było w nim wszystko, potężne zagrania z linii, finezyjna gra ze środka jak i piękna, niemal nonszalancka gra przy siatce. Najładniejszy, niestety przegrany, to ten z Naomi Ōsaka. To był mecz na najwyższym światowym poziomie i nic dziwnego, że Japonka po meczy powiedziała do Pani Igi "...great game...".

  • Djokovic has a defensive mindset but to beat Nadal on clay you need offence. Djokovic needed to rob Rafa of time take the ball out of the air. He also needed to serve and volley a bit too.

  • Nadal is an absolute unit. Amazing that he stays so jacked with all of the sprinting.

  • Djokovic thought beating Nadal at RG was enough of an accomplishment at the venue.



  • This year 2020 some called an unstoppable force (Nole) meeting an Immovable object (Nadal), Now we know the answer..Immovable object will always stand tall.

  • djokogoat

  • Although nobody can deny Rafa is a great player I don't like his aggressive style of playing.I prefer the classy way of Federer.....that's the tennis I enjoy

  • Djokovic cant beat nadal’s record he is a standalone player on clay Djokovic never dominated clay Nadal stands supreme and now left with hard and grass. Nadal has won US GM more than djokovic and he will win 5th next year

  • Dope

  • 5:37 Nadal adopted the low backhand swing motion from the WTA ladies like Osaka, Halep and S. Williams. That’s very interesting.

  • Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

  • Goat Rafa

  • Surreal seeing that red clay in Autumn. No crowd going crazy, almost no one ready to play but Rafa, the energy missing-pandemics suck so bad. All I can hope for is Rafa to complete the winning of every tournament twice at the Australian next year.

  • Shapovalov = nadal with federer shots ... Swiatek = federer with nadal shots ...

  • The most exciting part is the story and the build up of the rivalry between these 2. In AO 2012, it was a cliffhanger till the end and Rafa lost the match after leading 4-2 (30-0) in the 5th set. Similarly, in this match Djokovic was a break up 3-1 in the 5th set and yet he lost. Both legends defended their territory successfully however, not before almost losing them to the other. Wat great matches...Wat a story... Similarly, recently in AO 2019 Djoker defeated Nadal in straight sets with giving him only 8 games and Rafa returning the favour in RG2020 by defeating Novak in straight sets and conceding only 7 games... it is like both becomes somehow equal by returning the favours in their own territory. This rivalry is just epic. I just hope we can see more of it.

  • AO 2012 final & this one (RG 2013 SF) probably in terms of quality, the most competitive matches in modern Tennis history.

  • See u on 2021 Dominic, Rafa will not forget losing AO 2020 against u.



  • Ho how humble you are beautiful beautiful beautiful thank you thank you see you next game see you all I see is exam

  • Why everyone thinks Djokovic will end up GOAT when Rafa kick ass still . In Djokovic’s career he could easy lose 3 titles 2012 against Nadal , 2019 against Federer 2011 semis against Federer (so no chance to win the title on Us open ) so if that was the deal 17-3= 14 titles so not too good for him i think. In Rafa career you barely see 50/50 titles wins he is like real wall same Roger he had like 1 match 2009 where it could go wrong so that is real Goat

  • Perfect English

  • Well, after viewing this perhaps Nadal is Federer's biggest competition! Thanks for this!!!

  • Love kvitova such a classy act on & off the court, but her heart was too soft to finish off kenin in the last set.

  • Rakkieta ala Rafa

  • No ah hah no noise no…

  • Can someone tell me what does she say in Polish when celebrating a point? Bravo Iga 💜

    • nu payehali (sorry I have no cyrylica )

    • "Jazda", means C'on or lets go when use in sport, but it also means "drive"

  • Anyone here after Nadal won the Roland Garros for the 13th time?

  • MDR. Sorry Mr NADAL

  • Federer may not be the best on clay, but is amazing to see him sliding through his forehands

  • Совсем спился

  • Who is here cause they ain't got shit to do

  • I wtedy wchodzi Iga cala na bialo

  • Muitos erros de marcação. Bola dentro marcado fora várias vezes. Hoje com a tecnologia melhorou muito. Nesta época os tenistas ficavam muito irritados com a grande quantidade de erro dos árbitros.

  • This referee is a shame

  • Henin: growlll!! Świątek: shut up!

  • I think after 5 years from this loss Novak Djokovic fans convinced that Nadal in 2015 & 2016 wasn't normal

  • Can you upload the highlights of Djokovic vs seppi in same year 2012 ?

  • Most non Grand Slam winner deserves at least 5 slams Tsnoga vs Murray AO 2008 Tsonga vs Nadal AO 2008 Tsonga vs Djokovic AO 2010 Tsonga vs Federer Wimbledon 2011 Tsonga vs Wawrinka Roland Garros 2011&2012 Tsnoga vs Djokovic Roland Garros 2012 Tsonga vs Federer AO 2013 Tsnoga vs Federer Roland Garros 2013 Tsonga vs Murray Wimbledon 2016

  • i watched this video more and more ...who looks like me

  • The 2020 unbeaten run ended in RG finale by the king of clay.

  • ハゲったオッサンなのにお茶目でかわいいね

  • Rafa will win Roland Garros at least 5 times more...

  • 😒 La page officielle de Roland-Garros qui s'exprime en Anglais...

  • It's the most dominant performance in a grand slam event. No one will ever come close to it.

  • Would like to see this guy win a 2nd AO and make more history.