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I play video games too much. I might not be the best, but I do have hot elbows.

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13:08I Must Win MrBeast's $10,000 Refrigerator
1:39:49First Meeting [Dream SMP]
First Meeting [Dream SMP]visningar 6mnMånad sedan
12:29The Main Character of Dream SMP
The Main Character of Dream SMPvisningar 6mnMånad sedan
10:40I Ruined Skeppy’s Video
I Ruined Skeppy’s Videovisningar 8mn2 månader sedan
2:12:04It ends today. [Dream SMP]
It ends today. [Dream SMP]visningar 12mn3 månader sedan
3:52:12becoming unbelievably rich [Dream SMP]
becoming unbelievably rich [Dream SMP]visningar 11mn3 månader sedan
12:10Dream SMP But I Troll Skeppy
Dream SMP But I Troll Skeppyvisningar 7mn3 månader sedan
12:07The Fall of Manburg [Dream SMP]
The Fall of Manburg [Dream SMP]visningar 7mn4 månader sedan
21:09Dream SMP: The Red Festival
Dream SMP: The Red Festivalvisningar 6mn4 månader sedan
10:05Dream VS Technoblade: $100,000 Duel ANALYSIS
25:24Absolutely Ruining a $36,000 Minecraft Tournament
20:10Skyblock: Potato War 3 (FINALE)
Skyblock: Potato War 3 (FINALE)visningar 15mn8 månader sedan
11:09That Time College Discovered My YouTube Channel
14:12Skyblock: Potato War 2
Skyblock: Potato War 2visningar 11mnÅr sedan
18:04My First Minecraft Championship
My First Minecraft Championshipvisningar 2,4mnÅr sedan
23:37SMP Earth: Battle of the Pit
SMP Earth: Battle of the Pitvisningar 5mnÅr sedan
18:06That Time I Conquered SMP Earth
That Time I Conquered SMP Earthvisningar 7mnÅr sedan
10:10SMP Earth: The Empire Begins
SMP Earth: The Empire Beginsvisningar 4,9mnÅr sedan
18:25Skyblock: The Great Potato War
Skyblock: The Great Potato Warvisningar 18mnÅr sedan
10:54minecraft monday: the finale
minecraft monday: the finalevisningar 4,2mnÅr sedan
2:15:08minecraft monday but i get banned
minecraft monday but i get bannedvisningar 2,7mnÅr sedan
12:06the deadliest sword in skyblock
the deadliest sword in skyblockvisningar 12mnÅr sedan
11:20they added guns to bedwars
they added guns to bedwarsvisningar 4,8mnÅr sedan
2:40:33suffering in minecraft monday w/ Wilbur Soot


  • classic technoblade video

  • He said "seeked" instead of "sought".

  • pop off queen

  • Danblade the mega combo dans the lager and techno the try hard

  • 1 million views video gets 16 million views

  • I played this 2 years ago it’s sad it does not exist anymore because it was really fun

  • Thumbnail Uploaded 2 years ago Me Thinking: "Wait, is that drista from the thumbnail?"

  • wha did you use an OCULUS

  • Technoblade

  • man I love techno and his comedy

  • The madlad made it 15 seconds

  • his voice-

  • SEnewss recommended works in mysterious ways


  • 9:25 ayo chill

  • So ain’t nobody gonna talk about that inspiring intro

  • The video is 16 seconds

  • it does indeed work as intended

  • 👍🏻

  • SEnewss... idk what to say at this point this was 5 years ago-

  • okay where's the card jitsu strategy guide that you were talking about

  • Your voice from 5 years ago is just... No

  • technoblade search history: baby, baby smiling, baby crying, baby baby

  • Damn it’s been yearzzzz

  • do you know demon slayer

  • Still waiting for the sequel of all the DSMP members

    • Hello there mr/mrs 2 minutes ago

  • Face Revealed?

  • I was happy when he said he was going to hide in afghanistan because that's where I'm from XD

  • *"Chonkyblade"*

  • Mr. Beast giving technoblade, and every other Minecraft youtuber who doesn’t upload, a video simultaneously.

  • Lucas, with a c. Superior

  • Путин.

  • i love how serious fit is

  • Geez your sister is as good as brother

  • wiblur sont

  • . _.

  • Why didn't they try bedrock

  • 4:27 techno: I got this. *proceeds to mine gravel with a diamond pickaxe for 5 seconds then gets hit by a skeleton and almost drowns*

  • I have no sub

  • TECHNOBLADE Never Dies


  • Techno is back

  • Inaccurate, bidoof always wins

  • this is why techno is crowned the king of minecraft

  • Now Ranboo has infinite pigs

  • When I found he was 21 I instantly went to his channel and found his oldest videos was 7 years old. He was 14.

  • This hurts me cuz I've been there

  • i didnt like the first pvp

  • U r the funniest, smartest and most hardworking minecraft player ever.

  • Technoblade making a video: My reccomended 6 years later: *Perfect*

  • POV: He dosent kill pigs and look at his inventory he has porkchops

  • Skeppy sucks at hypixel. You dead?

  • Is this game ded

  • Technoblade : **uploads a skyblock video** Skyblock purse : PLEASE! NOOO!

  • Who ever made that thumbnail has never shot a bow IRL

  • dog

  • ci-tama, lol nice pronunciation


  • This showed up randomly and he sounds...really young.

  • If we got this recommended to us 6 years later then we need to subscribe.

  • pig massacres 10 year olds with snowballs and a fist

  • Alternatively he was clicking at the speed of light so it looked like his hand was moving slow

  • Aphmau be screaming though xD

  • "Some people are so rude" he says while stabbing someone. Mhm makes sense to me!👍👍👍👌👌👌

  • Techno: "I've never played this before" *wins every round*


  • Well I guess I have to subscribe on multiple accounts then

  • Its been 2 years

  • LOL

  • Pov: u got recommended 6 years later