Dylan Is In Trouble

Dylan Is In Trouble Dylan Is In Trouble

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sorry if my jokes are weird


10:19I'm ANGRY about this
I'm ANGRY about thisvisningar 233tn21 timme sedan
SOUR PATCH KIDS sent me a *MYSTERY BOX*visningar 364tn14 dagar sedan
25:21*Toy Story* Commentary
*Toy Story* Commentaryvisningar 508tn21 dag sedan
15:12Catching Up with The Ladies of The Real
Catching Up with The Ladies of The Realvisningar 343tnMånad sedan
28:51Why Did We Forget About DIVERGENT So Fast?
Why Did We Forget About DIVERGENT So Fast?visningar 1,3mn2 månader sedan
22:11Cheering for BAD THINGS to Happen *To All The Boys 3*
10:14Looking Back at My Worst Videos
Looking Back at My Worst Videosvisningar 456tn2 månader sedan
19:44The Most DEPRESSING YA Movie Ever Made
The Most DEPRESSING YA Movie Ever Madevisningar 643tn2 månader sedan
12:56Bitter People Talking About their Failed Relationships
RE-WATCHING HARRY POTTER Marathon!visningar 2,5mn4 månader sedan
22:17Grown Man Watches *THE LITTLE MERMAID*
Grown Man Watches *THE LITTLE MERMAID*visningar 900tn6 månader sedan
23:34Watching *PARANORMAL ACTIVITY* and Freaking Out
28:09*RED RIDING HOOD* is just a worse Twilight
*RED RIDING HOOD* is just a worse Twilightvisningar 949tn8 månader sedan
4:04God of High School Livestream Highlights
God of High School Livestream Highlightsvisningar 108tn8 månader sedan
37:26*THE KISSING BOOTH 2* is a MASTERPIECE of cinema
45:23The Last of Us 2 - Gameplay Highlights (full game)


  • I've never played Until Dawn but I LOVE watching people play. As it seems my current quarantine obsession is your videos, delighted to find you also played this game.

  • The fans are named Hunters.

  • I really just appreciate how honest you are Dylan. This is why I watch your videos and have been for a long time. 😄


  • sooo guess you didn't read the books, causeeeee the last two movies were frigging spot on, as was catching fire.

  • If young people are the most gullible, why is it ALWAYS my 60+-year-old relative on FB who I have to convince to stop buying gold and take the damn vaccine?

  • the undone shirt w the necklace....... HEYYYYYY

  • He completely ignored that it's younger generations that advocate and donate and poll and vote for better help for veterans, people with disabilities, and older people who are struggling in retirement, and said we hate old people because there are old people joke greeting cards...of which I feel like younger generations usually don't buy any more because they're like $6 a card now. 😬

  • 30:05 actually in Asia it’s very popular, protecting your skin from sun to remain pale and healthy

  • watch the first and last episode of The Originals plzzz

  • I freakin love this reaction from dylan and I really hope he will react to the 3rd movie :D

  • Not Dylan telling me I need therapy and that I’m a psychopath becausei watched tbhsi when I was a kid aha hahahahaha I’m levitating

  • ur so annoying shut the fuck up

  • In Europe we do say that America is a new country. And also i really enjoy your clips. Hugs

  • 12:17 I was dancing this song on a school festival in my school hahah in 8th grade, good times

  • Watching dylan being scared shitless but still being like im not scared yet curled up in his chair is truly entertaining 😅

  • Dylan: Girls are always falling and getting caught by the guy in xmas movies While You Were Sleeping: the guy falls and rips his pants while the girl laughs🙃


  • War buffer!

  • check the statistics bruv

  • I do feed a cow to a cow

  • Bro are you sure it's a movie commentary cause for most of the time it sounded like hate commentary tbh.

  • The guy is literally comparing fascism, sexism and racism to someone jokingly calling him out because he's of an older age. I get that he might find it offensive but by calling out an entire age group and calling our ideas, hobbies and beliefs dumb and "a fucking waste of time" is literally the same thing. It's people that don't fully know what their ranting about and don't know all the facts that make younger generations the way they are. The younger generations aren't afraid to fight and educate on what needs to be heard. But we don't call out an entire group of people for one person's acts. We call out the people who do wrong and it's only when they then don't listen and carry on doing wrong that the younger generations step up more and begin to fight back. The media and some of the older generations make young people out to be violent and not being prepared to hear what they believe. But what they don't realise is that we hear them and in most cases we sympathise because that's what they grew up believing with the people around them, however we only get violent when provoked. We only get loud to shout over the top of those who refuse to listen and insist on enforcing beliefs that have been proven to be problematic. It's people like I've mentioned that have made the younger generations grow up the way we have and I for one Bill, am very proud to be a twitch watching, tiktok using waste of space who will stand in front of a government building and stand up for what I believe in.


  • This movie is horror-ble 😆

  • please do criminal minds i would love to see that. literally my favorite show ever

  • That are not layers dude. That is just a fucked up mindset

  • 2 years later and no one realizes he said hippo instead of rhino like THOSSE ARE RHINOOOSSS

  • His intelligence is so attractive god

  • ✊✊❤

  • I think it’s funny how at the beginning, hes saying how he doesn’t want jokes about old people or to bash them. Then continues to bash young people and joke about their youth. Buddy, I think you’re just a little jealous that you don’t have that spark anymore😕 poor old man.

  • the makeover scene is problematic cause it basically told girls w curly hair that their hair is ugly. wtf. mia literally just needed a little product in her hair, not straightened hair.

  • Bruh Gregory stop messing around!

  • Sir, you haven’t heard any Mercedes and Santana duets!

  • I hadn't ever watched this guy before and I thought his intro of singing was a legit thing he did.

  • Yeah the first and last may not be the best way to describe a show yeah the last coulda been better but All the other seasons makes up for it, it's a good show connected to the best show ever named the originals lol but decent video kid👍😁🤷

  • Serious ~old man shaking fist at the sky~ vibes from Maher. "The cause of death is being old" is something to put on a tombstone

  • It hurts that the sour patch company called a perfectly good Tuque a beanie. Canadians understand me... probably

  • the way dylan presents his argument better than my civics teacher ever could tho

  • I'm also 6 ft

  • I am from Greece and old man is not a compliment

  • i really like this type of video dylan ly❤️

  • how do you not know RJ Cyler from Power Rangers Movie 2017

  • 13:13 don't listen to him

  • I should probably read the books buuuut no, I'm sure the book goes more in depth about their relationship; however only watching the movie, then hearing you read that sentence makes sense to me why she chose Peter. Her relationship with John is purely based on fantasy. She was in love with who she thought he was in middle school, he comes back and her relationship with Peter isn't what she expected due to her own misinterpretation, and lies. So, the easy way out would be to fall for the fantasy guy that she has no expectations from because she hasn't had to experience what he was like for some years now. Also I hate the lie about the ski trip interaction, but it isn't that big of a difference than her trying to decide who she wanted more Peter or John.

  • “Children; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. They no longer rise when elders enter the room, they contradict their parents and tyrannize their teachers. Children are now tyrants.” - Socrates, 460BC Oldies resenting the youth is one of the oldest topes of all time.

  • WATCH THE FIRST AND LAST EPISODE OF THE ORIGINALS, Dylan as someone who watched all 3 of the tvd shows IT WILL MAKE THE DONATION FROM KLAUS MAKE SENSE, I’m dying pls I love it also Ginny and Georgia is hella weird so REACT TO IT


  • Pls react to Ginny and Georgia

  • I love Dylan! It’s official

  • The only person on SEnewss who actually tries to say Noah Centipede’s actual name and still ended up mispronouncing it

  • I loved this movie when I was a kid. Love this review now.

  • 0:01. I already laugh

  • imagine if the new gossip girl is a tiktok drama account lmao

  • « Oh my god are we gonna feel sad for her » I COULDNT STOP LAUGHING BCS STEFAN MARRIES HER AT THE END LMAOO

  • « Oh my god are we gonna feel sad for her » I COULDNT STOP LAUGHING BCS STEFAN MARRIES HER AT THE END LMAOO

  • I remember being so obsessed with the book as a teen but by the time the movie came out I had lost all interest in it and never watched it. As a cancer patient it looks a bit dumb to me now.


  • Tyler gets livvvv nottt bloody Vicky

  • Watch a Wes Anderson movie

  • BOO I was overjoyed with the last episode like bruhhhh-

  • AOT over rated

  • I walked down the greeting card I’ll because I love looking at them. I’m not old!

  • 90% of people find this research very sexy and appreciate Dylan.

  • One of The worst movies ever🤩

  • i *gasped* when he said there was fungus in his teeth. he's so witty

  • I like logical Dylan 😼😼

  • Dylan calculating things just needed his glasses .

  • I've tried to watch the first movie but I fell asleep after 20 minutes or so. I've read the first book, it was OK, I read the second, it was like the first one basically but more boring and definitively predictable. I can't remember if I've read the third one, which means I might but it wasn't that great either or I would remember... I guess 🤔😑🤷‍♂️

  • bill: youngsters hate oldies me: no, i dislike you doe

  • Dylan helping my with ap lang and apush essays😌 thanks bestie

  • TW: Matthew Morrison

  • Fun fact: Last ever living survivor on the titanic (died a long time ago tho in 2009) was 2 months old when she was carried in the life boat, now there are no more living survivors and the last ever survivor died at the nice age of 97 from pneumonia,Millvina Dean may you rest in peace (even tho you died 11 years ago) and also she was the youngest passenger

  • The books were so hot and the movies were so not

  • when you do online surveys, some times you aren't even "qualified", so they kick you out and find you a new one. Which usually isn't good imo. Statistics can be so easily be manipulated and misinterprated, so really you should get as many people as possible for surveys

  • I think u should watch Halloween (2018)

  • i really love your videos but can you stop sexualizing lesbians in like every simgle scene they're in? we're not your porn...

  • Loved this late night Dylan!! I really enjoy hearing your thoughts, opinions and intellectual commentary on current events. The time you put in, the research you did, the legitimately valid points you made: all perfect! This really gave me vibes of groups of uni friends staying up far to late and then the conversation gets a little philosophical and/or political, and I'm honestly so here for that

  • the magic to not be recognized was mentioned at the beginning bro

  • PLEASE WATCH THE ORIGINALS DYLAN PLEASE! I AM BEGGING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😲😲😲😰😰😩😩😔😫😓😓😓😓😏😏😏😏