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I find that chemistry is often taught poorly or without a purpose. Because of this, people tend to lose interest and sometimes even start to hate it. In each video that I make, I try to balance theory with purpose. My goal is to show the natural beauty of chemistry in fun and interesting ways.

In terms of education, I have a BSc in Biochemistry, with a minor in pharmacology. However, I've always been a lot more drawn to applied chemistry. So after finishing my degree, I worked as a lab tech in an organic lab and then as a chemistry grad student. However, I ended up leaving my graduate studies early to focus on this channel. Now, making chemistry videos has become my full-time job.


43:55Making transparent wood
Making transparent woodvisningar 3,6mnDag sedan
34:10Making a deadly chemical in my parents' garage
Making a deadly chemical in my parents' garagevisningar 1,5mn3 månader sedan
47:01Turning plastic gloves into grape soda
Turning plastic gloves into grape sodavisningar 6mn4 månader sedan
21:55Does cyanide actually smell like almonds?
Does cyanide actually smell like almonds?visningar 2mn6 månader sedan
45:39Making superconductors
Making superconductorsvisningar 8mn9 månader sedan
39:02Making glow toys from scratch
Making glow toys from scratchvisningar 2,8mn11 månader sedan
43:56Making aerogel
Making aerogelvisningar 15mnÅr sedan
30:03Making uranium glass
Making uranium glassvisningar 5mnÅr sedan
36:57Making toilet paper moonshine
Making toilet paper moonshinevisningar 6mnÅr sedan
25:37Making my favorite liquid carcinogen
Making my favorite liquid carcinogenvisningar 3,3mnÅr sedan
27:52The microwave plasma mystery
The microwave plasma mysteryvisningar 2,2mnÅr sedan
38:04Making ferrofluid from scratch
Making ferrofluid from scratchvisningar 6mnÅr sedan
31:23Turning old jewelry into pure gold bars
31:09Can you actually smell metal?
Can you actually smell metal?visningar 2,5mnÅr sedan
28:25Making raspberry perfume
Making raspberry perfumevisningar 2,9mn2 år sedan
16:11Turning mercury into a weird sponge
Turning mercury into a weird spongevisningar 1,3mn2 år sedan
37:51Making metal crystals from Pepto-Bismol
20:45Mixing sodium with mercury
Mixing sodium with mercuryvisningar 2,5mn2 år sedan
10:46Recreating the chemical traffic light reaction
35:49Attempting to make transparent wood
Attempting to make transparent woodvisningar 7mn2 år sedan
16:19What is Fool's Gold?
What is Fool's Gold?visningar 2,6mn2 år sedan
22:39Attempting to make a ferrofluid
Attempting to make a ferrofluidvisningar 2,1mn2 år sedan
18:16Making test tube liquid rockets
Making test tube liquid rocketsvisningar 1,4mn2 år sedan
17:25Extracting the blue dye in jeans
Extracting the blue dye in jeansvisningar 897tn2 år sedan
26:07Developing my own photos
Developing my own photosvisningar 750tn2 år sedan


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  • “Oh no I definitely have wood, it’s just transparent leave me alone”

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  • This wood be good for bathroom windows

  • This wood be good for bathroom windows

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  • Interesting video! So... @NileRed, I don't know if you have ever had your own blood in your mouth, like when you nose bleed for example. The blood as a very distinctive metallic flavour, and since most flavour is actually coming from the nose, is the "taste of blood" actually coming from the 1-octen-3-one too???

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